Guest Blogger; More Lawsuits “In an Amount to be Determined at Trial”, More GY Police Dept Questions. by John Rowan

Editor’s note; The officer in question (Dave Bryant) referenced in this article by John Rowan, became Brad Hardin’s (GY officer alleged in Pendleton lawsuit with culpability in Pendleton’s death) supervisor after the Pendleton accident.

There are now four former GYPD employees who have connections to the Hardin/Pendleton case who have been fired and who are now or soon will be suing Goodyear.  Woodmansee, Eglesius (Eglesius Claim re; police misconduct), Bryant, Rowan.  Seems like anyone in GYPD who came close to this case and didn’t tow the line got fired.  What does that tell you?

By John Rowan

There was a GY police sergeant by the name of Dave Bryant, who was arrested by the Goodyear Police Department over a year ago.  You may remember he was indicted for theft and fraud from the GYPD.  On January 18th, he went to trial and the County Attorney had to request a dismissal of all charges because there was no evidence (Bryant cleared article).  According to the County Attorney, the city claimed the computer with the evidence was erased and sold to someone in the public.  According to Bryant’s lawyers it was erased and sold by the GYPD because it would prove that Bryant was innocent and no such act had occurred.

These events occurred while I was removed from my position as Public Information Officer for the GYPD.  Commander Ralph McLaughlin took over my position while I was reassigned and was so eager to get this indictment out to the public to show that the GYPD is capable of disciplining one of it’s own, he violated the law by releasing confidential information to the press.  This resulted in an investigation by another agency and was submitted for charging the Commander but was then ruled that though it was wrong they would not charge. (McLaughlin)

Dave Bryant has now filed a Notice of Claim for wrongful prosecution, violation of his civil rights, false arrest, defamation of character, etc. (18 charges in all).  I don’t know the amount that he is seeking but is a multi-million dollar claim. In an amount to be determined at trial.

In addition, there is another lawsuit that I am aware of by Julio Inglesias in Federal Court now.  He was an Officer assigned to the Goodyear Court and filed a complaint with the City Manager regarding an incident with Brad Hardin where he felt that this officer had made false statements regarding a 911 call that they had both responded to.  Shortly after making a complaint against this officer, Julio was terminated.  This complaint occurred at about the exact time that the Pendleton case was being exposed.  Officer Inglesias feels that he was terminated due to the fact that the city did not want any additional negative attention brought on Officer Hardin.   I am not aware of the amount he is seeking in remedy.
The purpose of this article is to make you and the citizens of Goodyear aware of these additional existing lawsuits, all of which are the direct result of upper management mishandling and city council ineptitude.

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