Another Hundred Grand. Who Are Jack Friedline and PW Consulting?

Jack Friedline just started working TWICE for the city of Goodyear. Once as a consultant for something called PW Consulting, which is a business located in a guy’s home in Mesa, and then again as the ‘interim’ public works director for Goodyear. This is even better than GY councilman Bill Stipp’s gig where he collects three times from taxpayers.* But Stipp is a piker compared to Friedline and PW Consulting.

Following Fischbach’s “resignation” last week, the stream of leads and information from honest and courageous city of Goodyear employees letting me know about some of the incomprehensible corruption that IS the city of Goodyear has already begun. This is just the latest I’ve been able to get to. More is on the way. File this one under the heading, self serving, crony double dipping, virtually giving your tax money away.

Public Works Director Recently Fired

Goodyear fired it’s Public Works director Charles McDowell a few month ago. Why did they fire him? Who knows? Another cloak and dagger Executive Session just like Fisch. Did he get a payoff like Fischbach or is he going to sue the city now that he’s gone? Don’t know that yet either, but ater firing their PW Director, Goodyear turned around and hired a consulting firm to head up an 18 week $33,000 “organizational assessment study” of Goodyear’s PW department. Effective date for this contract is Feb 27, which means this contract anticipates the engineering company working from about March 1 until mid July.

Here is the contract. CX-2057-12 PW Consulting Svc (2)

Goodyear’s consultant in this endeavor is a company named PW Consulting run by a guy named Paul Wenbert. Wenbert is a former deputy city manager in Mesa where he retired in 2007, the same year he started his consulting firm. When you call the phone number in the “proposal” for the work, there is no secretary, there is no corporate office, there is just an answering machine that says, “Paul Wenbert” is busy. When you google maps the address for the consulting firm (7828 Redhawk Cir, Mesa) here is what you get. PW Consulting Corp HQ. See the swimming pool in the back yard of Mr. Wenbert’s home in Mesa?

Enter Jack Friedline. Friedline is also a retired former deputy city manager of Mesa, retired in 2011. In the cover letter of the proposal to Goodyear, Wenbert says that he, Wenbert will be “project manager” of the consulting effort and Jack Friedline will be “sub-consultant” on the project. Another career public trough feeder, now retired, now collecting his ASRS pension from your tax dollars, and now collecting again from Goodyear taxpayers. Is this what these current and former “public servants” talk about at their “professional meetings” that they go to? Did you notice in Fisch’s employment agreement he had so many paid days to attend them and at no cost to him?

Hang on, it gets better.

In the March 15, 2012 email below, Fischbach tells staffers that he has now appointed good ole Jack Friedline to not only be a $33,000 consultant, but Jack is now going to be the “interim” PW Director. Here’s the email.

From: John F. FischbachSent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 3:12 PMTo: DL-Mayor/Council; DL-EveryoneSubject: Public Works Director–Interim Director Appointed As you know, Charles McDowell submitted his resignation last month as our Public Works Director as he has decided to return to the private Sector where he will once again be working in utility operations. His last day with the City will be Wednesday, April 4th. The City’s Human Resources Department will be handling the recruitment for this position–an executive recruitment firm is not necessary. A new Director of Public Works is expected to be on board late summer/early fall. In the interim, I have asked Jack Friedline to serve as Interim Public Works Director. As you may recall, Mr. Friedline is one of the consultants who is currently working on the organizational assessment of the Public Works Department. He has over 35 years of experience in municipal government varying from
field service positions to Deputy City Manager. His background includes experience managing public works services for the City of Buffalo, New York; Phoenix, Arizona; and Mesa, Arizona. Jack is familiar with the operations, key services and challenges facing our department based on the organizational assessment that is currently underway. He will continue to work with Paul Wenbert on the assessment and provide input on the final report which is due June 1. Jack will not be a candidate for the Public Works Director. He is serving in this position on a temporary basis until the position is filled. Over the next several months he will be working with the Public Works management team and employees to maintain services and start to work with staff to implement the improvements identified in the report and make sure services continue to be delivered in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Please let me know if you have any
questions. John

$60,000 More for Friedline

And how much is Goodyear going to pay Jack in this new role? Nearly $80 per hour for about 18 weeks work. Wait, 18 weeks? Isn’t that about the same number of weeks on the consulting agreement? Anyway, it’s nearly $60,000 MORE of your tax dollars. Here is the hiring information. Friedline employ0001 Notice that Fisch delivered this present to taxpayers only a few days before he was fired.

I called and left a message at PW Consulting telling them I had a few questions about their employment agreements with GY. So far, no reply. Good luck with that.

Add this nearly $100,000 to the $100,000 they just gave away to Fisch, and your city council and management have managed to send nearly a quarter of a million of your tax dollars out the window in just the past few weeks. No wonder we’re bankrupt.

*Stipp has his lifetime ASRS retirement/disability pay of nearly $50,000 per year at age 40 something after claiming he hurt his back on the job, then Stipp does consulting and teaching to government entities because he’s still OK to work, travel, and teach safety stuff that he learned as a publicly employed fireman, and then Stipp collects a third time, his $8,000 per year as a council person for GY.


6 Responses

  1. Howard,
    Thanks for your work on this. I don’t understand how GY can waste our money like this. It’s maddening and frustrating. How can we stop this? What needs to be done?


  3. Remember, all residents get what they deserve. I’ve got a bad feeling. Thanks FBI.

  4. Residents and employees get what they deserve. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Thanks FBI.

  5. Interesting that the council has dispatched their full band of zany bloggers on to attack your blog Howard. You have them scared, very scared. The vitriol that they go after you, Roger, Ms Greener, truthseeker and anyone else posting on here is amazing and it shows how deeply Howardsgoodyearblog is getting to them. Keep up the heat because my sources tell me that your blog is the talk of the town especially among the creekers.

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