Snowing in Goodyear Becomes Secret Meetings Blizzard in Surprise. Is This the New Goodyear Forecast?

434 days and counting until Goodyear residents get to take back Goodyear city council from special interest groups like union PACs, developers, and other business PACs (Georgia’s Money) and start to return Goodyear to fiscal sanity. The terms of the three “creeker” incumbents, Campbell, Gelzer, and Lord expire in 2013 as well as Pizzillo’s.

Goodyear city council elections; May 15, 2013.

Goodyear city council primary elections; March 12, 2013.

Deadline for petitions to run for council; December, 2012.

Goodyear needs FOUR good candidates to run against these government cronies.  Who is going to step up?

And now the article;

Recent events in Surprise and activity in this legislative session make it timely to re-look at what is going on in Goodyear and elsewhere around public union driven meet and confer ordinances like the one Goodyear city council approved last October as a payback to Goodyear city council’s union campaign contributors. Georgia’s Money

howardsgoodyearblog on Meet & Confer  All other hgb Meet & Confer Articles.

Recent Goldwater Institute comments on secret meeting language updates to Surprise’s Meet & Confer Ordinance. GWI Article

GWI “It’s Snowing in Goodyear” article. Snowing


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