Maybe the Indians Will Help Us Out and a Three Stooges Movie

Goodyear has decided to ask the Gila River Indian Community to pay for a new Goodyear Police Dept mobile command unit.

Goodyear’s current mobile command unit (a converted RV) is apparently tilting to the side because of weight distribution problems, city staff tried to fix it and failed, and they say they need a diesel engine in order to allow it to sit and idle (nobody thought of that?) when being used and the current unit is gasoline driven. Not only that, but the mast camera that Goodyear put on the vehicle started tilting to the side and so they had to dismantle that.

Does anyone besides me see a Three Stooges movie in the back of their mind while reading this description of incompetence and waste of your tax dollars?  It would be a lot funnier if it was someone else’s money.   AHAH!  Enter the Gila River Indian Community and maybe the next one could be someone else’s money!

Here is a link to the city council session where your city council approved the city’s paid grant writers to apply for a grant from the Gila River Indian community to 100% fund a new mobile command vehicle for Goodyear’s finest, your Goodyear Police Department. Ask the Indians Link

And you still think Goodyear is not broke?


16 Responses

  1. The City isn’t broke but I would guess the impact fee account for Police is drained or this purchase doesn’t qualify and upper management wasn’t willing to pay for the item with the general fund. The issue should be maintenance. The grant pays for the purchase, but does not pay for future maintenance. One would think the maintenance cost will easily exceed the purchase price.

  2. Hey Howard, were you to afraid to get out the car to take the picture? Afraid you might be recognized and harassed? 🙂

    James Howard

  3. So what you are saying is Gila River Indian Community is a JOKE?

    • Read, Neil. Where do you think I said GRIC is a joke?
      The joke here is the clown car antics of the city of Goodyear around a completely botched mobile command unit.
      That’s why GY is broke. I wish it were true that GY was run as well as the GRIC. Then GY might have money to give away like GRIC does.
      Sad is the day when a city is so broke it has to go with hat in hand for hand outs from some other community.

  4. Here’s the mobile command unit (say with redneck accent):

    Dunkin' Donuts Cop-Mobile (with sprinkles)

    Officers sit around at Subway. Hang out at “fire station 183”. They need a mobile unit. There are cities with 300,000 people that don’t have mobile command units. Please tell me this is a joke, Howard, please. Can Goodyear just hire the Avondale PD?

    BTW, I spoke w/old friend at Macerich. No mall coming.

  5. The City is set for the real world!

  6. Tax revenue for Amazon and The Unit!

  7. We could also use some fire equipment.

  8. and a boat for as my friend puts it “the chases on the high seas of the estrella lakes.”

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