Repeated, Colossal, Mismangement in Goodyear, AZ. IT Fiasco Ahead?

Three days ago I sent the email attached below to Interim Deputy City Manager (IDCM) Paul Luizzi.  Easy questions, no reply. Today in the AZ Republic, it is reported that Luizzi is no longer IDCM they hired a new guy from Chicago at $126,000 plus and Luizzi is going back to the fire department.

Goodyear has also announced recently to newspapers that others like the city clerk were retiring.  But there have been no announcements about why Goodyear IT Director Kathy Fernandez was put on leave of absence in late June and then she “resigned” recently according to sources at the city. All of this while there is evidence that Goodyear’s procurement of a new $1 million dollar plus phone system is not going so well.

But before you read the email, readers should ask themselves, since this is YOUR money that mayor Georgia Lord,  GY city council, Brian Dalke and others are wasting through REPEATED, COLOSSAL, MISMANAGEMENT,  why have you as taxpayers heard nothing about this latest possible mess?  Remind you of the prison debacle?  No bad news, maybe taxpayers won’t notice.

From: howardsgoodyearblog <>
Date: Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 9:21 AM
Subject: Did You Fire GY IT Director Kathy Fernandez?

After 4 years of “Outstanding” performance reviews by Brian Dalke (who IT Director Kathy Fernandez used to work for) and a most recent March 31, 2012 “Outstanding” performance review given by you, Mr. Luizzi, to Ms. Fernandez, (performance reviews attached), on June 29th, less than 90 days after your latest “Outstanding” review of Ms. Fernandez, you put her on Administrative Leave (letter attached).

My questions are;
1. Why did you put GY IT Director Kathy Fernandez on administrative leave on June 29th after 5 years of “Outstanding” performance reviews by you and Mr. Dalke?  Have you since fired Ms. Fernandez?
2. How much does her (possible) firing have to do with the multi million dollar albatross phone system upgrade that you, Mr. Dalke, and before him Mr. Fischbach insisted had to be implemented by Goodyear at a cost of well over a million taxpayer dollars.
3. Why didn’t you notify the press of Kathy Fernandez leaving so that they could report on it just as you recently notified the press of the city clerk leaving?  Doesn’t fit your marketing plan?
4. What is going on with the telephone system?
5. Why was one of Ms. Fernandez’ 2013 goals (last page of her perf review, page 8 of the attachment) “Prepare and serve official state generated contractual Demand and Cure to current vendor“?  Are you starting all over again?  How much has been wasted so far? Should Goodyear’s taxpayers be looking forward to yet another law suit, this time from a possible vendor as a result of the city of Goodyear’s continued management failures?
6. Will you, Mr. Luizzi, or will Mr. Dalke be taking personal responsibility for improperly managing Director Fernandez over the past 5 years and as a result allowing whatever the whole IT mess is about to happen under your management watch?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Howard Brodbeck
Concerned Goodyear Citizen and

Admin Leave

Fernandez_Kathy_A_Performance Reviews_657


8 Responses

  1. Keeping the public uninformed on the private prison corporation plans for Goodyear — GEO, CCA, MTC, etc. — taxpayers hundreds of millions of $$’s?

    The profiteers in the mass industrial prison complex (part of the “Defense Budget” are destroying a once fine place to live. ALL are at risk to be future “customers” of the private prison corporation “prison beds” and their other money making schemes.

    Wake up people! Those (SB1070) who turned “undocumented” workers into criminals known as “illegal” immigrants created this category to expand the private prison corporation expansion, control and obscene profits as the expense of vulnerable, innocent men, women and children of Arizona and especially the naive newcomers, visitors and tourists.

    Which of the unemployed and young people are working in the months of extreme heat, over 105 degrees today, in your farmland? Noticed the high cost of food, which has dramatically escalated? Are your luxury homes in the West Valley selling now that they prices have been slashed in half? Time to vote out the government leeches in Arizona. Wake up people! The wild old west is NOT cute anymore.

    The Goodyear officials plans and actions are unacceptable, lining their pockets at our expense, nothing more than “carpetbaggers”.

    • Public information:

      Cell-Out Arizona

      Documents Show Arizona Officials Knew Private Prisons Weren’t Saving Money

      Documents recently obtained by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) show that the state of Arizona deliberately circumvented and ultimately repealed a state law requiring private for-profit prison corporations to demonstrate cost savings in their bids on new prison contracts.

    • I edited your comment this time.
      Too long and not on topic. Then everyone else’s comments get shoved way down. If you want to write an article email it to me and I’ll consider it, but no article writing in the comments section.
      I agree with you on some things but the food costs going up because of immigration enforcement? Nada.
      Europe harvests all their food with no illegals. So does most of the rest of the world. How do they manage?
      Have you compared the cost of a candy bar or a frozen pizza lately to the cost of sugar, cocoa, cheese, tomatoes, and flour? All those base ingredients are extremely cheap and only get cheaper year after year as farming practice becomes more sophisticated.
      It is processing, packaging and convenience where your food dollar goes.
      And we should pay a fair wage for low skill labor. Allowing illegals who fear retribution if they protest their low wage to set the market rate for McDonalds and cabbage pickers is what is obscene, not enforcing the law.

      • Howard, The comment on the prison debacle was mentioned in your article. That is why I considered it was on topic, since our taxpayer $$’s are being wasted as well as the Arizona Department of Corrections (rec’d over ONE BILLION $$’s of state budget) received increased millions while education was slashed. Building prisons and Detention Centers for immigrants, while they have been leaving the state in large percentages since 2005? Unnecessary, except for the prison profiteers — the “business” model for Arizona. Perryville Prison is in Goodyear and should be a regular part of the discussion in a “prison” town .. salaries, inflated executive pay and pensions…. while no repairs are medical needs are being met. Inmates are dying unnecessarily. Hiding in Goodyear raises serious concerns.

        “But before you read the email, readers should ask themselves, since this is YOUR money that mayor Georgia Lord, GY city council, Brian Dalke and others are wasting through REPEATED, COLOSSAL, MISMANAGEMENT, why have you as taxpayers heard nothing about this latest possible mess? Remind you of the prison debacle? “

  2. I assume the real Howard and readers know what is happening? This is Finance Corruption 400, final credits before jail.

  3. PS: Where is the unaccounted for, missing, stolen, $6,000,000 from the 2005-2009 Meritage Homes deal. No money is reflected in any records, but documentation remains of the signed agreement. Never did get a City of Goodyear response as promised. Don’t mention the $1.00/home sale nonsense in 2011. That money is also missing.

  4. Oh, Kathy dear (sarcasm)… what goes around comes around. Brian is once again the head cheese having his guys do his dirty work (Luizzi)… you must have pissed him off real bad. Silently the IT department will be seeing many new faces (my prediction) The last time they (we) were under and “Internal Investigation” Kathy was our savior who cleaned up the place… and don’t think that Luizzi going back to fire isn’t related to this – he was her boss on June 29th. So… who is doing the “investigation”? IT has access to everything and someone may have opened an email of Brian’s (oh no!!) that he didn’t want anyone to see. It MAY be related to the phone system but I doubt it, notice the whole department was mentioned as being investigated in the letter… should be interesting.

    Genesis 3

  5. … And we all had outstanding performance reviews before we were hunted, hounded and bullied. It’s called mobbing.

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