Letter to the AZ Republic Editor

I’m certain they won’t print this but I sent it anyway.
Dear Editor:
What more can we expect from your far left, Obama slobbering, liberal pages, AZ Republic/Gannett, than today’s front page, “analysis” where AP reporter Brian Murphy describes the Muslim Brotherhood, in headline and article as, “pragmatic reformers”. This is the same group whose credo states, “Jihad is our way”, and whose principles include Sharia law, and whose default leader, the current president of Egypt is a, “truther” who claims 9/11 was a set up by the US government.
Pragmatic reformers? Are you kidding me? How far will far left journalists like your organization go to ignore that what we witness today is nothing more than the result of Obama’s failed apologetic policies and lack of leadership in the Middle East leading to the meltdown of US global security that is happening on his watch.
Pragmatic reformers, eh? Your newspaper disgusts me.
Howard Brodbeck


5 Responses

  1. Good. When they increased the price last month, we cancelled it. I needed an excuse because my wife likes to read, but it is too liberal for both of us. Still get the WSJ. Rich

  2. So where do you all get the local news if you cancel your AZ Republic — the only large city paper? We find them having been too conservative with writers like Rob Robb who dominates the conservative scene in the print media and their local TV round-table discussions.

  3. Arizona needs some fresh voices that represent the next generation and bring the state into the 21st century.

  4. I can only say I am glad to see so few comments on a clearly racist rant

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