West Valley View Says Antonucci Had it Right

Will miracles never cease?

Today, the WVV got something right.

Today’s WVV editorial is titled, “Goodyear Should Put Residents First.” They then come up with a real news flash, that GY city council is supposed to be working for residents, NOT city employees. What a concept. They then go on to say that before pay raises and tuition grants are given to Goodyear employees with “expected” money Goodyear “thinks” they will have, some of the food sales tax should be removed.

Wow, is the WVV just now realizing that when they endorsed, incumbent, GY city council people, who took campaign money from city employee PACS from cities besides Goodyear, and when the GY city council is made up of;

  1. two former city employees (Pizzillo, Stipp),
  2. a mayor and vice mayor who could not tell you the difference between depreciation and deficits (Georgia, Joanne),
  3. a perhaps well meaning super volunteer with lots of friends who will vote for her regardless of her qualifications (Wally),
  4. an appointed city official wanna be (Gelzer),
  5. and a busy attorney with her own practice and a full plate (Lauritano)

that GY city council would be in the tank for their campaign contributors and do just about whatever the city manager says? And guess what? The easiest thing for the city manager to do to make his life easier is to give stuff to city employees.

And finally, WVV quotes Bill Antonucci, who ran for council last time but was defeated (no thanks to the West Valley View who endorsed all the incumbents, mostly because they were, “incumbents”). About Antonucci, the WVV says;

“Bill Antonucci said it best during last year’s council election: “The entire country has experienced a downturn in their income. Everybody is losing money; people are losing their jobs and losing their homes. So what did we do? We made it more expensive for them to live by raising their sales tax…”

Maybe editor and publisher Painter and Freireich are finally waking up over there in Avondale. But will they remember any of this at election time in 2013?

319 days and counting until Goodyear residents get to take back Goodyear city council from special interest groups like union PACs, developers, and other business PACs (Georgia’s Money) and start to return Goodyear to fiscal sanity. The terms of the three “creeker” incumbents, Campbell, Gelzer, and Lord, expire in 2013 as well as former GY employee Joe Pizzilo’s term.

Goodyear city council primary elections; March 12, 2013.

Deadline for petitions to run for council; December, 2012.

Goodyear needs FOUR honest, intelligent, candidates to run against these government cronies in city council and mayor. Who is going to step up?


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