Lots to Do; Some People Are Asking for Your Help

Some EASY jobs for you.

1. Over 600 people read Chris Lovett’s email yesterday to Georgia suggesting she appoint, ahem… me, as GY City Manager.  How many sent Chris’s email to Georgia & Co.? Read it again here => gggirlemail

2. Send an email to Roger Matlin’s lawyer by Wednesday as directed in this post;  Free Roger so we can get Roger a fair sentence on Thursday.

3. This from Wendy Freeman of Goodyear Votes. HB2826 is in committee in the AZ legislature RIGHT NOW. This legislation will require cities like Goodyear to move their elections to November so that we can get more voter turnout and less special interest influence in local elections.  Here are the email addresses for the committee members for HB2826 to email to and just put “Vote Yes on HB2826” in the subject line and send it.

Senator Allen                sallen@azleg.gov
Senator McComish       jmccomish@azleg.gov
Senator Biggs              abiggs@azleg.gov
Sentator Pierce            spierce@azleg.gov
Thanks for helping make our city better.

2 Responses

  1. dlugan email doesn’t work.

  2. the links above turn dlujan into dlugan and ocajerobedford into ocayerobedford. Somehow the j’s are exchanged for a g and a y and postmaster rejects. Resending by typing in the exact adresses to address line works.

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