West Valley View BLASTS Goodyear, Pizzillo

OUCH!  Need I say more?

I’m considering re-starting delivery of the WVV to my home.  I’ll at least buy something this week from one of their advertisers.

Jim Painter! You go guy!

Pizzillo Commentary

WVV Response

Pizzillo’s commentary is an example of how a contemptuous, insulated, and single minded organization of elected officials who have lost touch with the community and whose actions have not been thoroughly dissected by the media behaves.  Let’s hope WVV has seen the light and continues with their recent good work for Goodyear citizens.

Goodyear will have a budget meeting for citizen comments tonight May 2 at 6 pm.

314 days and counting until Goodyear residents get to take back Goodyear city council from special interest groups like union PACs, developers, and other business PACs (Georgia’s Money) and start to return Goodyear to fiscal sanity. The terms of the three “creeker” incumbents, Campbell, Gelzer, and Lord, expire in 2013 as well as former GY employee Joe Pizzilo’s term.

Goodyear city council primary elections; March 12, 2013.

Deadline for petitions to run for council; December, 2012.

Goodyear needs FOUR honest, intelligent, candidates to run against these government cronies in city council and mayor. Who is going to step up?


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  1. Sweeeeet.

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