Goodyear Mayor and Council Campaigns Begin

Goodyear’s city council election that will not take place until March of next year is already underway!

Here is Wally ‘the dog ate my homework’ Campbell sitting outside a Pebble Creek voting place last week.   She’s collecting signatures for her planned run for re-election to Goodyear city council.  Is she sitting at least 75 feet from the polling place as required by law?  You decide.

Four Running So Far
Last week I contacted the new city clerk, Maureen Scott, MPA, CMC (whatever all those initials mean) to ask her if anyone had filed so far. She says that GEOrgia, Pizzillo, Wally ‘TDAMH’ Campbell, and Sharolyn Hohman, current SWValley Chamber Pres and CEO have filed to run.  I asked Ms. Scott why the filing papers those four had to file are not yet available on the city web site as of Tuesday morning, Sept 11. Turns out GEOrgia, Pizzillo, and Wally TDAMH Campbell have been filed for almost a month.  Hohman going on three weeks.

Oops, Ms. Scott put them up there yesterday.  What a coincidence.  GY Web Filing Info

GEOrgia filed her papers same day as Joe Pizzillo, 8/10.  Wally 8/14, and Hohman 8/24.  Is Gelzer not running?  Is Hohman Gary’s replacement on the dwarf ‘team’?  Hohman is garnering free advertizing by still writing articles in the AZ Republic as SWValley Chamber Pres but failed to mention to readers that she is now a political candidate.  That doesn’t seem quite right now does it?  Sort of a half truth?  Looks like she should fit in just fine with the other dwarfs.

You can already see the city of Goodyear is in campaign mode, promoting their favorite benefactors GEOgia and the rest of the current dwarfs.  The latest city of Goodyear InFocus magazine (the taxpayer paid for political advertizing publication) ran a first page advertisement for GEOrgia Lord.  In a 15 sentence, perhaps 400 word article which was disguised as an informational piece about Luke AFB getting the F-35, (which we all already know), Infocus magazine devoted 8 of 15 sentences and most of the 400 or so words to GEOrgia or directly quoted her.  Two more sentences mentioned ‘city officials’ for a grand total of nearly 70% of the article being about GEOgia, not Luke AFB. Infocus is All About GEOrgia

You can be assured, that this will be only the start of GEOrgia taking full credit in the coming election for bringing F-35s to Luke.

Other Election Events
On October 9 at Tuscany Falls Clubhouse in Pebble Creek, GEOrgia will be appearing at a small business love fest hosted by city of GY economic development and Sonoran Technology, one of GEOrgia’s business pals who appears in Goodyear’s $450 per minute video about the city.

Sonoran Technology is an SBA 8(a) company as they proudly announce on their web site.  What is an SBA 8(a) company?  That’s a small, minority owned, “disadvantaged” business, who gets to quote on and be awarded US government contracts on a SOLE SOURCE basis.  That means NO competition on their bids for spending your tax dollars.  What does Sonoran do?  They supply “training” to places like Luke.  It appears all they need to do to get Luke business is convince someone at Luke that they are a bunch of nice guys and that Luke wants to use them.  Bingo!  New contract. They were formed in 2007 by a couple of former Air Force vets Paul Smiley and Peter Ehrenfeld.  Here they are 5 years later still doing business as an SBA 8(a) even though the point of the 8(a) program is to help minority owned businesses, “transition out” of it.

Do you think they’re in any hurry?

And tonight, at Tuscany Falls Ballroom in Pebble Creek, GEOrgia, Wally ‘TDAMH’ Campbell, and new GY police chief Geier will be attending the PC Republican Club September meeting to “answer questions” of attendees.  Pebble Creek residents should consider attending since the PC Republican Club is an officially sanctioned PCHOA club.  So if you are a Pebble Creek resident and have been waiting for an opportunity to ask questions of at least two of the seven dwarfs on GY city council while they are not hiding behind their city council platform in the Justice Hall and telling citizen attendees that they can’t say anything and are forbidden to applaud except for issues that GEOrgia agrees with, then plan to attend, because this is your opportunity.


3 Responses

  1. r u goinng to be there asking questions, Howard? Frankly, after reading so much of the nastiness on the PCTalk group, I am actually afraid of standing up and asking questions……….but am an intense supporter of/for you. Hope to see you soon. Carole Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2012 15:45:36 +0000 To:

  2. Sonoran Technology and Paul Smiley go way back with Georgia. Back in 2008 when Joe Pizzillo was seeking help in getting himself elected (at the time I was President of the Estrella Republican Women’s Club) I volunteered to do a fundraiser in Estrella for Joe’s campaign. The guest list for invitees/donors was supplied by Georgia (not Joe) and on the list was one Paul Smiley (I kept the list btw, interesting reading).

    Fast forward to 2011 and the council forum at PebbleCreek where I was a candidate.

    After the event I was approached by Mr. Smiley and he told me that he “really liked what I had to say and wanted to support my candidacy”. Gave me his business card and asked me to come see him at his office. I remember driving home telling my husband “Mr. Smiley will have to retract that offer of support when Georgia hears about it”.

    Sure enough per Mr Smiley’s request I did attempt to contact him but suddenly he was unavailable to meet with me and his unavailability lasted the rest of the campaign, lol. Somebody gave him his marching orders, lol (possibly PC resident Ken Going) because at the time Kenny was doing his best to backball my reputation around town (if you know Kenny you know what he is capable of just ask Joan Schield). You see I was to be punished because as Kenny put it “your car was seen at Mayor Cavenaugh’s house and you are supporting Sean Rassas over Georgia and you will be ruined in this town”.

    Amazing how “dirty” politics really are and unfortunately the average citizen has no idea what goes on behind the scenes (if they did they would NEVER run, lol).

    Paul Smiley seems like a nice fellow but he is certainly in Georgia’s hip pocket and one would suspect you could find his name listed as a prominent donor on her campaign reports.

  3. Mr. Gelzer most likely understands that his chances of getting elected by the people are slim and none. If he had been interested in getting elected the honorable way he would have run last time. Instead he allowed his political contributions to the council members to speak for him and when they got the chance to pay him back with an appointment they did.

    Ms Hohman’s arrival on scene has obviously been orchestrated by the group to be Mr. Gelzer’s replacement especially considering the timing of her filing. Quite honestly her position as SW Valley Chamber president seems like a huge conflict of interest. ‘

    As a chamber member I always wondered why events are held behind the gates of Pebbles as those of us who live elsewhere in the city don’t really appreciate having to stop at the gate and check in and then dodge retirees riding around in their golf carts just to attend a chamber event. That is why a lot of folks outside Pebbles stay away from the White Tanks Rotary.

    Ms Hohman has been briefed I am sure by the current council members who’s motto is “you win PebbleCreek, you win the election” so I am sure we will be seeing more chamber events in Pebbles between now and March.

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