Sweep Barry Broome Out of GPEC

Career public trough feeder Barry Broome, who is currently the CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council and whose ridiculous comments about solar have been previously dissected in this blog, (Let’s Give Money to McDonald’s) has once again shown himself to be a complete incompetent.

Here is what he was quoted as saying about the recent taxpayer funded scandal around AT Security’s alleged fraud in order to receive over $3 million in incentive payments for locating in Scottsdale after rosy welcomes from GPEC (Barry) and the Arizona Commerce Commission (whose president is in the process of resigning);

“We worked through their consultants, this is a small deal.  We’re not going to go visit someone for 200 jobs.”

Well how about visiting someone before you recommend giving them $3 million dollars of taxpayer money?

Corporate welfare in the form of picking winners by government political hacks does not work and is a waste of your tax money.

AZ Republic Article AT Security0001


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  1. Howard,

    I am a “quality, balanced, well managed” solar supporter. Of course, I was the only Goodyear resident at the Yuma meeting for the huge Sonoran Solar project years ago. No Georgia, Joe, Gary, etc. I remember because a project representative asked me why I attended the hearing as 1 of 5 people in the room. He still sends copies of the Environmental Impact Statements, etc.

    Solar can be properly planned just like nuclear. Problem is that a gov representative gives $MM in tax incentives, the project developer asks for more, knowing the gov will pay more, and so on. Before you know it, it’s 5 years and $100MM in tax money. Your buddy, Barry, needs to control the expenditures and manage the investments to a reasonable level. Demand fair returns and get that salary down a bit.

    I knew major earthquakes, Wall Street IB scandal and Goodyear resignations weren’t random,

    Happy Birthday!

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