Another GY Assistant Hired @ $61,000

Goodyear has hired again. This time an assistant to city council for $61,000 per year.
They are just thumbing their noses at taxpayers, folks.

And what are this new assistant’s qualifications? 2008 ASU grad in “interdisciplinary studies” and worked mostly for free (intern) for McCain campaign and “attending community events”.

And what will this new assistant do?
“Provide support and represent council at meetings”.

Sounds to me like someone who knows someone who knows McCain got some wet behind the ears kid a $61,000 per year job in GY.*

This stuff is not going to change in GY unless and until four people get off their butts and run for city council. I’ve done my job pointing out the mismanagement and over spending. Where are the rest of you?

*you can ask John McCain about that by sending him a link to this blog article.  Here is where you ask McCain questions; McCain email link.


One Response

  1. I have been in the room where the Mayor likes to brag to the crowd that she and her husband are personal friends with McCain due to the fighter pilot connection or something like that. Four years out of college and the guy is making $61,000. Bet there are many 40 -50 somethings with families to feed and living paycheck to paycheck who may feel the city is overpaying this kid.

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