Mishandled Police Cases; Article by John Rowan

by John Rowan, Candidate for Maricopa County Sherriff

Once again, we are hearing that a large amount of serious criminal cases were mishandled by another group of detectives.  The latest being a hundred cases (100!) in the Phoenix PD and prior to that we are all aware of the over 400 sexual assault/molestation cases that were not handled by MCSO (Maricopa County Sherriff’s Office).

This brings to light a much larger issue that is taking place in almost every police department in Maricopa County.  The Police Chiefs that are selected for their position almost exclusively spend their entire career on patrol and in uniform.  They may take a side road into SWAT or some other unit, which is also considered similar to patrol.  Very few if any have any background in investigations or were ever a detective or supervised detectives.  As a result, the leadership has virtually little if any knowledge of what detectives actually should be doing or how cases should be supervised and managed.

What we are seeing in Maricopa County now is what most large cities went through 50 years ago.  This is why many large police departments require their Chiefs of Police to have been a detective or detective supervisor.  The best analogy I can give, the way most police departments are run in Maricopa County is a Chief without detective experience is like putting a nurse in charge of a surgical hospital, they both wear white and have a background in biology but does the average nurse really know what a surgeon does.

It is time for law enforcement in Maricopa County to focus on the issue that most people in the public already have identified, that many of our detective units have little if any oversight.   As a community we should work to change this.

John Rowan with 29 years of law enforcement

Candidate for Maricopa County Sheriff


5 Responses

  1. Mr. Rowan, If this is what’s been going on in the West Valley — fyling under the radar for years — then one can only imagine what has gone on in the wealthiest districts like Scottsdale and Paradise Valley.

    You failed to mention the Scottsdale Police Department with their SWAT team shootings and abuse of power. They should not escape the radar with their direct line to the MCAO and Governor’s office.

    We thank you for your courage to speak truth to power for running for Maricopa County Sheriff. We want to support you.

  2. …. the insignificant desert towns no one is paying attention to, where the abuse of power and carpetbaggers prevail.

  3. I am looking for advise with a Death Investigation involving my son Scott Clarke of Litchfield Park 6/3/11 by MCSO and the case is still open. If you are able to assist please call 602-206-3161.

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