“Re-Branding” Cities (with your money) Of Course GY Will. And Their New Social Media “Big Push”

I have written about, and warned you about this in a previous article. July 17th to be exact. July 17 article. In that article I told you how government today is “marketing” to you. And spending a lot of money doing it, too. I even told you that GEOrgia now has a “photo gallery” on the city web site. A 65,000 population, broke city is spending money on crap like that.

Now there is more. Re-branding. Amazing and a little bit eerie how accurate my predictions are, isn’t it?

There is a new AZRepublic article about the latest ways local city government wants to waste your money. Re-branding. Yep, it worked for Detroit (snicker, snicker) so now Litchfield Park and other local cities are spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to make themselves “look” better. AZRepublic article azrep rebranding article0001 .

Why don’t they spend the money on “being” better instead?

Why don’t they stop wasting your tax money on nonsense like “re-branding”?

Of COURSE Goodyear’s doing it too. But Goodyear will do EVEN MORE! According to the article, Goodyear has hired a communications and marketing manager, Shaun Rachau, (that is in addition to the Chief Information Officer) who is working on “a big social media push” said Rachau. I wonder how many multiple tens of thousands of dollars city manager Dalke, the dwarfs, and GEOrgia will manage to spend on this.

Of course Goodyear also already HAS*;

  • Public Art Specialist $104,000
  • Director of Info and Tech Services $158,000
  • Marketing & Bus Development Administrator $33,000
  • Webmaster $114,000
  • Economic Development Director $150,000
  • Intergovernmental Program Manager $114,000
  • Graphic Designer $84,500
  • Intergovernmental Grants Program Co-Ordinator $92,000
  • Economic Development Manager $147,000
  • Assistant to the City Manager $113,000
  • Assistant to the Mayor** $80,000
  • Executive Management Assistant $141,000
  • Telecommunications Supervisor $107,000
  • Assistant to the Council $96,000

Plus 12 other “Administrative Assistants” with an average cost to taxpayers of $63,000 per year EACH, plus all those new hires I reported on earlier this week.

No wonder GEOrgia thinks that the unemployment rate in Goodyear is only 5%. I can’t wait to start receiving her “tweets” and messages on the new GY Facebook page. How about you? Isn’t it exciting and so…. what is the right word? Progressive!

I got this photo of our mayor from her new “photo gallery” on the GY web site. One of nearly 30 available of GEOrgia on the website along with dozens of other photo “albums” highlighting each council member (each with their own album) and lots of other campaign ready shots of them cutting ribbons and kissing babies. Good thing GY has a “webmaster” and “graphic designer” so GEOrgia and the dwarfs don’t have to pay for one.

*You can check my math if you like. Here is a list of all city positions and what they were paid from Jan to April 2012 in salary and benefits. GY Positions and Salaries April 20120001 Salary plus benefits estimates are based upon 1/1/2012 to 4/14/2012 (104 days) pay by position title payments as provided by the city of Goodyear multiplied by 3.5 (365/104 = 3.5).

** GEOrgia’s $80,000 Assistant


4 Responses

  1. Maybe the new Police Lieutenant can help the city better present itself when she is not busy helping the police better present themselves.

  2. I love the way they’ve matched the pink background on the photo of GEOrgia to her attractive red colored top.
    Matches her blue hair too.

  3. Howard.. great idea? We have a ton of very talented people living in Goodyear young and old. Why don’t you suggest on your blog that these talented people get their creative juices flowing working for our city. Have our citizens design a new logo and a new slogan! What a hoot! Just a thought!

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