Nobody Reads My Blog

On July 17 I posted this article. Marketing, Social Media, and GY City Council Photo Galleries on howardsgoodyearblog.

In this article, you will read that I just happened to mention that the $450 per second Goodyear marketing video link no longer worked on Goodyear’s web site probably because (as I predicted) it would have a short half life due to Fischbach and others appearing therein.

Well, guess what. Four business days later the following Monday, July 23 at 3:37 pm the video was most recently modified, and now it’s up and running again.
Seems nobody in city hall reads my blog. Do you think?

And in the new video version, Joe P and Fischbach are out of the video, and now Dalke and Joanne are in. Wonder how much that cost?

Hey, Joe, did you know they took you out of the video?


One Response

  1. Are you kidding? Your blog is a must read for the council members, Mr Dalke and Mr. Luizzi just to name a few. Then they send their goons out to attack you on azcentral.

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