West Valley View; howardsgoodyearblog Not “Objective and Reliable,” but “I Have Never Read Your Blog”

In spite of a litany of evidence to the contrary, (including that the AZ Republic agrees with me) the West Valley View still refuses to admit that they mistakenly reported that Fisch’s employment agreement entitled him to severance even if he resigned. (They also fail to publish the complete text of my letters to the editor, but that is another story). In an email reply to me by WVV editor, Jim Painter, he implies that the WVV makes decisions on the accuracy of their reporting based upon what they think the public thinks about what they wrote, not solely the facts as they stand by themselves. And in this case, they claim, they have not heard an outcry from the public.

This leads one to the conclusion that the WVV determines to some extent if they think they have accurately reported the facts to the public based upon what the public response is to their reporting, not just by simply evaluating the facts. (Trust Me, I’m a Journalism Major, Why Don’t They Just Tell the Truth?, Does the News Media Report the Truth?).

Also from his email, Painter obviously does not believe that howardsgoodyearblog is an “objective and reliable source” either. This, even though he admits, “I have never read your blog.” I’m not kidding. Could I make up a statement that ludicrous? Does it make you wonder if the WVV read or listened to anything that the challenging candidates for GY city council said to them during the last election before they endorsed the incumbents, “for being incumbents”?

Still don’t believe me? Well then as you have read in this blog many times before and what is consistent for any source like howardsgoodyearblog that is not “objective and reliable”, I will say no more, you can just read the three emails to which I refer below and make up your own mind.

Is that objective and reliable enough for you Jim? Bold emphasis is mine.

Email from me to WVV after they refused to admit their mistake and also edited my letter to the editor;

From: Howard
Date: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 4:47 PM
Subject: Letter to the Editor
To: “editor@westvalleyview.com”
Cc: howardsgoodyearblog@gmail.com

Still standing by your article incorrectly interpreting Fischbach’s employment agreement which contrary to your report had no provision for severance payment?

If your story were correct, why did the city write Fischbach an amendment to his agreement in which the city waived the provisions of paragraph 4(e) in the original agreement which was where it stated that the employee would receive no severance in the case of his resignation?

Still removing any reference to my blog in my letters to the editor as you did in my previous letter to you where I told your readers where they could get the no spin accurate and complete story on what is happening in Goodyear?

Very gracious of you.
Howard Brodbeck

Email from WVV Editor to me;

On Apr 3, 2012, at 8:35 AM, “Jim Painter” <editor@westvalleyview.com> wrote:

> Mr. Brodbeck,
> We will stand behind our story until an objective and reliable source convinces us our interpretation of the contract was wrong.
> Usually when we make a mistake in the newspaper, we hear about it from multiple sources. The West Valley View is delivered to almost 80,000 households and our reader include people from a broad array of professional backgrounds, including attorneys and municipal administration experts. So far, you are the only person questioning our interpretation of the contract.
> I don’t know anything about your professional background or areas of expertise. If you are an attorney who has experience with contracts, I will certainly be willing to listen to what you have to say.
> Unfortunately, all I know about you is that you live in Goodyear and you write a blog. I have never read your blog, but based on the links to the titles you send the View by email, I can conclude that its primary mission is to criticize the Goodyear city government. Furthermore, it appears that any newspaper that doesn’t jump on your bandwagon is deemed a part of a broad conspiracy. Your blog demonstrates that you lack objectivity when it comes to anything related to Goodyear city government, and that alone is enough to cause us to regard your claims with caution and skepticism. (BUT HE HAS NEVER READ MY BLOG!)
> As to deleting links and references to your blog from your letters, it has been a longstanding policy of this newspaper (and most other newspapers that I know of) to disallow free plugs for businesses or personal Web sites in letters to the editor. We only allow free plugs for non-profit organizations. The proper way to promote your Web presence is through paid advertising. Our advertising department can be reached at 623-535-8439.
> Jim Painter
> Managing Editor
> West Valley View

My reply to Painter’s email;

From: Howard
Date: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 9:48 AM
Subject: Re: Letter to the Editor
To: Jim Painter

You have received multiple letters because I have been copied on them.
Second, one does not have to be an attorney, if that is how you define a reliable source, to know that your reporter misread the contract. Just read it, Jim. One also does not need a legal background to understand that the city would not have had to waive para 4(e) in the amendment to realize that your reporter misread it. And finally, one only needs to read the AZ republic to know that they agree with me as well. Are they “objective and reliable?”
In your email you reference only getting a letter from me as if an opinion poll might determine reality. You make it clear with that statement that as an editor you are more interested in printing what you think most people think than the actual facts. Unfortunately, that is all too common among media outlets today as I have come to realize.
Your paper is just one more example of that bias.
Howard Brodbeck
Ps howardsgoodyearblog is a non-profit public service to the community.

I guess even journalists miss how foolish what they write can sound.


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  1. HGYB is awesome. EVERYONE in GY reads this blog. EVERYONE-including Mssr. Painter, and the Fisch.

    The disturbing thing as I see it are the people who hide behind fake names online–especially those who like to post at AZCentral: freedomtrain, BOOBeck, noname, GYwatchdog, whatahoax.

    Be bold like HGYB-put your FACTS out there and tell us who you are, don’t act like recalcitrant and spoiled children by only name calling on HGYB.

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