Isn’t It Time We Put the “Good Old Boy” Form of Government to Rest? by John Rowan

Editor’s note; John Rowan is the former Goodyear assistant to the police chief who was fired recently from the Goodyear police because according to Rowan, he refused to answer questions by the acting police chief that he claims he had already answered at least twice before in previous court testimony. Rowan came forward after the Pendleton incident and testified that he believed a cover up occurred during that investigation.

John Rowan is now running as a candidate for Maricopa County Sherriff.

By John Rowan

After serving in law enforcement over the past 29 years, I thought I had seen it all.  While the vast majority of law enforcement personnel are dedicated professionals who care deeply about their community there is a portion who break the very laws they serve to protect.  But I have not seen anything like the consistent number of stories exposing unprosecuted police misconduct within our state.  The recent story about the police officer in Scottsdale who has been involved in seven shootings resulting in six deaths rather makes him the most unlucky police officer in North America (due to the fact that Scottsdale is a high income, low crime bedroom community) or it glaringly brings to light a much bigger question “Who’s policing the police in Maricopa County?”.

The fact is there is very little oversight given to Police conduct in Maricopa County.  Is this due to the fact that we are largely made up of numerous bedroom communities and small towns consisting of small police departments who fear bad press and outside scrutiny?  Under the best of circumstances a small police department will request a neighboring police department to investigate one of their own police involved shootings.  There is however an unspoken gentlemen’s agreement among this profession where it is understood that the neighboring department will be very sympathetic towards the officer or officers involved.  Then there is the County Attorney whose record for prosecuting police officers is virtually non-existent.   After all, he owes his job to the fact that the Sheriff supported him in his political campaign and he recently defended the allegations of misconduct of Sheriff Arpaio.  Then there is Sheriff Arpaio himself, who is too busy investigating his political enemies and has far too many skeletons in his closet to ever attempt to investigate other police corruption.  Further, there is a perfect storm for not wanting to look into police actions when you take into the fact that the Attorney General has proven that he has no political appetite for investigating police misconduct.  (Case in point, he stated he would not investigate the allegations of police misconduct by Sheriff Paul Babeu, he only agreed to do the investigation when Paul Babeu, himself, requested him to do so.)  This casual attitude towards police officer’s misconduct has led to a decline in trust of local law enforcement by members of the community.

Even the Arizona Peace Officers Standards and Training Agency does not have the authority to investigate a police officer’s conduct. This can only happen at the request of the officer’s agency.  These agencies are not required by law to report police officers’ misconduct and as stated above very few departments in Maricopa County voluntarily step forward and take on this outside scrutiny.

It’s time for the people of Maricopa County to say “Enough is Enough” and as we are celebrating our Centennial we should all take a moment to consider “Isn’t it time, we put the good old boy form of government to rest” and start holding our police professionals accountable for their actions and/or misconduct?

John Rowan

http://www.RowanReform2012. Com


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  1. Get out and VOTE!! John is one of the few who has morals and values and wants to make a difference in a way that is UNSELFISH and not for his own gain. I would be proud to have him as my sheriff, my friend, my neighbor. His integrity and genuine concern is difficult, if not impossible, to find in today’s Arizona politicians. Good luck John and may you conquer this one!!!!

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