Georgia and Other West Side Mayors Don’t Like SB 1505 & SB1470. Goldwater Institute Does. Here’s Why.

In today’s AZ Republic, Georgia and the other west side mayors have all written an opinion piece about current AZ legislation that they don’t like. Here it is. mayors opinion0001

In their article, which was prepared in order to influence their residents and published at no cost to them by the AZ Republic, do the mayors tell you exactly what is in these bills? No. They speak in scary generalities (their generalities) about these bills such as that these bills, “impose a new rule making process” or, ” pretend to seek transparency” or, my favorite, “uncertainty is a deal killer”.

Do they offer specific examples of what new work these bills will create? No.

Do they tell you what the transparency issues really are? No.

Do they offer an example of what new regulation uncertainty they are even talking about which will be a “deal killer”? Nope again.

First, as usual in howardsgoodyearblog, here are the bills for you to read for yourself if you like. sb1505s  SB 1470

Second, Goldwater Institute likes SB1505 enough to publish an article recommending it.

Now let’s you and I decide for ourselves why Georgia and the other mayors don’t like these bills.  I’ll keep this short.


This bill requires cities to base licenses only as they are specifically authorized. It says any new rules they make must be codified as ordinances, and they should not duplicate other existing laws. Residents should get a chance to review the entire new rule or law in an easily accessible directory, written notice will be provided in advance on the municipal website along with an explanation of the new rule or ordinance and where it’s statutory authority comes from to make that rule (I like that one).  Also in SB1505 it says that the city clerk will publish and maintain on the city’s website all rules and regulations of the municipality.

What SB 1505 appears to do is hold municipal governments accountable for not passing willy nilly rules and regulations that you and I might not even be aware of. Why would Georgia and the rest not want to be held accountable?

SB 1470

SB1470 is only a modification to existing legislation.  Here is one of the modifications;

“a municipality shall issue guidelines ensuring and maximizing the objectivity, utility and integrity of information, including statistical information that is developed and disseminated by the municipality”

Wow, like reports, city magazines, consultant studies, power point presentations of CITY SURVEYS that support certain positions like, for example, “is this city bankrupt or what?”, have to be OBJECTIVE to a certain STANDARD.  So the city can’t just say or publish what is politically expedient to support their point.

I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, like SB 1470. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll understand why. Joanne, Fisch, Paula, Georgia

Now do you see why Georgia and the mayors don’t like these bills?

They want you to write to your legislator and tell them not to pass these bills.  I’d like you to do the opposite, and here are all their email addresses again, just like in the mayors’ AZ Republic opinion.

You can cut and paste this list right into your email “TO” line;,,,,,

Urge them to vote YES on these measures, bring more accountability to municipal lawmaking and suppress political posturing, paid for by taxpayers, masquerading as fact.


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