Did One GY Resident’s Willingness to Speak Up Finally Get Fischbach Fired?

Georgia is quoted as follows in the AZ Republic today when asked about why Fischbach was fired;

“maybe a council member didn’t feel they were getting the complete information”.

HA! It took her this long to figure out what howardsgoodyearblog has been telling GY city council for years now with lots of examples that Fischbach and city management have misled GY city council and taxpayers on plenty of topics from actual spending to the city’s debt burden? All Georgia is able to do in this time is keep saying I don’t know what I am talking about which makes Georgia and council complicit in the deception.

But did the following most recent falsehood from a January 30 presentation to council on an alarm ordinance finally get Fischbach fired?

The following statement was part of the Jan 30 overall presentation that was made to GY city council in support of changing the city ordinance on police response to security alarms;

The revenues generated from the alarm program for Fiscal Year 2008-2009 were $55,680 and the expenses (including salary, supplies and equipment) are $87,975 for a net loss of approximately $32,295. Adoption of this ordinance will eliminate the $32,295 loss.

The above statement presented to GY city council by one of Fischbach’s deputies is false. It is false because there was NO $87,975 spent to collect the $55,680 of revenues. A Goodyear resident VOLUNTEER (RV) collected that money at NO COST to Goodyear. Here are the entire presentations made to council that night; Staff Report to Council Jan 30 Slide Presentation

How did I know that the statement was false?

Because the Goodyear resident volunteer (RV) who collected that money told me so in an email to howardsgoodyearblog on February 19. Further investigation into the claim by the RV required howardsgoodyearblog to submit a records request to the city in order to get background documents on the resident’s claim and on or about March 1 howardsgoodyearblog contacted city of Goodyear officials to confirm my understanding of the facts.

In the course of the investigation, howardsgoodyearblog emailed some of the records request documents to the Goodyear RV. The RV was mentioned in the internal documents, not by name, but through some disparaging comments about resident volunteers’ performance in city jobs for the city of Goodyear. Disparaging comments while this RV collected nearly $100,000 for the city over an approximately 18 month period of time? Can you imagine that? What does that tell you about the city culture under Fischbach and this city council?

For good reason, when the RV read some of these documents I had sent, it set off the RV who told me that last week the RV called Georgia direct to complain. Georgia told the RV that she would look into it. howardsgoodyearblog was days away from publishing this information as part of a larger study into the many falsehoods and misstatements that GY council and city officials have made in the past when the story on Fischbach broke yesterday.

This resident volunteer is my hero. Not only did the RV give their time and effort willingly, they CAME FORWARD to face a difficult and confrontational situation and stared down government bureaucracy.

YOU CAN DO IT TOO. I get anonymous emails and reports from people all the time who are obviously Goodyear employees or suppliers or perhaps volunteers telling me to look into this or look into that. I can’t do it without some facts and in 100% of cases, I won’t do it unless I know who you are. I’ll protect your identity but howardsgoodyearblog needs to know who you are in order to ascertain the integrity of the information.

Have courage and take an example from this Goodyear RV. Now that Fischbach is gone, come forward with the shenanigans that I am certain continue in Goodyear’s corrupt and mismanaged city hall.

I’m waiting for you……..

And another thing. DON’T make Brian Dalke the new city manager. He’s as much of the problem as Fischbach. His prints are all over the mall debacle and he’s the guy behind the whole Roger Matlin affair. Now that Fischbach is gone, a more pompous, self centered city employee I cannot think of.

Goodyear needs to get someone from business to replace Fischbach. NOT someone from government or a government background.


5 Responses

  1. Niiice job reporting! I love your work!
    James Howard

  2. There are a large number of great employees with the City. As with any public or private employer, the bad and marginal employees always take the focus away from the good. Such is life.

    • And the good ones get fired or “resigned” while the good ole boys get retirement with benefits for the rest of their lives. That’s how it works… And if there are so many outstanding and moral employees WHY don’t they speak up?

  3. Hello folks…..Your help is needed….. How are interested are you in helping to right side “OUR CITY OF GOODYEAR”? Would you be interested in helping to apply pressure to Council to hire an very capable, brilliant, outsider, you know someone who isn’t bought with promises, money and doesn’t owe his soul to government master..???

    Please let Howard know how you feel about him being city manager…….

    I love our city too…. we need him!

    Interested in meeting and helping call me!

    Joan Schield,

    Subject: Re: applying for City Manager position…………..

    Hahaha, Joan. You must be kidding, right?
    Can you see Georgia and the rest of the seven dwarfs agreeing to have me tell them what is going on in the COGY?

    I’d do it in a minute if there was a chance in hell of it ever happening, but you and I both know that would never happen unless there was a general uprising of popular acclamation supporting me from the entire community directing the seven dwarfs on city council to appoint me as Goodyear City Manager. If that happened and they were forced to appoint me I’d do it ONLY under the following conditions;

    1. I would not do the job for more than two years. I expect it would take me less than a year to fix everything that is wrong with Goodyear, and then I would have 12 months left to find a successor.
    2. I’d get to name my successor.
    3. I would have to be able to donate the salary to charity with no impact to my current income taxes. I’d need an accountant to look at how to do that.
    4. I’d have to be able to still write my blog. This has been just too much fun watching the incompetence of the city’s directors and council for me to give up the entertainment that they provide me and the rest of my readers.

    Thanks for thinking of me, great out of the box thinking, but I can’t see it ever happening.

    On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 11:42 AM, Joan Schield wrote:

    Hi Howard,

    You know me just thinking about the best for the City of Goodyear and the citizens of Goodyear right? I believe you are so right for Goodyear as the City Manager! You know where we are in debt, you what it is going to take to fix our problems! You are not a government insider! You are a brilliant businessman and the responsibilities you had in the private sector where way greater than they would be with managing the City of Goodyear! You are a man of the highest integrity and loyalty. You love the City of Goodyear! Your blog proves everything that I stated! Howard, would you consider applying for the position of City Manager? If we can get enough citizens support behind you I believe good ole boy Council will be hard pressed not to hire you!…..

    Remember when we were on the CBC … Bowers stated that there is a CM association… Council will just go to that association, hire an insider and we continue to be in this same mess. They all act and think alike!


  4. Vote Howard for City Manager! Vote often!

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