Mall, What Mall? We Weren’t Counting on the Mall

In an act of breathtaking arrogance exceeding even that of  Georgia telling you she didn’t know about or encourage the prison expansion, and demonstrating a complete and utter disrespect for the intelligence of residents of Goodyear, city manager John Fischbach recently spent your money to send you an article in GY’s Infocus Magazine to tell you that the mall doesn’t matter and nobody in the city has been counting on it.

Really.  Here’s Fischbach’s article.  Infocus Feb 20120001

Do you feel insulted enough yet to do something about this city’s government in the next election?

As a Goodyear resident, I sent the following email to Mr. Fischbach.  Feel free to send your own.  I wonder if any of us dopes will get a reply from anyone in Goodyear or the drive by media who I also copied?

From:  <hdb…>
Date: Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 11:41 AM
Subject: Taxpayer Paid For Government Propaganda
To: “John F. Fischbach” <>
Cc:,,,,,,,, Jim Painter <>, “Dokes, Jennifer” <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Subject: Your Recent InFocus Article (copy attached)

Dear Mr. Fischbach;
In your recent article in the city of Goodyear’s taxpayer paid for, political propaganda instrument the Infocus Magazine, you refer to the GY budget when you state;

1.  “As we have prepared early estimates of future years, we have NOT included anticipated revenue from the mall”. (emphasis yours).

Your statement directly contradicts what you and Larry Lange presented to the GY city council on October 17 in a work session regarding GY’s financial future and a financial forecasting model presented by the GY Finance Dept. The back up documents and particularly the spreadsheets used to prepare said presentation that you made to council that night and which I obtained after submitting a records request to the city (only after I enlisted the Goldwater Institute to assist me in getting GY to deliver those spreadsheets after GY at first refused) are also directly contradicted by your statement published in a city of Goodyear official publication.

As I reported in my blog ( you and Mr.Lange presented slides to GY council based upon Mr. Lange’s spreadsheets. In those spreadsheets which you can see here;
(  )

(column P, General Fund spreadsheet) you forecast that from FY 2014 to FY 2015 GY’s revenues would increase by nearly $7 million or nearly an 11% increase and following years increase at rates of 5% and 7%.  That is precisely the year (per your own spreadsheet cell P26, **Mall ) that your financial model counted on the mall to be completed and open for business. Compare this to other yearly increases prior to the mall start up prediction in the same spreadsheet of only 2% to 3%.

Video taped questions and comments made by mayor Osborne during that same Oct 17 work session and “shushed” by then mayor Lord and not contradicted by either you or Mr. Lange during the Oct 17 meeting left the distinct impression with the viewer that if the mall did not start up on time based upon GY’s financial model, which showed council that GY could just squeak through while relying on additional mall revenues, then GY’s financial future would be in dire straights.

2. In your same Infocus article, you state;

“We have spent no money on the mall… Because of the improvement district”.

That is complete and utter nonsense, Mr. Fischbach as you well know.  According to your own 2012 budget document attached for reference at the end of this article on my blog;,

on page 82, you show that the city of Goodyear borrowed over $47 million for the improvement district and that the city currently owes nearly $45 million of that to bondholders.

Spent no money?

Furthermore, Exhibit H of the Sept 2006 Development Agreement between the city of Goodyear and Westcor specifically identifies all of the reimbursements that the city has made or will make to Westcor.  Under this agreement the city of Goodyear reimbursed the developer for all of his ID Improvements as well as Public Improvement costs. You can view the development agreement here;

Your comment suspends reality to imply that it is as if when a private individual purchases a home with a mortgage, that the private citizen did not spend any money to purchase the home because they took out a mortgage for which the bank supplied the cash.

In the same development agreement mentioned above, in paragraph 12.4(a), the city’s “exclusive” remedies pursuant to non-performance by the developer are to suspend the city’s obligations under the agreement and claim any sales taxes in the Reimbursement Account at that time.  That means that at the end of the day the city of Goodyear is on the hook for payment to the bondholders should the developer non perform, or walk away from the agreement.  Westcor does not have to declare bankruptcy or fold or have any financial difficulty to walk away from this agreement.  And for a $7 billion per year company like Macerich, walking away from a few million dollars of tax revenue liability is a stroke of a pen.

My question to you Mr. Fischbach, is, why do you continue to lie to the citizens of Goodyear?
My question to city council is, why are you allowing these lies to proliferate?
My question to the press is, when are you going to expose these lies?

Howard Brodbeck
Goodyear Resident


3 Responses

  1. Once again, an excellent Job Howard!

  2. Howard,

    The Mall is there now. When I drive by, I see a 200,000 SF Nordstrom and a 200,000 SF Macy’s. Beautiful Christmas lights during the holidays surrounding 800,000 SF of upscale shopping and entertainment.

    As my driver hands the Rolls Royce keys to the Valet, I think of buying my suit at Barneys of Goodyear. Yes a Burberry 3-button jacket for casual nights out on town. A Fendi tuxedo and a Armani pinstripe. My beautiful supermodel wife springs out ready for shopping at Chanel, Prada and of course, “My Little Kitten Honey”, Gucci.

    Friends and international guests will stay only a half mile away from the Mall at The Ritz Buckeye or Biltmore Goodyear. The Learjets will touch down at the Phoenix-Goodyear Luxury Airpark. Dining and shows at the Goodyear Center of The Arts International (“iinter-nash-in-alllllle” for local emphasis).

    Oh sorry, my meds must have worn off (this is a joke). Nice article, Howard.


  3. EVERYONE in Goodyear reads howardsgoodyearblog!!! Everyone.

    It’s amazing one very informed citizen, armed with the facts, controls the dialog. Those on the other side, argue by name calling, even refusing debate or acting like jack-booted-thugs.

    Congrats to howardsgoodyearblog, where sunshine is the best disinfectant!

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