How to Run for Goodyear City Council

Georgia, Pizzillo, Wally, and Gelzer seats will be up for Goodyear City Council election in March 2013.  That’s 4 out of 7 dwarfs.

We need some good candidates to run against the incumbents on Goodyear city council in March, 2013.  2013 seems a long way off but it’s really not.  I have attached the official 2013 Goodyear election handbook to this article. There are four spots on city council to be filled.  If we get four non incumbents elected, we can start changing things for the better in Goodyear right away.

Candidate packets will be available from the city clerk in August.

Candidates can file their at least 461 but not more than 922 signatures on your petition as soon as November 13, but not later than December 12.  Georgia has lots of money to spend on consultants, so plan to have all your signatures challenged by Georgia like she planned to do last time which means you have to go for all 922.

The election will be March 12, 2013.  Let’s not make the same mistake twice and have TOO MANY ALTERNATE CANDIDATES.  Announce early, get yourself endorsed by howardsgoodyearblog as a fiscal conservative, and start getting your message out there.

And if you are fortunate enough to win, behave yourself, follow through on your fiscally conservative campaign promises, and;

DON’T MAKE ME COME DOWN THERE! I’ll still be watching.

Here is the official election handbook. BasicElectionInfoHndbk


One Response

  1. Come one, Howard. Don’t bother running. This is not part of the United States of America. I’ve got 510 signatures. Maybe I’ll run. Do I receive a Goodyear Concentration Camp from the Council?

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