Glendale Part Two; Goodyear Employees Are the Biggest Losers in City Council Overspending

Dear Readers. If you know a current or former city of Goodyear employee, please send them a link to this article and ask them to read it.

Taxpayers should be appalled at recent admissions by the city of Goodyear that it has overspent revenues to its General Fund since the recession started in 2008 by over $35 million dollars and that in that same time period it has skimmed over $3 million per year from utility funds into the General Fund to continue the unfettered spending.  But it is Goodyear’s employees who should feel betrayed by a city management and city council who have been repeatedly warned by this blogger over the past two years* that GY’s continued high spending and refusal to cut costs will eventually come home to roost at the feet of their employees.

Let’s recap what Joe Pacello, GY’s former police union president and Steve Gilman, GY’s fire union president have accomplished for their members.

  1. They supported Lord, Lauritano, Stipp, and Campbell in the last elections. That got them four people on city council who have little  idea about where, how much, or for what Goodyear is spending it’s money. They just do what big spending city manager Brian Dalke tells them to do. That includes taking on more debt for a building, draining the General Fund balance on capital projects and Wally STILL wants to build a library.
  2. They got their members a MEASLY $1 million dollar salary increase during a four year period but council didn’t cut any of the high paid non-essential jobs detailed in the following link.  GY High Paid Jobs List
  3. During that same time, Goodyear overspent its General Fund by over $35 million dollars, MOSTLY on capital projects according to recent emails from Goodyear.
  4. Goodyear has given away millions of dollars in corporate welfare to big foreign companies like SAS, Suntech, Saint Gobin.
  5. Goodyear continues to give away money to developers like those selling property to Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  6. The corporate welfare to Macerich for the “soon to be opened” mall continues. Why didn’t they get Tanger Factory Outlets to come here instead of Glendale?  The site was already prepared.
  7. Just this year, Goodyear has hired over $600,000 in new hire non-essential staff.  The salaries for these high paid suits and more and more “assistants” are unbelievable. New Hires
  8. And who have the incumbents just signed up as a replacement to run for Gary Gelzer’s seat on city council in the next election? Why Sherolyn Homan, President of the SW Valley Chamber of Commerce. I wonder how she will vote on more corporate welfare programs that reduce valuable city tax revenues?

Does that look like they are looking out for essential services like public safety and public works or are they looking out for their developer and corporate contributors?  Compared to all the other money they’ve spent and OVER spent, your $1 million dollar salary increase looks like they just threw you a bone to get your vote.  Your union bosses weren’t more prepared with that kind of info when they made their demands?  All they had to do was read my blog and they’d have had all the ammunition they’d need to make their case.

Under the current city council’s “leadership” the city of Goodyear;

  • spends more on interest payments on their debt each year than on police and fire
  • recently took out a $10 million dollar bank loan (because they cannot bond any longer) and paid a local developer $12 million for a building that their own appraiser said was only worth $8 million
  • raised the primary property tax rate by over 17% this year
  • lost it’s bonding ability due to its high debt
  • Finance Department has presented slides to city council showing future dates when they cannot forecast where the money will come from to pay its current commitments

I’ve included the emails of a few people I think city of Goodyear employees (and anyone else too!) should contact and BEG them to run again for GY mayor and city council. You trashed them all last time so I’m not sure if they are even willing to run. If you had supported them and they won, Goodyear employees would be in much better shape today than they are now.

SEAN RASSAS. Or better yet, if you are a Goodyear police or fire member, stop by Sean’s new coffee place at the corner of Camelback and Litchfield, buy a coffee and bagel, and BEG him and his wife to allow him to run for mayor. Sean is financially capable, does more in a day than most people do in a month, runs mulitple successful businesses and flys fighter jets in his spare time. You remember Sean, don’t you GY police and fire? He’s the guy you boycotted a few years ago and you should have elected him.

Wendy Freeman. Another small business person and fiscal conservative. I’m not sure she will even run since she and her family have been abused so much through rumor and innuendo on local blogs by bullies hiding behind fake names. Wendy would make a great city council person and she is a big public safety supporter.

Gary Gibbs. Gary might not be the easiest person to get along with but he has significant private industry experience, he has a comprehensive understanding of the issues, and he says what he thinks. He would not be afraid to challenge anything that Brian Dalke brings to a city council meeting. Another good city council candidate.

If you convince those three to run you still need to come up with a fourth (or four others). There are seven council seats, six plus the mayor. NOTHING will change and put Goodyear on better financial footing and promote job security for Goodyear’s essential services like public safety and public works unless a majority of four new fiscal conservatives run and defeat the incumbents.

Goodyear employees, ignore this advice at your own financial peril.  Deadline to register to run for city council is mid December. Only 75 days left to better secure your future.
In one of the last of the Citizen’s Budget Committee (CBC) meetings that I participated in, I faced the audience to make my comments because my message was for Goodyear’s employees at the time (GY employees made up most of the audience at all CBC meetings). What I told them was that I was sure that they did not like my message, but that they would realize one day that the immediate fiscal conservation that I was promoting at that time was in their best interests and that the do nothing approach their city management and city council wanted to continue would come back to haunt them. And what did I reference in repeated CBC meetings? Cut CAPITAL PROJECTS.


7 Responses

  1. Howard…. how about you being the fourth person? In any position Mayor or Council!

  2. Al, you’re way behind the times, man. Things change. You’re referencing stuff that is years old.
    Surely you are not supporting all those suits and assistants that they’ve hired are you?
    NO ONE is against good public safety and essential services. NO ONE. Certainly you know that. Lord et al are not even against that, but their fiscal mismanagement is putting it in peril. That’s all I’m saying.
    Things have gotten so out of hand with their spending, when you look at what is now happening in Glendale, those of us with relatives who have been in police and fire fear that GY’s poor fiscal management is going to eventually end up affecting essential services.
    True, I don’t want to spend a dime more than we have to, but hiring suits, spending $35 mil we don’t have on capital projects, and buying buildings in GY’s condition is flat out wrong.

  3. It sounds like management by stupidity, and you can’t fix STUPID! The only option that really works is replacement or job termination. Keep up the good work Howard!!

  4. Al,

    I don’t know who you are by your fake screen name but my guess is you are either a current council member, married to one or the sibling or parent of one. It would be nice if you would just “man or woman up” and have the guts to go by your real name. So easy to hide behind a fake screen name isn’t it?

    Let’s get one thing straight. I never “joined in with the former Mayor to ask for cuts in both police and fire”. You are flat out lying. I was not even a member of the budget committee who recommended changes to the city budget that included public safety cuts. I did as a private citizen speak publicly at a city council meeting against the boycott that the fire and police unions instigated against two local business. Since then I have spoken with the police union president and we had an amicable discussion about it and I believe all of us have put the issue of the boycott to bed.

    To say that I am not pro public safety is something you know nothing about and confirms my suspicion that you are just a shill for the present council or like I said one of them. Once again you are lying when you state that I am not pro public safety, but then again it is easy to lie when using a fake name.

    By the way I spent many years working in the law enforcement field and was at one time also a dispatcher for the fire department. I am the block captain for the Neighborhood Watch Program and a former member of the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department Posse Program. If I was a little younger I would have taken up Sheriff Joe on his offer and applied to be a deputy. So as I said up “man up or woman up” and give me a call directly at 623.326.6741 and tell me how I am not pro public safety. I’d love to meet you in person Al to discuss that.

    Like I said Al give me a call and lets meet so you can tell me how I am not supportive of public safety and if you aren’t man enough for that then just shut the heck up.

  5. Not exactly.
    I have sent an email requesting your name, phone number and address in order to allow you to continue posting but not only is your name fake, but the email addresses you give are fakes too.
    Why won’t you write under your own name or at least reveal it to me? Someone as self righteous as you should want others to know who it is that is so smart.

  6. And now you’re writing as rflack@gmail.
    I sent an email there too and it came back.
    In answer to your question, in fact I DO know who all of them are.

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