GEOrgia Blows a Gasket

I attended the PC Republican Club meeting last night in order to get a chance to finally ask questions of Goodyear mayor GEOrgia Lord.

Boy did she get upset. She would not really answer the questions I was asking, she accused me and others who were asking her pointed questions at the table of being her “enemies” and I came away with the sad impression that GEOrgia really does not know the answers to any of the questions that I was asking except to repeat what she had apparently been given in a three ring binder with what looked like prepared notes on various topics. I read my questions from a prepared list that I have attached below. I only got to ask about five of them. I had over thirty.

I thought the evening was going quite well when GEOrgia agreed to call me in the near future and have her staff answer my questions some other time. That would be a good thing for me since city employees have been unwilling to speak with me since GEOrgia became mayor and they just tell me to submit a records request. Once GEOrgia agreed to meet later I left her table.

The worst part was yet to come, however. Later in the evening, perhaps an hour or more since I had asked my last question of GEOrgia, as I was leaving the building and almost to my car, I heard called out across the Pebble Creek parking lot from behind me something to the effect, “Howard you are a nasty person and you do not tell the truth”. It was so outrageous that I turned around thinking it would be someone that I knew just making a joke. It wasn’t. It was Georgia Lord yelling across the Pebble Creek parking lot at me.

What happened next still amazes me. After I stopped and looked to see that it was GEOrgia, I said in disbelief, “is that Georgia Lord?” She said yes it was, and then GEOrgia, her husband Ron, and Wally Campbell all approached me from the curb where they were standing as GEOrgia continued to berate me, my blog, and my integrity in a loud voice. When she arrived where I was standing she continued to lash out at me, pointing her finger at me as she spoke and telling me that I did not know anything. I told her that she did not know the facts and I told her that I had tried to speak with her about the city misleading residents about the city’s finances as far back as the Citizens Budget Committee when at that time she told me, “I have seen and heard enough and I don’t need to hear anything more”. Even her husband got involved saying that if I don’t like living in Goodyear then I should move away, he didn’t like me, and wished that I would move away.

As I walked away, GEOrgia continued to hurl insults at me and told me to go ahead and print them all in my blog.

Wally Campbell witnessed this entire deplorable episode and to her credit did not join in, saying nothing the entire time.

I am still shocked at the Lords’ behavior. I would have never expected a public official to come after a resident, no matter how much they disagree, as GEOrgia Lord came after me last night. I can understand her frustration at being embarrassed by not being able to speak to the questions I asked but politicians should expect tough questions and should expect people to disagree with them. GEOrgia went over the edge.

They weren’t very difficult questions that I asked. I asked her why is it if the budget has been balanced, then where did $35 million dollars go that have reduced the General Fund beginning balance from $55 million in 2008 to $20 million in the most recent budget?

I asked her about the appropriateness of raising utility rates and then taking $3 million dollars per year from the utility funds to fund the general fund while telling people that the city was spending within its means?

I asked her why did the city spend over $12 million dollars on a building that their own appraiser said was only worth $9 million and it was only worth that much because the city of Goodyear was paying too high rent for it.

Goodyear should expect more from a mayor than someone who tries to shout down and intimidate people who she disagrees with.

PS. I also met the new police chief, Geier. He seems like a reasonable, intelligent person and he answered my one question about resources professionally and with some facts, stating that he thought Goodyear’s ratio of police to citizens and area covered was within country-wide norms and that he had adequate resources.

Questions for Candidates and elected officials


18 Responses

  1. Wish l could have attended. Thanks for the report, sounds like you’re upsetting the Mayor.

  2. In all honesty, I don’t know the Mayor’s political leanings…but I think I’m safe to assume I do now.

    “In Lieu of Well-Reasoned Arguments, the Left Relies on Intimidation”

  3. I am embarrassed for her, as I would think she must realize today that she did not represent herself well.

    • Howard, Thank you for your courage to speak truth to power. We need more people like you. It’s time to get this dictator out of office. She must be following the arpaio / brewer example. Certainly, terrible role models for professional behavior. The people do not matter to them.

  4. Howard, Thank you for your courage to speak truth to power. We need more people like you. It’s time to get this dictator out of office. She must be following the arpaio / brewer example. Certainly, terrible role models for professional behavior. The people do not matter to them.

  5. Clint Eastwood said it so profoundly. “This is our government and politicians often forget that they work for us, we the people When they act in the best interest of “we the people” then they can keep their job. When they don’t we can fire them by voting them out!” I was sitting at the same table as Howard and witnessed Georgia’s display of irrational behavior and unprovoked screaming towards Howard, myself and my husband. The acting out of irrational behavior continuing out into the parking lot is way over the top! We need to make some changes ie; a new mayor and council members so that any citizen or group of citizen’s can feel free to ask questions without intimidation or reprisal.

    Thank you Howard for all that you do to keep us informed and in tune to what is happening in Goodyear! You do a great job!

  6. Howard:
    What is a GASGET? I assume you mean Gasket.
    Your spelling and grammatical mistakes degrade the quality of your blog posts. Derogatory names like Dwarfs, GEO, The Dog Ate My Homework are disrespectful and add nothing to your point and it does alienate many of your readers. It was obvious your and Joan’s attendance at last night’s meeting was a planned “Gotcha” assault on Georgia. She tried to answer your questions and as is your methodology, you refused to accept her answers. Joan Schield’s assertion that Georgia is overpaid was extremely insulting.
    You have published over 400 blogs critical of the City or the City Council. You have hailed the comming Bankruptcy of Goodyear.
    It’s time you give us a date the city will file or quit talking about it.

    • You are correct, sir. I have very little respect for public officials who are out there spending out tax money and have no idea what they are doing.
      Turn up your hearing aid, Bob. Joan never said she was overpaid. Joan was asking question one, Staffing Levels on my list about why GEOrgia needs an $80,000 assistant since she is a part time mayor making $23,000.
      It may also have been difficult for you to understand Joan’s question because GEOrgia kept belligerently interrupting any questioners who she labeled, “enemies” at the start of the proceedings before they could finish asking their questions. GEOrgia’s paranoia about people who do not agree with her was evident in the preconceptions she demonstrated about what the intent and purpose of the questions that normal, hardworking taxpayers who happen to disagree with her were there to ask.
      If GEOrgia doesn’t like meeting the public on their terms she should not be mayor.
      As to refusing to accept her answers, here are the actual questions I asked and a few of the factual corrections I made for GEOrgia when a few times she actually attempted to answer the questions instead of dodge and spin them;
      1. When asked about GY unemployment by a California couple at the table, GEOrgia said GY unemployment was 5 percent. I said it was more like 9.5. Then she appeared to check her notes and admitted it was at least 8.5.
      2. GEOrgia said the building cost GY no money. I told her that was also false since they used $4 mil in city cash to purchase and improve the building that they have failed to account for in that statement.
      3. GEOrgia asked, “why would a bank lend us the money if it was a bad deal?” So I explained to her that the bank loaned only $10 mil for a building which after improvements will have nearly $16 mil invested (again she’s not accounting for the city’s $4 mil in cash). Of course they would lend $10 mil on a secured property with improvements that appraised at $8 mil and will have $6 mil in improvements planned.
      4. Then GEOrgia checked her notes and read back to the group nearly verbatim what I had just told her about the total investment in the property.
      5. I asked her if she thought it was “appropriate” for the city to raise utility rates by nearly 25% over the past few years and then turn around and year after year transfer around $3 million dollars per year from the utility funds to the general fund in order to keep spending money in the general fund. To that she replied that, “those monies are in a separate fund”. To which I said, “yes they are and every year those excess funds are being transferred to the General Fund”.
      6. I asked her what happened to the general fund balance dropping from $55 mil to $20 mil and all she would say is that those questions have already been answered which happens to be an untrue statement.
      7. In reply to that, she said that I was twisting the numbers and that what I was saying was not true to which I answered that those are actual balances directly from GY’s budget book. (they are all documented on my blog) I think that may have been when she agreed to call me soon to go over all this, and that is when I left the table.

      I do not consider any of those to be “gotcha” questions for a mayor.

      GEOrgia, the mayor of a city of 65,000 does not know the employment rate, she does not know how much was spent on a building project, she does not realize that the city is spending excess utility funds after increasing utility rates, she cannot explain where $35 mil went, in fact, she does not even realize that it is gone, and she does not understand why a bank would lend money for a 30% overpriced building when the new owner has put up 60% of the funds to purchase and improve it.

      There is nothing gotcha about that. That is simply GEOrgia’s complete incompetence on display.

      As for the dwarfs, I use that to remind that our city council is made up of financial mental midgets who are spending our tax dollars with little idea about how and where the money is going.
      I use GEOrgia to refer to our mayor in order to remind voters her dismal record on the prison fiasco which was of GEOrgia’s own making.
      And Gasget instead of Gasket? Yep, you got me there, Bob. Congratulations. I wrote that blog last night when I returned home after being nearly accosted in the parking lot by an angry mob of white haired gang members and I wasn’t at the top of my spelling game, I guess.
      I have published 266 articles on my blog, not 400. You can count them if you like.
      And I will keep on publishing articles until GY voters wake up and turn out the dwarfs.

      • Howard: Nice to see I got under your skin. How many FOIA’s have you requested?
        You have predicted Gloom and Doom for Goodyear for over 3 years now.
        Like Henny Penny, the Sky never falls. You compared Goodyear to Stocton, CA, Give us a date or drop it!
        I say you and Joan planned the “Gottcha” attack and your plan was successful.
        The continuing Crowing like a little rooster though is unbecomming and unprofessional.

        • Is that all you are about Bob? Getting under people’s skin? That is where your satisfaction resides?
          You want to get under people’s skin and Georgia thinks it productive in some way to yell and scream insults at others in a parking lot.
          Both of you near 80 years on this earth and still you act like a child.

        • The PR people work hard to gloss over Arizona’s reality which is spiraling into an ever deepening hole. The glitz and gloss is hard to cover the Governor signing private prison contracts with CCA for 2,000 beds which will start in Buckeye (Verrado residents paying attention?). A state that favors incarceration over education is a state that is self-destructing. It is not investing in higher education which is needed to attract high-tech companies and build for the future. Arizona has taken the backwards into the ’30’s. This does not bode well for places like Goodyear or the West Valley where Corrections personnel will outweigh other voters like is taking place in Eloy. So I’d take a conservative approach on the city council — cut government jobs and obscene pensions the few remaining taxpayers cannot afford. Howard can do the numbers.

    • Bobbie Wells, As newcomers to prison town Goodyear, we are very disappointed to find what certainly appears to be huge conflicts of interest and where the elected officials (“public servants”) are taking “care” of themselves at the taxpayers’ expense. We applaud concerned citizens like Howard to speak truth to power. Typos are the least of the problem here. Grow up and get busy cleaning up the corruption. When I sell our worthless luxury home (the area was misrepresented to us) we’ll be out of here! People like you the elected officials are self-destructing the state.

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