More Great News From Goodyear; by Gary Gibbs

by Gary Gibbs

My copy of the taxpayer funded Goodyear city council propaganda magazine, Infocus, appeared in the mailbox today. I couldn’t wait to read it to discover all the good news I’ve been missing. I was not disappointed.

The tax on bread, milk, eggs and butter is going to be reduced for the second year in a row! Since it was first lowered last September, we’ve been saving 25 cents on every $100 spent at Safeway, Fry’s and Bashas. That will skyrocket to 50 cents per $100 in a few months. Boy, one can sure do a lot with a little more discretionary income.

But alas, property taxes are going up (also for the second year in a row.) So much for all that money you and I thought we were saving at the grocery store. What one hand of our city government giveth, the other hand taketh away (and showers it on city employees in the form of a raise, as is being done this year). It is the way of the world, at least according to Georgia Lord et al.

Further good news includes the addition of 30 new businesses in the city, but there’s no mention of how many businesses closed. I’d bet my 50 cents per $100 grocery “savings” that the net number is in single digits. And of the 30 startups, how many received lucrative tax incentives (our money) to set up shop in our fair city? No mention of that. New housing permits have more than doubled though, from hardly any in the prior year to a few more in the last 12 months.

There is what sounds to be good news about refinancing the city’s huge bond debt to save money, but I’ll leave it to Howard Brodbeck to explain why that probably isn’t good news at all. There are also some pie charts that almost look like smiley faces, so full of good news are they. But again, Howard can dissect them and show that I was looking at them upside down. Those aren’t smiles, they’re frowns!

A few things are missing from the impressive list of city council accomplishments enumerated in the magazine. Overlooked is how the city just missed out on millions when it failed to land the Perryville prison expansion it was working behind the scenes to nail while publically proclaiming the opposite. Also, no mention of further empowering unionized police officers and firefighters by granting them de facto collective bargaining as payback for helping the mayor and other council members get elected, giving up taxpayer leverage and creating a class of super employees who can now break bread with city management and make demands for what they need to be kept happy.

Sadly, there was also no mention of a couple of multi-million dollar lawsuits lodged against the city and settling another big one to make it go away. Also, no mention of several significant personnel moves, including the canning of the city manager, the police chief, and the public works director. Oh wait, they resigned? Sorry. That’s not so bad, after all.


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  1. Thanks… You made me laugh today… But sometimes we must laugh to keep from crying. NEVER give up guys…. Have you noticed how quiet things have been since Brian took his temporary position? Hes good at taking the back seat and laying low while the heat is on and having others do his dirty work for him… Keep an eye on him.

  2. Mr. Gibbs:
    Once again this sounds like sour grapes from a sore loser. If you compare our wonderful city to the surrounding communities I would say we are in great shape. Other cities seem to be raising taxes (Glendale and Buckeye 3.0%) while we seem to be trending down…even if it is slowly.

    As far as the property tax goes I think you are being a little bit political with your point of view/spin. Now, I am no subject matter expert but I believe the rate is going up but the levy is remaining close to the same. Meaning- YOU WILL BE PAYING ROUGHLY THE SAME AMOUNT.

    I think this last blog shows that no matter what this council does you will continue to berate them for your own attempt at political gain.

  3. Howard:
    Why did you edit out the last paragraph commenting on Mr. Gibbs?

    I noticed that you let miss Greener call Mr. Dalke a “snake in the grass” yet didn’t edit that out…interesting.

    • Missed that. Will check.

    • Mr. “Al Lewis”, the name is Ms. Miller. Sorry Howard… I’ll try to be more polite about my true feelings in the future…

    • The Bible draws on that idea in the story of Eve. In the third chapter of Genesis, a serpent befriends and then deceives Eve. The reason that Eve did not suspect the snake of treachery was that “the serpent was more subtile than any beast of the field” (Gen. 3:1).

  4. Great stuff, a good read.

  5. Oh… and for those of you citizens who really care about the financial state of Goodyear… I have some news to add to Mr. Gibbs commentary here…

    The LAWSUITS are more than likely on their way to being settled and if not may be a huge payout in a trial setting…

    The Federal court has issued a summary judgement re “Protected Activity” in Terri Woodmansee’s lawsuit for wrongful termination… The Judge also made the following comments during oral arguments that resulted in the summary judgement…

    “And there’s nothing before me that indicates that they (Goodyear) did much in the way of investigating anything with respect to the Pendleton case but lots of resources going into investigating Miss Woodmansee.”

    and then further into it:

    “So I’ve got to tell you that this, you know, this case does not look good at all for the defendants.” (Defendants being Goodyear)

    The summary judgement and statements don’t paint a pretty picture financially for Goodyear in all three cases related to the Pendleton case… that includes Terri’s, John Rowans and Shay Pendelton.

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