Council Person’s Reply; “The Dog Ate My Homework” *

Council Person’s Reply (CPR)

I told you to expect some nonsense “creative” excuse from Goodyear council person Wally Campbell to my inference that she panicked and mistakenly sent an email to me which was intended to alert Goodyear police chief Geier about a blog I wrote, didn’t I?

Well, sometimes I’m wrong. Wally’s reply? A not very creative;

“Hi Howard, Just saw this email from you — I apologize the complete message did not come through. I sent the email to you and to Chief Geier to ask you to meet with him and discuss your concerns.”

In other words, “the dog ate my homework, I really did write a nice responsive email to you, (one of my valued constituents) but for some reason, the complete message didn’t come through. You know these nasty computers, they screw up all the time, they never do exactly what you tell them to do, they just have a complete mind of their own”.

And one more thing, she says she sent the email to “ask you to meet with (Geier) to discuss your concerns”. But is the invitation still open? Did she include any of the imaginary email she says she sent me where she was trying to be so responsive? Here we are at the beginning of a new week and no further correspondence. I guess she thinks I’m some kind of mind reader who knows what it is that she wrote in that nice responsive email she sent that “didn’t come through” and I am now fully apprised of her intent and can go ahead and act on it? And of course even if she did write the imaginary response to which she refers, council person Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell is not going to do anything about my concerns. Why should I expect a Goodyear city council person to act on looking into a documented 57% pay raise for a new $90,000 dollar per year position created to help GY police, “better present themselves”? I can just call the chief myself and see what he says, eh?

Of course I should always expect a complete and thorough reply like the imaginary one that Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell says she sent me from anyone in the city of Goodyear Arizona. Why only this week, here is the reply I got from some low level city HR person to my voice mail request for information about how many applicants there were for Celaya’s new job. As usual, “submit a records request” has been the reply to me ever since Georgia became mayor. Submit a records request dirt bag

9:12 AM
And when did our dauntless, conscientious council person finally get around to sending her explanatory email to me? At exactly 9:12 am on Aug 31, or exactly 49 minutes after I posted my second article on the Celaya hiring topic, “Wally’s First Priority” an article accusing our fine council person of notifying Geier first before even thinking of doing anything else, and over TWO DAYS after her email gaffe and two separate emails from me asking her what her email with Geier’s email address in the body of the email but sent to me was all about. Here is the entire email string. Wally email string Geier Celaya

Goodyear Taxpayers be Damned
Yep, Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell really cares a lot about what you and I think of her actions to not only write a weak excuse like that but to assume that the public will swallow it. She sure must have a high opinion about all of our reading comprehension skills and what conclusions we might all draw from such a lame response.

But on the other hand, why should she care? Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell and the rest of the seven dwarfs on Goodyear city council feel completely insulated and untouchable from their taxpayer constituents. They are secure in the fact that through their connections with city employees, police and fire union pacs from all over the state, and special interest groups like developers and corporations who they’ve doled out tax breaks to, they will get re-elected and the average Goodyear taxpayer be damned.

By today GEOrgia and her handlers have probably told Wally ‘my dog ate my homework’ Campbell to just shut up and stop talking to that annoying goodyearblogger.

*special cudos to a friend who came up with this story line summary after I showed him Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell’s email reply to me. Friend, you hit the nail right on the head and I’m still laughing my butt off!


9 Responses

  1. Surely Wally’s smart phone that the taxpayers are probably paying for is smart enough to resend the message that she alledgedlly sent??

    And you are right they do feel powerful. The prevailing Goodyear opinion throughout the city was that they were owed enough favors that they could get an outspoken (but lovable) former candidate arrested (Mr. Matlin) on trumped up charges that cost him a fortunate in fees to fight.

    They’ve also got a stable full of supporters willing to do their dirty work and post extremely ugly, nasty, personal comments about potential candidates and their families all over AZcentral and on your blog as well as evidenced by the vicious comments in the last election cycle.

    In fact a few cronies continue the name calling and candidate bashing two years after the election as if to “warn” any former or future candidates what is in store for them.

    Goodyear started out to be a great city but now it just reeks of cronyism and unfortunately most of the stench appears to originate behind the gates of PebbleCreek.

    • Stop holding back GW, why don’t you just tell us how you really feel?
      I have a little more faith in the Creekers. They’re not dumb, they would not be living in PC successfully retired if they were. I think GEOrgia et al may be underestimating their willingness to continue to blindly follow her and go for another PC candidate if we can find a good conservative PCer to run.

      • One thing I admire about you Howard is that your blog sticks to the issues but in doing so that puts you under attack by their supporters on AZcentral. And the interesting thing is they never attack you on the “issues” it is always personal. Name calling–insinuating that you have a shady employment background, etc. You have a strong character to continue to expose this stuff in the face of the vicious insults you are treated to elsewhere. Keep up the good work Goodyear needs you. Maybe one of these days some of this stuff you expose will stick. Sometimes it feels like we live in Quartsize.

        • GW, why worry about what 4 or 5 kooks hiding behind fake names who can’t spell or write a grammatically correct sentence make up out of whole cloth on a web site blog (AZcentral) with readership of 15 to 20 on a good day?

  2. YES I agree keep up the good work , we sure appreciate your efforts.
    I am certainly glad someone has the time to research and keep them honest.
    I hope you find it rewarding as well. No place fro crooks in office that is one thing for sure . ! Expose them. for what they are.

  3. Call Geier. Turn on your recorder. Let him know you are recording him. Count the seconds til he hangs up. Let us know how it goes K?

    • I’m not calling Geier or anyone else. I have appropriately informed my elected city officials and I know at least one of them is aware of it although she’s not really doing anything about it.

  4. I thought Wally was a nice person with limited experience. She would at least have a heart and care for Goodyear residents. I was fooled.

    Never pet a dog when feeding it. However, Goodyear’s due date is near. Now arrest the dog on theft, grand larceny, terrorist activities, exposing itself in public and dui. Bad doggy.

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