Georgia and Brian Think You Can’t Add and Subtract

On July 27 I sent the email attached below to Goodyear City Manager Brian Dalke.

Here is how Brian, Georgia, and the rest of the liars in Goodyear city hall have characterized their $12 million dollar purchase of a building that their own appraiser told them was only worth $8 million.  2012 July Aug Infocus0001  A two page spread in Goodyear’s taxpayer funded political magazine, Infocus as well as Georgia just gushing about it in her pathetic monthly political advertizement column.  Georgia’s calling it an “investment”.  Telling you that she is “delivering” for you. What a bunch of BS.

Does she think you can’t add and subtract?

Now they want you to believe that they are going to “save tax dollars” and “generate revenues”. More BS.  They could rent the building for $12 per sq ft through a lease extension and save themselves over the $15 to $16 plus per sq ft that they’re over-paying now. (Yeah, I know, she doesn’t write any of this, her $80,000 per year assistant does but she lets them put her photo on it).

They tell you it won’t cost you a penny, but they forget to mention the $ 4 million in cash they are spending that they don’t count as part of the expense.  Then they tell you the building is fairly valued at $12 million “due to renewed demand” for commercial property in Goodyear.  These are the same people who were giving away your tax dollars only a few months ago in order to attract new commercial businesses to the area.

Why did Goodyear even bother to hire an appraiser for $3,500 if they weren’t going to take his opinion? Don’t they think their own appraiser would take current market conditions into account?  In fact he did.  He told them that Goodyear was paying too much on their current lease for this building and he called it “bonus rent” that they were paying their landlord, the same guy who they now want to over pay to purchase the building they’re in.   Maybe Goodyear’s appraiser realized that the same building is advertized for $10 – $12 per sq ft and has been partially vacant since at least 2006.

email to Brian Dalke

From: howardsgoodyearblog
Date: Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 9:40 AM
Subject: Why is Goodyear Paying Nearly 50% More Than Their Appraiser Valued a Building For?
Cc: Jim Painter ,,,

Brian Dalke
City Manager
City of Goodyear, AZ

Dear Mr. Dalke;
As City Manager of Goodyear, Arizona, I believe you have a responsibility to speak truthfully to the citizens and taxpayers of our city. You have not done so in your most recent comments in Goodyear’s InFocus city magazine.

I take exception to several incorrect and misleading statements that have been made to the public in your most recent InFocus magazine article on GY’s improper purchase of the Venita business park where Goodyear has agreed to pay close to 50% more than Goodyear’s own appraiser told the city in writing that this property was worth.

1. You say that, “this purchase costs the City the same as our annual lease payment today”. But this is not true. When you make that claim, you only compare the cost of a $10 million bank loan to the current lease costs and you neglect to account for nearly $4 million of city cash that will be used to fund this purchase. When one takes money out of one’s savings account to pay for something, that does not mean that the money was not spent just because it was not borrowed does it?

2. The article goes further to say that the city paid well over their own appraiser’s estimate of the value of the building due to the fact that there is “limited” similar space in GY. If that is so, then why did your own appraiser’s report call Goodyear’s current lease payments to Cornwell, “bonus payments” in his report since Goodyear is paying well over the current market for such property? And even more telling, if similar space is so scarce in Goodyear, then why is it that this same building is advertized on line and elsewhere for only $10-$12 per sq ft, and they are unable to rent it even at those fire sale prices?

3. And to further refute your claim that the “numbers support” the purchase, if you were not aware of, you should have been aware of the fact that a portion of the additional overpayment of rent by Goodyear under the current lease which you use as part of the justification for your overpayment for the building is your payment of nearly $200,000 for covered parking spaces in this building’s parking lot.

4. These facts make your statement at the end of the article that, “the numbers support the purchase” and that “tax dollars (that) will be saved” patently false.

I would like you to explain to me how you can come to your erroneous conclusions and then foist them on an unknowing public while maintaining your commitment to serve the public?

I have attached links below to articles which include excerpts from your own appraiser’s report which support my position and which demonstrate the improper and what I believe may be criminal culpability that Goodyear has demonstrated through this obvious misuse of the public’s funds.

Howard Brodbeck
Concerned Goodyear Citizen
Owner howardsgoodyearblog


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    Estrella Pkwy. Higher build-out than COG industrial flex space. Sold for $250,000 – $300.000 ($9.5 – $10.00 psf) Apr 2011. Office Building, 25,000 SF, Goodyear, AZ. Built 2008. Currently vacant since 2008. Last major office bldg sale in Goodyear/SW valley.

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