Marketing, Social Media, and GY City Council Photo Galleries

Editor’s note.  As is standard practice at howardsgoodyearblog, you don’t have to believe one word I say, because I always provide you with the raw data that I report on. Therefore, at the end of this article are two attachments.

  1. An organization chart for the city manager and the communications departments of Goodyear.
  2. A 19 page detailed list of all of the salary and benefit costs of each city of Goodyear employee listed by job title.

Progressives like Georgia Lord and Goodyear’s current city council, think that government is here to take care of you and the rest of the citizens who live here and that you should like everything that they are “doing” for you.

So they spend YOUR money on MARKETING programs to encourage you to like what they’re doing for you.

mar·ket·ing noun \ˈmär-kə-tiŋ\ b: the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.

So why is your town, Goodyear, AZ in the business of “marketing” not just to outside businesses as they did with their ill fated, award winning, $450 per second, $80,000 video which (as I predicted), as of this writing you can no longer even view on Goodyear’s website*(GY Website Video Link) ?
Before I answer that question, let’s take a look at some of what I think are Goodyear’s “marketing” resources**.
Goodyear Staffing
Here is a partial list of funded job titles in Goodyear and their estimated annual cost to taxpayers that have absolutely nothing to do with providing citizens with public safety, trash pickup, water, sewer, keeping the roads safe, or even parks and rec.    Working today for Goodyear are***;
  1. a Public Information Officer or PIO to make sure things are said properly to the public. Currently unfilled since the last one got her emmy award ticket punched spending $80,000 on the $450 per second video that is no longer accessible and found a new job working for another public agency.
  2. a Webmaster ($114,000) who if you have looked at GY’s website recently, you can tell that much of their time is spent advertizing to web visitors.
  3. a Graphic Designer ($84,000).  For InFocus?  Or maybe the website?  Or perhaps so the annual budget book looks like it’s really accurate, important, and official and tells you something worth knowing.
  4. a Public Art Specialist ($104,000)
  5. an Intergovernmental Manager ($114,000) that has a Mayor Assistant ($122,000), Council Assistant ($96,000), and Executive Assistant ($70,000) all reporting to him/her. Plus there is an Intergov Grants Co-Ordinator ($92,000).
  6. a Marketing and Business Development Administrator ($33,000).
  7. a Communications Manager who reports to Dalke on the org chart but I could not determine a clear job title salary listing.
And there is more.
First there is Goodyear’s InFocus Magazine which is little more than a taxpayer paid for political advertizement of which I have provided numerous examples in previous articles.
Social Media
Next, according to a recent AZ Republic article, “Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord occasionally tweets but said she and other council members hope to become more active when the city formalizes its processes for using social media”. Formalizes its processes for using social media?  What does that mean?  Are we all going to start getting tweets and Facebook page updates from our elected officials?  That’s a good use of their time, don’t you think?  They can tell you on a daily or even hourly basis how much they are “doing” for you and how wonderful they are rather than just publishing InFocus and writing opinion articles in the Pebble Creek Post and other local news outlets.
Council Photo Galleries
And have you seen each city council member’s new “Photo Gallery” on the city web site?  Here’s Georgia’s. Georgia Photo Gallery.  A photo gallery for “public servants” paid for by you and me?  In a bankrupt town, no less?  Yep, we needed that million dollars for the electronic billboards for this kind of stuff.
And do you remember Fischbach’s “the mall is coming” announcement just before the last election? Mall announcement
Anyone want to wager how close to the upcoming March 2013 election Goodyear will wait before they trot out Brian Dalke to announce to the news papers once more that, “the mall is coming” soon?  They’ll almost be re-enacting Paul Revere’s famous ride.  “THE MALL IS COMING, THE MALL IS COMING!”
City Manager Dalke.  Save the best for last.
And in addition to all the others mentioned above, reporting to Dalke, ($180,000+) the Interim City Manager, there are;
  1. two or three Deputy City Managers $150,000 + each,
  2. an Assistant to the CM $112,000,
  3. an Executive Assistant to the CM, (could this be the $140,000 Exec Mgt. Assistant job title? not certain) and
  4. a Staff Assistant to the Assistant to the CM ($52,000).
And in addition to all this high paid staff,  there are an additional 12 Administrative Assistants spread throughout Goodyear at costs to taxpayers of from $52,000 to a high of $80,000 with most costing about $63,000 per year.  An Administrative Assistant in a town of 65,000 who costs taxpayers $80,000 per year?  Incredible.
And remember, Goodyear council felt that it was IMPERATIVE to give all city employees an over $1 million dollar raise this year so they wouldn’t decide to go work somewhere else for higher pay!
How many of these staff dollars are going to market to you and me?  Your guess is as good as mine, but I’ll bet it’s a lot.  After all, they’re all politicians who want to get re-elected and feel like they can boss the rest of us around, aren’t they? Progressives marketing to the public so the public will feel good about what those progressives are certain the public wants and what progressives think that only the government can provide.
* The $450 per second video is probably not available because Fischbach is featured in it (along with Georgia) so it had a very short relevant life (also as I predicted).  Go ahead, try the link provided above.  Maybe they’ve spent even more of your money fixing it by now, but as of this writing, if you click on the button titled, “Leading Edge Video” on the link provided, you are told that this is a “restricted” area and you need a login ID.  Wow, is GY Economic Development now passing on secret information only to certain people who want to view the video?
** based upon job titles hgb is assuming some or all of the jobs mentioned are involved in some way in communicating to the public.
*** Information is from organization charts and city employee data provided to howardsgoodyearblog in April 2012. Salary and benefits estimates are based upon Jan 1, to April 14 data multiplied by 365/104 days.
GY Positions and Salaries April 20120001  It’s a big file but it’s worth waiting for.

4 Responses

  1. Howard, Great informative piece. Its simple — slash all those jobs you listed. Its our tax $$’s and I don’t want one dollar spent in the areas you listed. This is unacceptable and outrageous!

  2. Revealing information and something the public should know regarding salary information. It makes some people uneasy, but it is public record!

  3. Wow! over spending, growing government… how many departments,??? how many assistance to each department head??? how many assistance to the assistance????….Doesn’t look like a efficiently run company.or .(government) to me one of We the People! Each person on the government city payroll, with the best medical, dental, optical, best defined retirement program, at least 14 paid holidays if not more, 2-4 weeks vacation, 2 weeks sick pay, expense accounts to included phones, cars, gas, and the list goes on and on! Aren’t you… “We the People” happy to do with less so our over worked and under paid city employees can have more? If they get sick on their vacation do they get those days comp too?

    Hope you look into the police and fire organizational charts and pay! I believe they are worse… if that is possible!!!

    I am sure this isn’t the only one area that the city is over spending…

    Any private business ran like the city would be filing “Bankruptcy”.. maybe our city will be following other cities in that same process!

    We need to run lean and efficient…………. be profitable………………

    Remember the organizational chart is supposed to read… WE THE PEOPLE..AT THE TOP…..THEY ALL ARE SUPPOSED TO WORK FOR US… Then Council Member’s, then City Manager, the other department heads… then the other workers… Our city is not being run correctly… Instead it runs like this …City Manager runs the Mayor and City Council.. all need to be removed… they are so inefficient in protecting the financials of our city!!!

    These people are making more than any one in any branch of our wonderful Military who lay their life on the line everyday… It is sicking at best!!!

  4. Outrageous! Assistant to the assistant to the assistant city manager

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