Email or Phone Jan Brewer TODAY About HB2826

HB 2826, which has been passed by both houses of the AZ legislature and is sitting on governor Brewer’s desk for signature forces AZ municipalities to move their elections to November of even numbered years to coincide with state and federal general elections. The purpose of this legislation is to INCREASE voter turnout in local elections, thereby getting more citizen input to who local elected officials are. It may also save money by reducing the cost of voting for cities.

Who is opposed to it?

Most (especially small town) cities and their incumbent officials.

Arizona League of Cities which is made up of those same incumbent officials. They claim 40 of the 76 municipalities who would be affected have written letters asking Brewer to VETO the bill. I’ve submitted a records request to find out what Goodyear has done. Remember Georgia’s response to requests to change Goodyear to November? Georgia Won’t Lift a Finger Any gamblers out there willing to bet what I find out Goodyear’s position has been?

PACs. Groups who find it easier to influence elections when voter turnout is small.

Public employee unions. I guess they like the current status quo. Surprised?

What you can do.

Phone or email (OR DO BOTH) Jan Brewer’s office and encourage her to sign this bill. She has to either sign, veto, or do nothing (then it becomes law without her signature) by this Saturday.

Jan Brewer’s Office Phone; 602 542 4331 press 3, then press 1, bill number is HB2826.

Jan Brewer’s Office email; Use the form at the bottom of this link. Link to Brewer email.


2 Responses

  1. Two Saturdays ago the Arizona Republic referenced Goodyear as one of the cities opposed to HB2826. I find it completely baffling that Goodyear would be listed as opposed to such an obvious tax saving measure. However, after speaking with a couple of the legislators sponsoring the bill it seems that city councils fighting the passage of HB2826 have two distinct characterics: (1) A large chunk of voters who are part-time Arizona residents and (2) they are cities who have relied on low voter turn-out to get candidates sympathetic to special interest groups elected and controversial measures passed.

    As the Chairwoman of Goodyear Votes I can tell you that I have been overwhelmed with emails in support for HB2826 from Goodyear voters. It seems that the citizens of Goodyear are in favor of HB2826 even if Goodyear elected officials are not.

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