And Now a Message From…The Lone Ranger!

I don’t know who Clayton Moore is… but he’s GREAT!

Bobbie Watts (an undying GEOrgia supporter and the same guy who has taken me to task for asking four SIMPLE questions of GEOrgia the other night) just can’t come to grips with the fact that GY city council has raised our primary property tax rate by 17.7% in order to continue to fund general fund spending, more employees, and higher salaries in the city. Mr. Watts keeps adding comments to my blog of several days ago saying over and over again that it just ain’t so.

I had to publish Clayton Moore’s reply of today below. You’ll love it. And Mr. Moore, won’t you PLEASE run for city council? P L E A S E?

Clayton Moore commented on GY’s 17.7% Property Tax Rate Hike (and All the New Hires!)

My dear uneducated Mr. Watts. An increased rate multiplied by a reduced assessment is not a SUM, but rather a PRODUCT. And the fact that it results in a ZERO is exactly the point. You can play with rates and assessments all your silly undernourished mind pleases. The point is that all of Goodyear, and the rest of the Country, should be paying less taxes, not more or the same amount for a devalued property. There should be no formula that increases or maintains revenue when the taxpayer income and property value have both decreased. That would be a tax increase by simple definition.

So what you are trying to defend is indeed a tax increase. If property value decreases and the tax dollar amount does not decrease proportionately, the result is a tax increase. That is wholly unfair to the unrepresented taxpayers of Goodyear or any other City.

Your unfounded loyalty to an incompetent and malfeasant city administration is adorable but ill-advised. Pay more attention to what they are doing for their own political advancement rather than their sworn duty to represent the taxpayers and be responsible stewards of their treasury.

No Mr. Watts, you are wrong! Just as volts x amps = WATTS, tax rate increase x assessment decrease = tax increase.

Now go plug yourself in.


6 Responses

  1. And it couldn’t have been said any clearer… plus… I love the puns!

  2. Clay Moore:
    Howard is baiting you and, sadly you are swallowing it. Read my post and then go find a Special Education Teacher to explain to you the definition of a ”Zero Sum Game”.
    Howard doesn’t say Goodyear raised taxes; he says they raised the rates. In reality, Howard, received a$4.88 reduction in Goodyear taxes. This is because Secondary and Special tax rates remained the same resulting in lower taxes in these categories. The Secondary and Special tax reductions offset the primary increase, thus keeping taxes at or near the same as 2011. (Zero Sum Game).
    The City Council Election is next March. I’ve got my Candidates. Get off your tail and go find yours.
    Boot Hill:
    Here lies Clay Moore
    Took down by a 44;
    No Clay, No Moore

    • Wow, Bob, aren’t you clever? You know how to go to the Maricopa County Tax Assessor’s web site and look up other people’s (like mine) property tax.
      And then, based upon some kind of calculation that perhaps only you know how to do, you claim that I “saved” a whopping $4.88 in property tax. (“Saving” taxes is how liberals describe it when the government does not “take” as much money from you as last year for whatever reason).
      Only problem is, Bob, that on the paper tax bill I received in the mail from the Maricopa County Treasurer, under the title”Total For City of Goodyear” it shows that my year over year tax bill from the city of Goodyear was up by 3%.
      Last time I looked, Bob, I paid the taxes on my house based upon that paper bill, not you. But keep trying, your slobbering love affair with GY’s incumbents is very entertaining to my readers.

  3. I said “Reduction” not Saved. My property taxes increased 8% not because of Goodyear, but School Taxes. We will have more education taxes on the Nov ballot which will cost us even more next year.

    A couple years ago you promised to take on Litchfield Elementary and Agua Fria. Now is the time.

  4. Bobbie, Bobbie, Bobbie! You must begin to think out of the box. Or are you purposely ignoring the point in a feeble attempt to stick daggers into Howard’s Blog. Howard provides a valuable service to the citizens of Goodyear to keep them aware of the covert ineptitude and covert malfeasance of a self serving city council. You, my ripened old friend, are no more than spewing baboonery with no forethought whatsoever.

    Your insistence on ignoring the point of the so called “zero sum game” speaks volumes. However, the definition of a “zero sum game” from one resource is,

    “A game in which the sum of the winnings by all the players is zero. In a zero-sum game, a gain by one player must be matched by a loss by another player. Poker is a zero-sum game if the house does not take a cut as a charge for playing”.

    Well my haggard old pal, this is not poker. This is not a game. This is people lives. Hard working and struggling people that are being ignored by those elected to represent them and care for their treasury. People who are trying desperately to feed their families with less and our council decided they want more, adding insult to our citizens already strained finances. If home value decreases, taxes should decrease proportionately. But the Goodyear council felt they could not deal with decreased revenue due primarily to their addiction to spending so they devised a formula with which decreasing values result in increased revenue. What wonderful public servants they are!

    And what will they do with the added burden they have placed on the tax payers of Goodyear? What has the sitting Goodyear City Council done for the citizens of Goodyear since they took their oath? Well, they have enriched the lives of the unions they depend on for their election and they have enriched the lives of the public service employees they use for their own gain. But what have they done for the people from whom they have taken additional moneys at gunpoint?

    So Bobbie, can you share with us one thing accomplished by the sitting city council that has benefitted the citizens of Goodyear in the past two years? Now to get with it. Life is passing you by quickly and you didn’t even realize your taxes have been raised in a time of economic chaos. I guess you’ll vote for Obama as well. Our city council will, for sure!

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