The Mall; Wrong Again. Arizona Republic Continues to Report City of Goodyear’s Nonsense Spin

I sent the email shown below to the Arizona Republic this morning. If you really want to know how big a deal this mall delay is, just read my blog posts over the past 2 years (5 yr financials smoke and mirrors) as I’ve told anyone who would listen (and especially the city of Goodyear) that this council and city management are driving this city over the cliff with blindfolds on.

The Arizona Republic and other local media are the enablers of the incompetent, dishonest, council members who YOU elected by simply reprinting GY’s continued spin about this and other topics related to GY’s dire financial situation. They appear to simply print whatever the city of GY tells them with no questions or investigation of their own.

And city of GY employees? I’ve been telling you since the start that my analysis and recommendations were in your best interest. You’ve not believed me to this point, I know. Maybe you’ll start believing me now as the outcome from this bad news that I have predicted over and over again comes home to roost at your doorstep……. again, just as I have predicted it would. Severe actions that will be required now could have been mitigated somewhat if only GY council and city management had taken my advice literally years ago and taken off their rose colored glasses sooner.

From: howardsgoodyearblog
Date: Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 8:27 AM
Subject: You’ve Still Got it Wrong, and You’re Still Letting Them Lie to You
Cc:, “Dokes, Jennifer” ,,,,,

Your two “puff piece” articles in today’s paper about further delays in the Estrella Mall once again only report the positive spin that the city of Goodyear is trying to put on this continuing fiasco. When will the Arizona Republic wake up and realize that you are simply enabling the spread of nonsense from the city of Goodyear that you print without checking or questioning their facts and thereby continue to mislead the citizens of the SW Valley?

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Just look at two of your last three paragraphs, in your story today about the mall delay. In the third to last paragraph you report, “Budget revenue forecasts were expected to increase from $65 to $72 mil” (with the mall). That is a $7 million revenue DROP. Your very next paragraph tells people this will lead to a $2 million “structural” shortfall in 2015.

I realize that you are all just journalism majors who didn’t have to pass any college math courses, but you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or even an accountant to realize that a $7 million drop in revenues will NOT lead to a $2 million budget shortfall. Are you just repeating whatever GY chief info officer Nora Fascinelli tells you (or email’s you so you don’t even have to transcribe it)?

When is the AZ Republic going to wake up and realize that GY is flat out misleading you and the citizens of Goodyear and that the GY city council is either too incompetent or too politically entrenched to either know or care that they are being misled by city management and that this has been going on for quite some time.

You are embarrassing your newspaper and what is worse, I have been telling you for at least the past two years that this is the case and that the REAL STORY is in the city of Goodyear’s arrogant, misleading, and incompetent behavior but you just refuse to pay attention.

Attached is a copy of GY Fin Director Larry Lange’s 5 year financial forecast for the General Fund which I have previously reported in my blog,
If you need any help reading or interpreting any of this, just let me know. You can also find his spreadsheets on the rest of the GY budget there as well.

Start doing your job. Start asking some informed questions. Start doing your own investigating.

Howard’s Goodyear Blog


2 Responses

  1. S U R P R I S E D ?? Did you check out the article in the WVV regarding John Rowan running for Sheriff? They too left out important information that leaves the article one sided. Although they mentioned he was fired for insubordination in an investigation they failed to mention that he had already answered the questions being asked in a federal deposition under oath, the city had already had the answers.and any other meaningful information to address his integrity as a moral human being. The spin is heavy from the WVV and ignorant from the AZR… Let us know if they respond. I’m not surprised at their lack of factual information one bit. Keep it up Howard!

  2. It will be interesting to see if the ambitions of Georgia and her council cronies are in any way thwarted by news that the mall is, at best, a long, long, long way off. I refer specifically to council salivating for a city center and giving employees pay raises.

    For a number of our elected officials, city center is a legacy issue. They want something made of concrete, with a plaque bearing their names. How about setting our sights on a legacy of financial responsibility and solvency, leaving the city better off than it is now?

    Any structural deficit in Goodyear’s budget going forward is unacceptable. We cannot continue to take one time funds to prop up bloated government. Hide and watch — discussion of raiding the rainy day fund will play a prominent role in developing the new budget. As former (thankfully) council member Dick Sousa liked to say, “It doesn’t rain that much here anyway.”

    Council and city management like to point out that the number of city employees declined from around 600 to 500 since tough economic times struck in 2009. Have we seen a significant drop off in city services as a result? I would argue not. I suspect we as residents wouldn’t feel a further 10 per cent whack in headcount either.

    The budget must fit ongoing revenue. Do not use one time money to perpetuate an unsustainable bureaucracy. And don’t even think about raising taxes!

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