Best Wishes for Mayor Lord Following Stroke

Editor’s note 4 pm Friday; According to AZ Republic, mayor Lord was released from the hospital without surgery as symptoms subsided, will take a few days off and then go back to work.  Ozborne will handle next council meeting this Monday.

Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery to Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord. (Lord Hospitalized)

Lord apparently suffered a mini-stroke, or a “TIA” (transient ischemic attack) at Monday’s, Jan 23, Goodyear city council meeting (meeting video 30:04).  The only symptoms that she has reported have been, “feeling poorly” when she excused herself from the council meeting.  After being admitted to West Valley hospital, Lord was later transferred to Barrow Neurological Institute for surgery to her carotid artery for TIA. Here is more information about the surgery procedure and risks of a TIA.

You may believe that Lord and the rest of Goodyear city council are incompetent, vindictive, narcissists who you hope will eventually be held accountable for their misguided actions (or in-actions), but no one wishes another personal ill will and in this spirit we hope that Mayor Lord completes a successful surgery with no complications and will at age 74 in April, return to a full and healthy life.  The address of the Barrow Neurological Institute is listed here for your reference, should you care to send get well wishes.

350 West Thomas Road

Phoenix, AZ 85013-4409

Does This Change Politics in Goodyear?

Will Lord’s illness coming just as budget season arrives in Goodyear change the outcome of events without her influence on council?  Probably not. Goodyear’s council is working together like a well oiled machine and it is likely they have already agreed exactly what they all want to do regarding Goodyear’s budget and will go along willingly with whatever Fischbach and Lange provide them.  Each council member certainly feels that they are doing a public service and making decisions in the best interest of the citizens of Goodyear and will continue to do just as they have been, even if they don’t appear to have a firm grasp especially on financial issues.

Is it any wonder to the casual observer that Lord, at 73,  would have a stroke after all the pressures of being mayor of a city that has seen economic and management turmoil as well as a long list of law suits against the city during her terms on council and as mayor?  One has to wonder what the recommendations of her doctors and family will be regarding the wisdom of Lord returning to the city of Goodyear pressure cooker following an illness of this type.  TIA references say high blood pressure is a stroke risk factor.

Others who attend Goodyear city council meetings or watch council meeting videos (I usually only read the agenda and minutes online and based upon that, sometimes watch some parts of work sessions) tell me that it does not look like much fun lately to be on GY city council.  They tell me that grim faces and negative body language are evident, especially during the 3 minute citizen comment period.  While this stress may appear to some, in my opinion, there is still little to no dissent from any of the current council members, and I believe council meetings are heavily scripted and agreed upon up front after coaching from Fischbach to each council member.

Following Lord’s episode, will other city council members re-evaluate the reward/benefit equation of currently being a Goodyear council member? What are the rewards? I hope none of them are doing it for the money; $750 per month for members and about $2,000 per month each for mayor and vice mayor.  There are a lot easier ways of earning that amount of money for anyone with any skills.  In fact, given GY’s current dire financial situation, multiple lawsuits, and recent police department scandals, it is difficult to imagine why anyone would “want” to be on GY city council.  Be that as it may, in this writer’s opinion, whether Lord returns or not, whether other council members tire of the grind or not, nothing changes until some dissenting voices are again present on GY city council.

In the meantime, once again, sincere get well soon and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Georgia Lord.


5 Responses

  1. As usual your financial analyses are reasoned and well documented, but such utterly disingenuous comment such as this makes if impossible to take you seriously.

    • You’re kidding, right, Roy? I’d expect something like this only from someone as mean spirited as a Roy Azzarello the hateful comment West Valley View guy. (Scott Lawson is not your real name is it, Roy/Scott?)
      I guess some people just can’t see through their own small minded biases to accept that someone who disagrees with them politically might actually not take personal umbrage against them. This was an honest attempt to do that.
      I can see that it’s personal to you though, eh, Roy/Scott?
      PS, Roy/Scott, there were NO financial analyses in this post. Did you even read it, Roy/Scott?

  2. Maybe a “second chance” will allow the ‘spirit’ to awaken within her. However, only well wishes are in order, I agree. My father had carotid surgery in the early 2000’s while suffering from many other serious illnesses. This surgery used to be very dangerous, however, my father and Ms. Lord are of the luckier group, where the risks have been lowered greatly and it is a pretty common surgery in the elderly now. My brother, who was diagnosed with the same thing in his early 30’s was give an 80% chance of having a stroke and dying back in the early 90’s. A speedy recovery too her.

  3. According to AZ Republic, Lord was released from hospital yesterday without surgery and plans to take a few days off before coming back to work.

  4. Thank you. It’s a sad commentary about what epnphas when you elect morons to mismanage your great city into the ground. I’d love to document the demise of Toronto at the hands of Mayor David Miller and his socialist city council and publish a book as a warning to other wannabe Mayors at how quickly incompetence, wasteful spending and arrogance can destroy a city from the inside out.

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