Georgia to Jan Brewer; Veto HB 2826

Here is Georgia’s letter to Jan Brewer of May 2, 2012 asking Brewer to veto HB 2826 which requires AZ cities to move their elections to even numbered years in November in order to increase voter turnout. Georgia to Brewer-Veto HB2826   In this letter, Georgia wants Brewer to veto this measure in order to assure that everyone who lives in AZ part time has a chance to vote in local elections.  I wonder why that would be?

But here is what Georgia wrote about this topic to concerned Goodyear citizens only six months ago, in an email that hgb reported to readers of this blog in March of this year;

I feel the process is best left to our citizens at this time

Follow this link to Georgia’s entire email in this March 1, 2012 hgb article.

Earth to Georgia, the process has been left to “our citizens” in the form of the duly elected representatives of the state, who were elected by “our citizens” who just passed HB 2826, the bill you are asking the governor to veto and thereby subvert the will of “our citizens”.  Similar to the prison debacle, once again Georgia is found guilty of being two faced on an issue important to Goodyear residents.

If You Are Registered to Vote in AZ, You Should Have Paid AZ Income Taxes

On a related topic, hgb has recently corresponded with the Arizona Department of Revenue (Arizona’s IRS) and asked them to compare local Arizona voter registrations (you must declare that you are a resident of Arizona in order to vote) with AZ Income Tax returns.  If you have registered to vote in AZ then you should have filed an AZ state income tax as a resident since by registering to vote, you are certifying that you are an AZ resident.

If you vote here, that means that 100% of your Federal Income Tax return should be fully taxed in Arizona.

For example, if you happen to be one of Georgia’s part time AZ residents that she wants to make sure they vote, and you just happen to be registered to vote in Goodyear, AZ so you regularly vote in the local March election when you are here on your winter vacation, but you are actually a tax resident of say, Minnesota, because your permanent home is there, and you file your state income tax in Minnesota, then you are either guilty of voter fraud or you are guilty of not paying what you owe in income taxes to the state of AZ.

Either way, the state of AZ is due some additional revenue from you either in the form of income taxes or fines for voter fraud.  Your choice.

More on this topic after I hear back from the AZ Dept of Revenue.


4 Responses

  1. As a full-time resident of Goodyear AND AZ taxpayer I find Mayor Lord’s letter completely reprehensible. To think that 12 month residents should not benefit from the obvious tax savings of HB 2826 so that our part-time citizens are not inconvenienced is very insulting. I encourage other concerned full-time Goodyear residents and AZ taxpayers to contact me at and to also contact Governor Brewer and implore her to disregard the Mayor and council’s self-serving position.
    Wendy Freeman, Chairwoman, Goodyear Votes

  2. Wendy, thank you and I agree 100% I will be contacting Governor Brewer.

  3. Very interesting… there response should be interesting too…

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