Go Read This Article From December of Last Year Again

This is the first in a series of articles that will document completely ridiculous, wasteful spending by the city of Goodyear.

I want you to read an article I posted over three months ago (about the time that GY City Council re-newed Fischbach’s contract) about GY’s “award winning video” that cost the city $450 PER SECOND to produce.

Here’s the article; $450 Per Second

Am I good or what?  In that article I predicted that this project was video producer and GY PIO Nora Fascennelli’s ticket out of Goodyear didn’t I?  Guess what, Nora’s already gone, off to greener pastures in AZ Fish and Wildlife.  Maybe they’re planning a new video?

I also told you that putting Georgia, Pizzillo, and Fischbach in the video was a mistake because it just dates the video and makes it useless as soon as any one of them leaves. All hundreds of copies that they ordered.

POOF!  Fischbach is gone and GY has frittered away another $80,000.

Is this a part of the “new direction” without Fischbach? Figure out how to waste even more of your tax dollars?


7 Responses

  1. I live in Calif and vacation in P C, which we plan to make our legal residence this spring. I would never know the inside politics of GY without your blog. Keep give’n ’em Hell, you got ’em on the run and it keeps ’em on their toes….er, maybe their heels.
    James Howard
    See ya round Auggie’s

    • James H, You better get informed on state politics before you leave CA. Many are trapped here and want to leave when they sell their worthless “luxury” homes built in a “prison” state. Arizona favor mass incarceration of its people over education. You’d think they would have learned a lesson following California’s failures and failed 3-strikes laws. Have met many CA people who moved to AZ and after a year grew to hate it. Now they can’t afford to move back to CA where people have a sense of community and many things in place built over the decades.

      The Supreme Court ruled CA is to release tens of thousands of inmates. AZ wants to allot “extra” money they found, like $60,000,000.00 for “new” prisons — why? To “import” the California inmates that the state of CA is going to pay even more to ship and hold in Arizona? You truly need to get informed before you sell your home. Also the governor also wants $17,900,000.00 for new private prison corporation beds for “medium” custody inmates. They are other successful alternatives for “medium” custody inmates including GPS, rehabilitation, etc.

      The Goodyear city council like your Bell, Vernon and other towns who have bilked their taxpayers is the tip of the iceberg. Stay and fight CA issues that you all helped create. AZ is NOT going to reform or change — too many are intertwined into the rat’s nest to undo in your lifetime. Those who remain, like Howard work 24/7 to inform the public so they can make informed decisions — which is — ALL the city council should resign if they truly care about the people and taxpayers.

      We thank those like Howard, Mary for informing the public and unfortunately we are newcomers to Goodyear who were clueless. We do NOT want others making the same mistakes of coming to the state of Arizona — a state looking for “you” as a prospect to seize your assets for their use.

  2. What corrupt California small towns are doing to clean up corruption…

    Voters in California’s corruption-hit Bell make clean sweep | Reuters


  3. Bell, CA. “Corruption on Steroids” …. excerpt: “The scandal, which Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley has called “corruption on steroids,” has roiled the blue-collar town of 40,000 near Los Angeles and become a national symbol for municipal wrongdoing run amok.

    Former Bell City Manager Robert Rizzo, the central figure in the scandal, remains in court this week in a lengthy hearing that will decide whether he and several co-defendants stand trial.”

    DA Cooley didn’t sweep the corruption under the rug. So where is the MCAO County Attorney and how is he helping you?

  4. This sounds all to familiar… “Former (Bell) CITY MANAGER (Robert Rizzo), the central figure in the scandal,

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