Above Your Pay Grade and 4% of GY Residents’ Combined Total Income

In a previous article I attached a list of all city of Goodyear job titles and how much they were paid before their recent $1 million dollar pay raise. Here is the article again. Article. The list of pay and benefits by job title is attached at the end of that article.

In that article I told you about city administrative assistants making $80,000 per year in salary and benefits. I told you about city manager Brian Dalke’s luxurious staff with multiple, high paid deputy city managers, administrative assistants, and even administrative assistants to administrative assistants some with salary and benefit packages of over $100,000.

How does that compare to the rest of us living here in Goodyear?
What follows is a detailed summary based upon US Census Bureau information about TAXPAYERS who reside in Goodyear and pay the taxes that fund the city of Goodyear and all of GY’s employees’ salaries.

Who Lives in Goodyear?

  1. Did you know that only about 4 of 10 Goodyear residents work or even want to work? There are 65,000 residents in Goodyear, but only 28,000 of those residents work.
  2. Did you know that about 3 in 10 Goodyear resident workers work for the government?
  3. Did you know that about 1 in 10 of those who want to work are not working?
  4. Did you know that half of Goodyear households earn a combined household income of less than $71,000 per year, and that Goodyear’s General Fund therefore consumes between 3 to 4% of the total income of all Goodyear’s working households?
  5. Did you know that before their recent $1 million dollar plus pay raise, city of Goodyear employees earned individual income and benefits that averaged more than $85,000 per year or nearly 20% MORE on average than over half of Goodyear’s combined households earn?

And how many of you have taxpayer funded defined benefit retirement plans like city employees do?

You often hear that Goodyear, AZ is a city of about 60 to 65 thousand residents. Saying a number this large makes elected officials feel good about themselves and all of your money that they spend. A city or town’s total population is often used by public officials to tout not only a city’s growth and potential, but is also many times referred to when figuring how much each “resident” is taxed, or how important it might be to provide this service or that service due to the size and expectations of the particular city’s “burgeoning population”. I’m sure you’ve heard and read in the newspapers what I’m, referring to.

However, like most statistics, it is educational to “get into the weeds” in order to really understand how total residency breaks down in order to appreciate how few working citizens’ backs free spending politicians rely on. Data from the American Community Survey (ACS), conducted by the US Census Bureau, though not as accurate as the 10 year survey done by the same Census Bureau, gives one a more in depth look at our city and its residents. What follows is information about Goodyear from the ACS.

Goodyear Population Breakdown

  1. Adults vs Children.
    Of Goodyear’s 65,000 residents, nearly 50,000 of them are over age 16. That leaves about 15,000 school children. The 16 and over group is made up of 26,000 women, and 24,000 men.
  2. In the Labor Force or Out of the Labor Force?
    Of those 50,000 residents, 32,000 are “in the labor force”, 17,000 are “not in the labor force”. Not in the labor force is self described by survey respondents. They include stay at home parents, retirees, students over the age of 16, disabled, or in an institution.
  3. Employment.
    About 28,000 of Goodyear’s 32,000 “in the labor force” residents are employed, leaving about 4,000 unemployed or in the 10% range. This results in the fact that only about 43% of Goodyear residents are out there earning a living every day.

Where Are the 43% Employed?
What the data shows us so far, is that only 28,000 of the 65,000 population town of Goodyear is working or want to work. In other words only about 43% of Goodyear residents are out there to earn a living to support all the rest of the Goodyear population as well as the city’s services. Those living on retirement incomes are in addition to those included in the 28,000. However, retirees may or may not have the ability to support growth in town services in the long term since their incomes are usually “fixed”.

  1. Public vs Private Employment.
    Goodyear’s 28,000 employed are 22,000 in the private sector and nearly 6,000 work for the government. Or nearly 3 in 10 Goodyear workers owe their jobs to the government.
  2. Wage Earners vs Self Employed
    Of the 22,000 working in the private sector, only about 1,000 are self employed.
  3. Primary Industries Who Employ Goodyear Residents
    Goodyear’s 28,000 working residents’ are employed as follows;
Where GY Works


Education & Health














Public Admin






Non Public Svcs






Household Income
There are 21,000 households in Goodyear, compare this to the 28,000 working Goodyear residents. A household is how the IRS looks at income because that is how your income is reported to the IRS. This appears to make some sense. It indicates that there are at least 7,000 or so households in Goodyear where there are at least two wage earners or about 30% and if one adds the 4,000 unemployed Goodyear workers that brings it up to nearly 50% of households with more than one person in the work force.

The chart at the end of this article breaks down Goodyear household income by ranges. In summary, Goodyear households have a mean or average household income of a little over $75,000. In Goodyear, half of households have an income above $71,000 and half of households have an income of below $71,000.

In Summary

  1. 4 out of 10 Goodyear residents work, want, or need to work. Those 28,000 support the rest of us and our government services.
  2. 1 in 10 are unemployed
  3. The largest employers are government, teachers and healthcare, retail, trucking, and construction. 3 in 10 are teachers or work in health care, 3 in 10 work for the government.
  4. Half earn less than $71,000 per household.
  5. The average Goodyear household earns about $75,000 making the total earnings of the 20,000 Goodyear households about $1.53 billion dollars per year.

Take Aways
The city of Goodyear collects about $60 million dollars each year in its General Fund, 99% of this directly from its residents. This represents about 4% of the total earnings of Goodyear’s 20,000 households or about $3,000 per household.

If you have difficulty seeing the following chart, you can download it here. Relative Income Chart0001

*Information contained herein is primarily from the 2010 American Community Survey, an annual in depth statistical survey administered by the US Census Bureau to about a quarter of a million Americans per month. For brevity, some figures are rounded.


13 Responses

  1. Watching Greta last night on Fox News felt like deja vu. Greta was interviewing the Mayor of North Las Vegas who was describing how city employees are suing the city because in lieu of layoffs the city council voted to reduce police uniform allowances and some other things that reminded me of what the CBC in good faith recommended the city of Gooodyear do. Instead we voted in a city council that gave our employees a 2.5% pay raise, raised property taxes and as a union payback gave our police and fire employees collective bargaining rights. I get so sick of hearing “well our city employees will go elsewhere if we don’t pay them enough”. That is the biggest BS in the world and the only idiots who seem to fall for it are the ding-alings presently on our city council. The day city employees leave their cushy jobs for the private sector is the day I will vote for Gary Gelzer. How much do you think the private sector would pay Brian Dalke? My guess is if he were lucky 50K tops. Dalke knows this as well and that is why he will be feeding himself off the government trough for the rest of his life.

  2. Outrageous! Whose investigating for possible fraud / scam? Sounds like shades of Bell, Vernon and Monticello, California. Some of the officials headed for the prisons they built for “others”. Get informed, research what’s been uncovered in those towns bilking the taxpayers and what the people are doing about it.

    • Outrageous! Who’s investigating for possible fraud / scam? Sounds like shades of Bell, Vernon and Monticello, California. Some of the officials headed for the prisons they built for “others”. Get informed, research what’s been uncovered in those towns bilking the taxpayers and what the people are doing about it.

    • delete comment. note corrected comment which follows.

  3. This is happening all over the country at every level with no end on sight. Now our President is saying we’d be nothing without government. I see now how he can get away with it, a lot of voters agree with him. They’re all employed or their spouse is employed by government.

    • #1 employer in “conservative” Arizona — the government.

      Incarceration with increased “Corrections” prison budget is favored over higher education in Arizona, while wanting to attract high-tech industries.

      Legislators who do not want to reform outdated, failed laws and policies. Why? They do not want to end the gravy train.

      Goodyear is a prison town. Who wants to live or work in a “prison town”. Arizona is a “prison state” taking taxpayers $$’s and giving them to the private prison corporation profiteers who drive the state policy. Wake up people! They want this hidden from view and public dialog by masking this crisis with non-sensical issues.

      • Wells Fargo’s Prison Cash Cow-Largest Slave Plantations « Montana Corruption



        “Don’t expect politicians to address this injustice, though, at least not without a popular struggle. While establishment pundits decry a lack of bipartisanship in Washington, their attention’s focused on rhetoric, not so much the reality, which is that when it comes to the major issues – be it the American empire or the war on crime – there is an overabundance of bipartisanship. That’s why no one really talks about the more than two million souls currently locked behind bars: at least in Washington, there’s nothing to debate, the drug laws that put many of them there – dutifully copied by state legislatures across the country – having been overwhelmingly passed by a Democratic Congress and signed into law by a Republican president.

        The political class having failed the public it purports to serve, choosing to imprison much of it for private profit, it’s left to the powerless – that would be us – to confront systemic injustice. One way to start: Quit giving your cash to those like Wells Fargo who make money by imprisoning your neighbors. And quit enabling the politicians from both major parties who make that possible.

        Source: http://www.salon.com/2012/04/11/wells_fargos_prison_cash_cow/singleton/

        I find this sickening. Democrats and Republicans we both have to come together on this one. As you see both parties are involved in this. This should outrage every single person. Your future and your children are at stake. GEO is the second largest prison corporation with CCA being the number one which they have just offered 48 states to allow them to buy out their prisons with a contract of 20 years that the prisons have to be 90%+ occupancy! Slavery has not been abolished. It has reared it’s ugly head again! We cannot stand by and become the governments lowly peasants and slaves. We already surpass any nation in the world with the most incarcerated. Please, make your voices be heard. I for one will remove my banking account away from Wells Fargo and will continue to fight for the freedom that all men and women are entitled too. Men and women of all races and those that are not wealthy deserve freedom too. Freedom should not be just for Wall Street.”

  4. As an FYI, City employees that aren’t Police or Fire pay into the same state retirement fund as teachers under the same rules. Something you may not know. They have the same retirement plan.

    • And with this high compensation vs teachers they’ll be sucking teachers’ retirement plans dry.

      • How much you get out of the system is based on how much you pay into it, based on salary. If the system fails, it is the failure of all members, not just one group. As of now each member pays in 11.3% of their salary by law. Their employer matches that amount by law. But what you get out is based on formulas of service time, age, etc. All members pay in a share and they get a share out based on their contribution. Every member is an equal offender.

        • However, even though the teacher system is the least underfunded, it is still only at 71% or so.
          If a retired clerk left at $100,000 and the system is 30% underfunded then taxpayers are on the hook for $30k.
          A teacher retired at $50k leaves taxpayers only holding the bag for $15k or half that.
          Since taxpayers are on the hook for the full actual underfunded amount, the % ages don’t matter as much. Total dollars are sucking the system dry since it is already on life support.

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