Wally’s First Priority? Alert Geier

If you want to really know who a person is, what their abilities are, what they really believe in, and what their priorities are, watch what they do during the first sign of trouble. I had a recent opportunity to observe just that with Goodyear city council person Wally Campbell in the past two days.

Wally’s Revelation
Since Wally lives in Pebble Creek, she can access the Pebble Creek electronic “message board” where I usually post links to new stories that I write for my blog. Two days ago was no different when I posted a link to an article about new GY police chief Geier hiring a female former colleague from Geier’s last police chief job in Yuma to come join him on Goodyear’s police force doing basically the same work that she had been doing for Yuma as a sergeant for $56,000 but hiring her as a Goodyear police lieutenant for nearly $90,000.

Now, if you were a Goodyear city council person and you read that story on a conservative message board what would you do? Think about that before you read on.

Or, take the actual case here. What would you expect your taxpayer elected city council member to do first thing after finding out about something like that? (Set aside for a moment the outrageous incompetence displayed by a city council member in a small town who perhaps does not even know about a hiring travesty like this).

Here are a few of my suggestions for what one of the first emails that a council person looking out for my interests as a taxpayer might draft would look like;

  1. email to city manager Brain Dalke; “What on earth is going on here? Is this correct? Why would we hire someone for a 57% increase to do the exact same work?”
  2. email to police chief Jerry Geier; “You had better have an exceptionally good explanation for this if even half of what is reported here is true!”
  3. email to mayor Georgia Lord; “Can you believe this? This is the guy who was supposed to clean up our police department. Did you know about this Georgia? And if you didn’t know about it why didn’t our new city manager who is supposed to be on the same page as us tell us about this?”

What Wally Did
But none of that is what Goodyear council person Wally Campbell did. Nope. Instead, Goodyear council person Wally Campbell, apparently within minutes of becoming aware of my article on chief Geier’s outrageous hiring practices, sent Chief Geier an email to alert him to the situation. What did she write to express her outrage at such a thing? She didn’t write anything! It was just a “heads up”. You better know about and watch out for this curve ball coming down the pike at you, chief.

Goodyear taxpayers need no further evidence than this to see just how tight Goodyear city council is with the public safety interests in Goodyear when a city council person’s first reaction to this kind of situation is to send a heads up to the person who instigated a questionable practice.

Wait A Minute. How does howardsgoodyearblog know all of this?
How do I know all of this? Because here is the email that Wally (tried to) send to Geier;

Wally’s alert email to Geier. Wally alert email to Geier

And how did I get this email from Wally? SHE MISTAKENLY SENT IT TO ME!

Best I can figure, Wally was so flustered after reading this that she pushed the wrong buttons on her smart-phone, and instead of sending an email to jgeier.goodyearaz.gov as she intended (you see she typed the email address in the body of the email rather than the addressee line) she hit reply and bingo! She replied to me with chief Geier’s email address in the body of the email.

I guess that’s why they call them smart-phones.

Georgia Lord did the same thing when I exposed her directing her public relations firm checking signatures to try to disqualify other mayoral candidates in the last election. This is one of the reasons that many states require older persons to take frequent driver’s tests as they age, because of their sometimes inappropriate reactions in times of crisis. Add to this the fact that Georgia and Wally probably aren’t very good to start with on how to operate most of the features of their city provided technology like the ipads/laptops they awarded themselves last year.

What Will Wally Say?
Wally will tell you… oh, who knows what Wally will tell you to explain an alert email with NO comment whatsoever within minutes to chief Geier. Obviously the first thing she thought to do. I’m sure she’ll come up with something really creative like the last time when she said she did not meet with the GEO prison lobbyist in a local sandwich shop, nor did she know anything about the whole prison debacle, even though she was having lunch at the time in the same restaurant with the Goodyear employee who had brought the whole deal to the city and encouraged them to do it AND THE GEO LOBBYIST JUST HAPPENED TO BE THERE TOO! Wally Prison Article

By the way, I’ve sent two separate emails to Wally asking her what she was doing and why she sent me this, and my duly elected city council public official Wally Campbell has not found time in her busy schedule to respond to my questions. But she sure had time to immediately respond to her comrade in arms chief Geier.

I’d love to hear your explanation for this gaffe, Wally (well, maybe not). But I would probably believe you no more than I did when I told you that I did not believe your story about not knowing anything about the prison.


7 Responses

  1. It is very sad that PebbleCreekers keep voting these fools in.

    • That’s name calling, GW, even if their behavior does sometimes resemble that of a bunch of old fools.
      If you’re so smart, why don’t YOU run for council. Or even mayor!

      • I never said I was “smart” but it does not take a rocket scientest to figure out there is something wrong in this case and Goodyear in general especially as a loyal reader to your blog. Sorry for calling them fools but if the shoes fits they’ve got to wear them as they say.

  2. Heads up Howard 🙂

  3. One Word…. B U S T E D

  4. You can bet your bottom dollar Brian was aware… they don’t just give out those kinds of raises without jumping through hoops… AND, as the “acting” city manager, doesn’t Brian have PD under him as their deputy? Last time he was “acting”, he had IT, finance, HR and PD under him… I do believe it’s the same this time. All of the “critical” departments to a serpent.
    Genesis 3…

  5. The local goverance level of incompetence is nearing that of our federal leadership, perhaps we need a house-cleaning in Goodyear City Hall after we finish the job at the White House!

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