Goodyear PD Chief Gives Former Female Colleague 57% Pay Increase to Come Join Him in GY to Help GY Cops, “Better Present Themselves”

According to Goodyear’s Infocus magazine and information gathered by howardsgoodyearblog from city personnel files, Goodyear’s new police chief, Jerry Geier, has hired a former female colleague of his from the Yuma PD to work as a lieutenant in the Goodyear PD.  Geier awarded former Yuma police sergeant Kimberly Celaya a 42% salary increase to come to Goodyear and then gave her an additional 10% increase with a pay grade increase after only 20 days on the job for a total salary increase of 57% in less than 30 days.

According to her GY personnel file, Yuma police sergeant Kimberly Celaya was making $56,094 dollars per year in Yuma until June 1, 2012, where she had been a police sergeant for just over two years. But she was hired as a lieutenant in Goodyear at $79,821 dollars per year on June 10, 2012, and on July 1, 2012 she was given a salary adjustment and pay grade change to $88,107 dollars per year.  Here is a link to parts of Celaya’s Goodyear personnel file which documents her meteoric income rise. (Celaya Pers File0001)

Celaya was featured in Goodyear’s most recent Infocus magazine (the bi-monthly political advertizement of the city of Goodyear).  Here’s a link to the article.  In that article, Celaya’s new police lieutenant responsibilities in Goodyear were described as;

(Celaya will) “build a new hiring and recruitment unit that will help officers identify opportunities for advancement and connect with potential new officers through community appearances and events.”

From this description, her primary function appears to be helping the 80 or so actual on the street Goodyear police officers figure out how to get promotions and show them how to find new recruits by attending more city events and making better “appearances”.  Celaya is quoted in the article saying that one of her primary responsibilities is to help Goodyear PD officers, “better present themselves”.

Are you getting this Goodyear taxpayers?  Is this a real job or just a good way to bring a former well liked colleague to the Goodyear high pay feed trough? Imagine in this economy getting a total 57% salary increase in less than 30 days?

But before we make a rash judgement on the facts thus far presented, let’s give Chief Geier and his pal Kimberly the benefit of the doubt and look a little more closely at the circumstances surrounding this event. Is this just coincidence, or does thirty something, divorced mother of several kids Ms., (now Lt. Kimberly) Celaya have some special qualifications that make her so attractive and invaluable to chief Geier?

Let’s check.

The Infocus article calls Ms. Celaya a “career police patrol officer” but her personnel file does not exactly reflect that.  In her 20 year career since starting out in the army she has worked as a police officer for a little over 10 years. She has bounced around from job to job during that time sometimes in police work, sometimes not.  She did four years in the army in North Carolina from ’92 to ’99.  She has no college degree, a few courses at AZ W. College in Yuma, some army training, and one might assume a high school graduate but nowhere in her Goodyear personnel file resume does she claim she graduated from high school. After the army she got a job for two years in Fayetteville, NC as a police officer.  She says she left the job in Fayetteville to relocate due to getting divorced.

Celaya worked 5 1/2 years in Yuma PD, remaining a police officer, until she left the police force to be a realtor.  Apparently that didn’t work out for her because two years later in 2007 she got herself rehired in Yuma once again as an officer while she says she continued to work part time in real estate.

Until this point in her 15 year work career, there is no evidence that Celaya had ever received a promotion. That changed in September of 2009, 6 months after Jerry Geier arrived in Yuma as police chief when she was promoted to sergeant in Yuma (supervising 7 employees) and according to the Goodyear Infocus article, doing the same kind of work for which Goodyear just hired her for then Yuma chief Geier.  That is, helping police officers, “better present themselves” and “identify opportunities for advancement”.

The only other interesting information yielded from her personnel file is that for some reason, Celaya says she is exempt from US Income Tax deductions. It is also noted in the file on a separate page (in large letters) that the GY PD did her background check, not GY HR, and that she says she heard about the job, “from the city web site”.  When asked, an official in GY HR replied that based upon what is in the file, she could not determine if Ms. Celaya had graduated from high school.

Based upon this information, taxpayers have to decide for themselves whether or not Celaya is qualified to take home nearly $90,000 per year of your tax dollars teaching police officers how to look better.  One thing appears certain, however. Ms Celaya appears to be a pro at looking pretty good to Goodyear police chief Jerry Geier.

All of this is going on in a bankrupt desert town which has borrowed so much money that they have lost “bonding capacity” and could only continue to borrow to buy an overpriced building to office their almost daily growth of city staff by getting a mortgage loan at a bank.

Another example of the fine job Georgia Lord and the rest of the seven dwarfs on city council are doing looking out for your hard earned tax dollars.


37 Responses

  1. To bad your investigation didn’t turn up a picture of officer Celaya in a swim suit, that would shine some light on the motivation for the hire, or reinforce the confusion.

  2. None of this makes any sense and one could only logically conclude that the chief sees something in Kimberly that is not visible to the rest of us. A bit of investigative reporting in Yuma would probably be very revealing. Information is power and there are folks in Yuma who would probably love to weigh in on this.

  3. Oh Howard!! You are so thorough in your writings!! So… this has NEVER happened before. Kathy Fernandez moved over a few from Scottsdale when she moved in as well, although I don’t believe the motive was sexual as this suggests… I wonder, how many times Geier has used his government vehicle to return to Yuma for “business” related matters. Or used his city cell phone to call her before the position “opened”. This opens quite the can of worms. I hear my position is open again in Goodyear… wonder if I could hook up with someone and come back to make that kind of money… And don’t we have a bunch of officers who may have earned the rank of Sargent? there has got to be a couple left from the Pendelton incident who haven’t been promoted yet…The beat goes on …

    • I made no reference to any sexual relationship in my article. You have drawn that conclusion on your own.

      • You are correct. That I did. I don’t know him and I don’t know her. It could be platonic for all I know. But everyone is allowed to draw their own conclusions. It could be that he just felt “sorry” for her when her ex and father of her children died just before he came to Goodyear as Chief. In any event, nothing justifies an increase like that in a broken city and to take such actions only raises suspicion in a department that already has a bad rep. He should know better…

  4. what has Goodyear hired in their chief? And to think they had to go thru over 100 applicants, to get THIS?
    there is NO room for favoritism or dishonesty in this postion.
    Great article!, this kind of thing needs to be exposed .
    Public servant ; public has the right to know.

  5. I like that part, she ‘nurtured a relationship with h r and OTHERS…”
    under Dan Wilkey her immediate supervisor, ‘ok to contact” NO
    quite a paycheck for taking a few college courses.

  6. You guys have barely scratched the surface regarding your new COP. What isn’t known is that when he allowed Ms. Celaya to promote in Yuma, he had to first bend rules that had her as inelligible to promote due to a disciplinary matter that he conveniently swept away. But even that doesn’t get to the heart of the matter. During Geier’s tenure in Yuma, all he did was promote females. Look up the history of the Deputy Chief down there. She went from Dispatcher to Deputy Chief in about 15 years with most of those promotions coming under Geier in 2 years! Additionally, his favorite female went from a very unrespected patrol Sgt to Detective Lieutenant over night. He had to later move her to Dispatch supervisor as she had no idea what she was doing but hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying. On his way out of the door, he was also kind enough to see to it that she attended the FBI National Academy – you know, where all good dispatch supervisors need to go at a cost of only about $30K or so. Oh by the way, he offered her the Goodyear job 1st. Ms. Celaya was actually choice #2. Good luck to you all. As for me, I’m simply glad the guy is gone from Yuma. We have plenty of homegrown problems without guys who had never been west of the Mississippi coming in and causing more.

    • Thank you Jayson for giving us the low down. I am sure there’s more !
      We knew there was quite a bit of dirt left in Yuma. Past behavior ditates future behavior.
      Maybe they went through over 100 applicants to find the most crooked? Who would go along with there devious ways.
      Fire them all, a town meeting is in order and clean house! thank you Howard Goodyear.

  7. Howard………. have you ran this article by the Goodyear Mayor and Council members for comment!

    • No, Lloyd I have not. If you are a Goodyear voter, that is now your assignment! Use the easy to use GY council email list on my blog and ask them. Let me know what they tell you.

  8. As suspected there was “a rest of the story” from Jayson who apparently lives in Yuma and has first hand knowledge of Geier’s past favors to his female employees. The Personnel Director and their boss both need to be fired for bring both of these excuses for cops to Goodyear. An overhaul at City Hall is overdo as the city’s money neeks going down the drain due to poor management and followup.

  9. Can Goodyear City Council and city brass get any dumber? How in the heck can this kind of crap keep happening? What kind of background check did Goodyear do on Chief Geier? My guess is that the folks in Yuma are laughing their heads off now that we are stuck with him and the super qualified copper turned realtor turned copper the outstanding Ms Celaya.

  10. I guess I should not be surprised. Our 40 something vice mayor (with no college degree) parades herself around in low cut mini skirts looking more like a leftover drama queen than serious city official. Our Mayor also with no college degree lists “former model” as her only credible work experience. Chief Geier probably took a look around and thought Ms Celaya was a great fit for the city.

  11. Interesting reading Howard. Sounds to me like you’re trying to expose impropriety where there is none. Let’s look at it a little closer, only we’ll include the important detail you left out.

    First, it is commonplace for a newly hired Police Chief or newly elected Sheriff to bring in their own senior staff. Chiefs are commony hired as “change agents” for a reason, and bringing in or promoting trusted staff is part of that change. It is commonly understood and agreed upon by City Administrative and HR staff that that is going to happen. If I understand Goodyear, the police department was quite a mess when Geier got hired, and radical change was called for.

    Secondly, you make quite a bit of hay over the salary of Lt. Celaya. Any person wandering across this site who has a minimun amount of curiosity and internet skills can go to Goodyear’s own website and find that the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM salary for a Police Lieutenant in Goodyear is $79,820.83. That’s actually lower average for the State of Arizona. If you factor in that Lt. Celaya not only has 10 years of experience in policing, but additional experience and training as Yuma Police Department’s hiring and retention person. (Off her personnel file that you posted). So, she’s already trained, and can walk right in and sit down at the desk and start working, something no one at Goodyear was capable of, since the job didn’t exist before Geier got there. Since it also not uncommon for most employers to provide a salary boost from the minimun for experience, the additional $9000 a year isn’t out of line. The top of the range for a Police Lieutenant in Goodyear is in excess of $112,000.00, so hiring her below mid range is not out of the realm of acceptable.

    And lastly, I haven’t a clue who “jayson” may or may not be, but he sounds to me like someone that maybe got spurned or maybe a woman got promoted instead of him and he’s got an axe to grind. He certainly doesn’t have the insight he’s leading you all to believe. For one thing, the FBI academy, which he claims to cost “$30K or so” is actually free to local, county and state governments. The entire cost, lodging, food, training/education and supplies, is borne by the FBI. All it costs the local government is the travel to get you there. So, while he may throw that out there to make one believe local taxpayers got a $30K screwing, that’s actually not the case.

    • I’m still waiting for the “important detail” you claim I left out. What would that detail be since you seem to have forgotten to mention it?
      The only impropriety that I mention in my article is what you try to defend in your second paragraph when you speak to the money. The impropriety is exactly a 57% salary increase in this economy from a city with $300 million dollars of debt. Sounds like you are ok with the chief spending 50% or more to add or replace whatever officers he needs to.
      In that case, you are endorsing his incompetence when it comes to managing a city department which, by the way, has a BUDGET.
      And that budget is made up of taxpayer’s money which he and especially the city council of Goodyear, are not doing a very good job of managing for its taxpayers.

      If that is the best he can do to get good help, we need someone else who can do a lot better.

      As Paul Ryan said last night, “we don’t have the money, what is so difficult to understand about that?”.

      • FACTFINDER, or should we call you , “apple shining for the COP”
        seems to me Jayson has inside information, and glad to be rid of the new to Goodyear COP.
        The part about FBI training, (whether you know the facts or not) is not about the cost but sending a DISPATCHER for training.
        Im sure there are enough others who dodge bullets that would benefit more from this training.
        The job didnt even exist before he got here(goodyear) So he actually MADE UP a postion to get her up here. So this is not a person taking an open postion but spending additional almost 100k , for retention! Maybe if you divide the money up among the patrol men/woman with perks you would n’t have a problem with retention.
        But Kimberly is going to “help them identify avenues for advancement”, like they cant see? females going to the top of the pay scale from parading around at public events trying to recruit new recruits?
        Not uncommon to bring in their own. I hope not. One is hired to come in , in a NON biased position.
        Impropriety, yea …I sure see it. who dictated the letter for fact finder to put the flames out, like its all in our heads. ?
        Im sure factfinder will get a big raise this year as well. this big circus all at the taxpayers expense.

    • FF, I may not live in Yuma full time any longer and I may not work at the police department. I do however have several close friends that work there. I wasn’t spurned and I wouldn’t care if he had promoted women that were deserving. The problem was he did not. He promoted women who had little actual policing experience and who would not question him about anything, with the latter being the true deciding factor. I didn’t say he didn’t also promote undeserving men. He absolutely did. In fact, I can think of 1 in particular that he promoted against the advice of senior staff and that individual was fired a short time later.

      In any case, given the demographics of the department, he promoted women at a disproportionate rate. You don’t have to take my word for it. Look around the place. There aren’t but about 18 or so female officers at YPD – about 10% of the total. Despite that, they account for 100% of the Deputy Chief positions, 100% of PIO positions, 33% of Lieutenant positions, 30% of Detective positions, 20% of Motor Officer positions, 33% of K-9 positions, etc. Imagine if you had a department that was staffed with 90% black officers and yet white officers occupied supervisory positions and specialty assignments at the same rate? The FBI would be taking the place over. Geier comes in and does the exact same thing but does it with females and everyone thinks its ok. Its not. It is favoritism to a particular group over another and it is every bit as discriminatory as any other favorititism.

      As to the FBI academy, as ICANADD pointed out, there is nothing free about about it. The citizens of Yuma easilly paid $30K for her to be there with salary, travel, per diem, etc. It isn’t free and it was clearly a perk he gave to her for writing policies that the current Chief had better sense than to implement. Mind you, this trip was above and beyond the other trips he arranged for her to take. Say what you want, the guy was bad news for Yuma and he’ll be bad news for Goodyear.

      You only have to look at what he’s done with Celaya to know that I’m right. He took an on again off again cop, promoted her to Sgt, but gave her no staff. I know her application says she had 7 subordinates but that is misleading at best. She technically supervised a few volunteers and a polygraph examiner but she knew nothing about the polygraph examiner’s job. The volunteers are seldom present and when they are they are supervised by field staff, not admin staff. As to the others she claims as subordinates, they were newly hired officers who, for the most part were in the academy and she shuffled their paperwork at best. She was never, not even for a day, a working police Sgt in any traditional sense. Geier then takes her to GY and makes her a Lieutenant while providing her a signficant increase in salary. Again, say what you will but I think Howard and other tax payers in GY have every right to be angered. It is bad business and Geier should be held accountable for it, as should the City Manager who authorized him to do it. Finally, God forbid something actually happens that she has to direct as a police commander. It will be a disaster and we both know it.

      • Talk about misleading. Lets change those percentages into straight numbers to give folks a better picture at YPD. Of the three canine officers, one is a woman. Of the six motor officers, one is a woman. Of the 21 detectives, 5 are woman. There is one Deputy Chief, she is a woman (hence the 100%). Etc, etc. And Geier did not place all of those women in their positions. Give me a break. I like how Jayson and Rob are trying to call everyone out but not volunteering their own identities. I think you’ve been drinkin too much Jack Daniel.

  12. Howard I am all for citizens not only keeping informed and active in their local government. Discussing issues and concerns over budget items helps educate everyone and keep the government transparent. I can understand some of your concerns, and Factfinder seems to have addressed many of them.

    What I do have a problem with is the sexist tone of your article and some of the replies. Why did you feel the need to point out that she is a “thirties something, divorced mother of several kids?” Is there something wrong with any one of those? If she was a divorced single dad, she would be applauded. And although you deny making insinuations of some scandal, you certainly did, a couple of places. It may be subtle, but its there, which is why your readers picked up on it. Such as what “special qualifications make her so attractive or invaluable” or “a pro at looking pretty good to the police chief.” We aren’t dumb and neither are you. I could have respected your article much more without it. If Celaya was a man, there likely would be no hint at some scandal, maybe the “buddy system” at most. Likewise, I didn’t like that Jayson’s comments took the same tone. There are PLENTY of men who are unqualified, undereducated, or otherwise unfit for a position but yet they get the job. No one claims they got their job by looking good or sleeping their way to the top.

    Lastly, I do happen to know that several men were promoted by Geier in Yuma. So Jayson is either misinformed or purposely lying.

    Keep up the watchful eye on your government, but please stick to the issues, such as budget, qualifications, etc.

    • Finder addresses nothing. Just puts up his opinion, he adds no new information to the discussion except that he thinks since the min for a lieutenant is some amount you can’t hire someone who was a sergeant for less than that. But that’s government for you, forget about what the market is, it’s not your money anyway and you can just raise taxes if you need more and wrap yourself in “public safety” as the excuse for your mismanagement.
      We don’t have the money for 57% raises.
      We don’t have the money to pay $12 mil for an $8 mil building.
      And we don’t have the money to drain $35 million out of the General Fund since 2008.

    • I don’t believe it is sexist in this case to accurately describe the person who was given a 57% salary increase to do (as fact-finder was kind enough to point out for us) the exact same work in a larger police force (Yuma) as a sergeant.
      I think readers need all the information about this travesty as they can get so that they can decide for themselves what is going on. It certainly makes no sense on it’s face to me.
      And if Georgia Lord hired a 30 something former marketing assistant from a larger town to do the exact same work for a HUGE salary increase (like nearly $80,000) I’d …..
      Oops, she already did it. Guess I’ll have to submit a records request for Georgia’s new assistant’s personnel file.
      So many GY screw-ups and so little time.

  13. Factfinder – nothing is free. I’ll let you do the math. You have an employee who you pay roughly $80/yr to. On top of that salary, you have an additional 30%+ in employer costs (these include matching pension contributions, Social Security, health insurance, etc.). That $80K/yr employee is now at least a $104K/yr employee. As a perk, you send them to the east coast for “training” for 12 weeks. Their salary alone is costing you almost $25K for that period. Add to that travel costs each way, per diem for 12 weeks and I’m thinking $30K is a pretty fair estimate. Call if free all you want but it ain’t!

  14. “…he adds no new information to the discussion except that he thinks since the min for a lieutenant is some amount you can’t hire someone who was a sergeant for less than that.”

    That pretty much explains why you couldn’t get the detail or the point of my post. Your reading comprehension and grasp of the English language appear to be substandard. I’m baffled as to the meaning of that statement.

    And by the way, the City of Goodyear didn’t give anyone a “57% raise”. She never worked there before so any salary you are paying her is not a raise. You’re just twisting the idea around so less educated people will think Goodyear is handing out giant raises to coddled employees. Not the case and you know it. She was recruited, employed, and offered a salary commensurate with her experience and abilities. And I’m willing to bet that the Goodyear Police Department is nowhwere near fully staffed, so they’re nowhere near their budget for salaries and EREs. If they were, Geier would need council approal to exceed his budget to hire her.

    And I’ve read this blog several times, and Celaya’s personnel file and I’m at a loss to see where she thinks “she’s exempt from paying federal income tax” as you stated. Please point that out to me. If you’re taking that meaning from the “FLSA EXEMPT” line, then that’s just another example of your lack of comprehension and understanding. That refers to her exemption from the Fair Labor Standards Act provision for overtime compensation as a salaried employee.

    • Name calling already ffinder? A sure sign you have run out of valid arguments. I’m going to leave your name calling rant this time so all my readers can see your true one sided colors in this debate.
      And as to you not finding her tax exempt status which you think means I must be stupid, Ms Celaya’s personnel file was 34 pages long. I included only about six pages and primarily those which establish the financial travesty which taxpayers have subjected to in this case.
      I chose not to include the pages which detail where and how she wants her paycheck distributed as that did not seem appropriate nor necessary to the story line with one exception. That exception being that she wrote in the word EXEMPT on the “Federal Withholding” line of that form.

    • And as to your “detail” comment, you clearly state that there is some “detail” that I have left out and then without adding any facts to the discussion you offer three paragraphs of your opinions of why you think it is ok for GY to pay exorbitant salaries which are clearly above market rates compared to similar work being done elsewhere in the state (thanks for pointing out that Celaya was doing the exact same work in a LARGER police force as a SERGEANT in Yuma).
      Bring my readers some new, convincing information which support your opinions not your one sided name calling rants that have little basis in real world fact.
      My readers have a little bit better reading comprehension than you give them credit for.
      But keep trying ffinder. Your name calling rants are cheap entertainment to my readers and perhaps their amusement with you only adds to readership.

  15. There is no “opinion” in any of my posts. The simple fact (not opinion) of the hiring of Celaya is that is not out of the norm in ANY progressive police agency in this country. It is common, ordinary conduct but you just disagree with it and are taking issue with it. And by flying it out here for all to see, you are inviting others who have no knowledge of the workings of public sector hiring and employment to take issue with it also. Geier did nothing bizarre, unseemly or scandalous. While you deny that was your intent, it appears most here went away with that thought. As for the previous statement that Geier sent “a dispatcher” to the FBI Academy, that is certainly an “opinion”, yet you called no one out on that. The person that attended is a sworn commander filling a position of leadership within the department. Not a dispatcher. His statement that she was a “very unrespected patrol sergeant” is blatant “opinion” yet you called no one out on that one. I challenge you to point out any moderate sized police agency in Arizona or anywhere in this country that doesn’t have a sworn commander (lieutenant or above) in charge of their Communications Center. The FBI Academy is nothing more than a school of leadership.

    As for the exemption from taxes, I stand corrected if it is as you claim. However, if you’re going to make comment based on something from her personnel file, then not post it for all to see, one can only draw the conclusion you either missed something or you’re making it up as you go along.

    I never called anyone a name, you took that inferrence from my statement.

    • “The norm’, “common practice”, “not uncommon”. I have news for you FF, those are ALL opinions. Yours.
      So I guess you have lots of “knowledge of the workings of public sector hiring”? Why don’t you tell us all who you really are so we can judge that for ourselves instead of hiding like a coward behind a pseudonym name, “Factfinder”.

    • factfinder or is it “PERSON SENT TO DOWNPLAY THE REAL ISSUES”
      what is YOUR position??
      and what are you getting out of defending the COP?
      You scratch my back Ill scratch yours = you stick up for me, and ill reward you with a pay raise

    • Factfinder…How many Command Staff did Geier take to Yuma from his previous law enforcement job? Just wondering how “normal” it is.

  16. Supervised “7” employees in Yuma? Who, she was the only one in her unit besides the Polygraph man? And the application has some problems with spelling, and has her as a Serg. two years longer than she was. Minor mistakes that don’t look so good on an application for a high ranking job.
    And the factfinder uses the same verbiage as the Chief there. Wonder who that could be?

  17. Let me tell you something…Look at how many blue and whites are on the street in Yuma. Lowest ever in the last 20 yrs. Care to guess why??? Because Geier somehow managed to create sworn officer jobs, then fill these jobs with his “yes men…or women” to be more precise. All the time while the city has been in a budget crunch…no other department has had an increase in their budgets, but Geier felt the need to put a badge in charge of communications; a badge in charge of records; invent the position of Deputy Chief; invent the position of Corporal; add 2 Lt. positions. Yes, he had a budget like every other department, but at what cost did he find the money to makeup these positions with the increase salary/wage increases??? pecifically, the Water Sewer is crippling with so much extra work but they couldn’t afford to hire during the city-wide freeze. And don’t get me started on the personnel he has put in these positions…Celaya was just the tip of the iceberg. God rest her ex’s soul…should’ve heard the comment in passing as to why she left him. Real stand-up, classy lady. Anyway, the new Yuma COP has truckloads of experience in all aspects of policing, and while I have hopes of turning the place around, it’s been almost a year with no changes. And HY…”Change Agents?” That’s straight out of Geier’s mouth, so I would assume that maybe LC is indeed FactFinder.

  18. Rob, he actually added 3 Lt positions and a Capt., not to mention almost 1/2 dozen Sgts. As you noted, he decimated the patrol division to do so, taking those positions and many others to staff his pet projects. He also left the agency in financial dire straights when GY came calling. Part of the reason you have seen no changes since he left is because of the dysfunctionality of Yuma’s Council/Mayor/Manager. They were so busy fighting with themselves that they didn’t notice the mess Geier had made of the PD and even if they had noticed, they weren’t about to bring any attention to it and admit that they brought in someone that they shouldn’t have. (Government incompetence is not exclusive to GY.) I’d bet that the new Chief was simply given the nod to slowly and quietly put the agency back on track. A tall order given the mess Geier had made of it! As to LC being FactFinder, I don’t know. I’m more inclined to think its a close friend of hers that is a regular poster on the local newspaper site in Yuma. I’d be inclined to wager that he’s a current civilian supervisory employee at the PD and a retired Sgt. You know, the one Geier created a civilian job for so he could retire and stay.

    • Good ole JS…big talker, no action. Perfect profile of what Geier looked for…no business in any type of leadership role just kinda like a bulldog…anyway, getting off point and slamming everybody isn’t my intention, but it’s so rampant, that it is very difficult not to get caught up.

  19. Jerry was just trying to pat his resume in Yuma. As to promotions, he did some good ones and some bad ones. Jerry wanted the PD to be the premier agency but would not work with other agencies in Yuma County. It takes teamwork to get the job done. Jayson, AKA Jack Daniel, was an employee at the PD and did not like women to be in charge of the PD or him. The DC does know her stuff. Sad to say, LT L.C. does not know anything about police work other than dating within or while at the academy. The PD has a good Chief and DC now and things are going in the right direction. Jerry will soon move on to another agency because his significant other will get tired of the valley.

    • lets just hope that jerry is smart enough to leave his baggage in yuma.
      he buddied up with an ole dea buddy and made up a bunch of bull.right up to my cowboy boots kind of bull. lets see if he’s smart enough to wash his hands of that mess. should have never gotten involved. ,
      they both think their little stunt was pulled off, sorry charlie only just started.

  20. How does Goodyear justify building a new twelve position PSAP (per AZ Republic) when the current 9-1-1 call for service volume would only justify the Arizona Department Administration funding a maximum of approximately three positions.

    Big Bird

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