GY’s $200,000 Parking Spaces

Do you have a covered parking space where you work?

How about where you shop?  If you only shop in Scottsdale, well, maybe.

How about even at your home?  Do you have a garage or car port for your car or does it sit in the heat sometimes?

The city of  Goodyear, AZ pays nearly $20,000 per year for covered parking spaces at a single city building.  $20,000 per year of your tax money has been going out the window so I assume some of Goodyear’s most favored employees who work at the Venita Business Park, (the building that Goodyear wants to purchase for some reason for $4 million dollars more than their own appraiser told them it was worth) don’t have to leave their cars out in the hot sun all day and get all sweaty when they get in at the end of their busy, busy day.

I assumed that was the case, anyway until I drove over there to see the spaces for myself. Instead, I found a third or more of the spaces empty and many, many more of them with what appeared to be city of Goodyear underutilized vehicles being kept in the shade. Maybe a lot of Goodyear employees drive Goodyear vehicles to work so I guess it’s still possible these are for employees.

And in case this information is just too much to believe possible even when we’re talking about government waste, here’s Goodyear’s own appraiser’s report on Venita where I learned about this and where he states on page 149, shown below, that Goodyear rents 45 spaces at $35 per month per space for a total of nearly $20,000 per year.

Did I say $200,000 parking spaces? I presume that Goodyear has been paying for these spaces since 2006 when they signed the lease.  That means that by the time the lease is done, YOU will have forked over nearly $200,000 to either keep some favored Goodyear employees’ cars in the shade or store some underutilized Goodyear vehicles.  Not a lot of money, you say?  $200,000 would pay for 5 school teachers for a year in Goodyear’s schools, for example.

How’s that for belt tightening?


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  1. Those parking spots are used by only two departments, Police and Fire. They are the only occupants in Venida Building E, next to the covered parking.

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