Pebble Creek’s “Rodent” Problem

“Flying Rats”. That’s what a neighbor of mine calls them. They are EVERYWHERE in Pebble Creek. Want to see what your roof will look like if you allow them to congregate and nest?  Here is what a neighbor of mine found when he went up to inspect his roof;

He had to have someone come in and clean out all the seams between his roof and enclose places where they were nesting.  Their poop washes down your roof and will eventually clog up or corrode away the flashing between roof seams.  Then you’ve got a leak.  Not to mention the health issues of this much bird excrement seeping into your house.

If these were rats the city and county health departments would be all over it.  But here we are in Pebble Creek with two city council members and the mayor living here, (Lord, Wally Campbell, Gary Gelzer) and nothing is done to fix the problem.

How’s that working for you Pebble Creek voters?  Are you all just waiting to have your roofs start leaking?

Where are they coming from?
Why are there no natural predators?
What are they eating out here in the desert that allows them to continue to breed in these numbers?
I HOPE no one is feeding any of them!

But no one seems to have any answers to any of these questions.


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  1. Thanks Howard for putting this problem out there for all to see and think about. When I bought my house here in PebbleCreek, it cost $500 to get rid of the pigeon poop that had accumulated and several tiles had to be replaced. I might add that I think the Rabbits are becoming as big a problem and I fear that either the pigeons or the rabbits may cause some health concerns in the future if we don’t do something about them.

    • We had our house roof wired so the flying rats could not land. And, so far this has worked in so far as the rats just congegate somewhere else. Diane DeCarlo

  2. I am going to start calling you “The Sky Is Falling Howard” as there is nothing that the city can do that is correct for you. You moan and groan about this, that and the other, and now it seems you want the city to spend the money that you claim it does not have to come over and get rid of the pigeons for you and your neighbors. Perhaps the city could provided a bird of prey, such as a falcon, tied to every roof. And, while the city is doing that, they could get a chimmny sweep to clean everyones roof tiles. Would that make you feel better? Get real, just like many other people with bird problems, get a pigeon abatement company; or maybe Alfred Hitchcock to come and fix all of your flying rodent problems. Also, I’m sure you can find answers to your bird questions in a website like Ask.Com. But, you know that. So demanding answers from our mean city is just another one of your ongoing moanings. Perhaps you could take up golf or maybe try pickle ball. Who knows, you might forget the birds.

    • Nice comment, Karl.
      Nope, I don’t have any pigeon problems because I pigeon proofed my house myself.
      But you have to admit, if this were anything else someone would be looking into the ’causes’. That is what I’m looking for and a homeowner by himself can’t do that.
      I suppose we could just do nothing and get over run with them. Then guys like you would be up in arms over your home values plummeting due to the pigeon scourge.
      Or maybe we should just wait until someone with health issues gets sick from it. I suppose you think that’d be great too, eh?

  3. Certainly an issue if not addressed soon could get beyond remedy. These flying rats are carriers of all kinds of infections and it takes a cart to carry off all the poop they generate. I would think this problem is not unique to Pebble Creek and should be a city-wide issue.

  4. Wiring or netting a home in Pebble Creek just moves the birds to the next house…..analogous to using a leaf blower to move the leaves onto your neighbor’s property. Furthermore, treating one house at a time is grossly inefficient – would you do the same thing for mosquitos?

    An alternative the community may want to consider is contraception for the birds. Pigeons breed rapidly, but have a short life span. Therefore, interrupt their breeding and watch the population decline through attrition. Perfectly safe, OvoControl has been used by a wide range of different communities and businesses to drive down the pigeon population. See for details.

    • Thank you Eric. I will be writing a follow up article. Can you provide local contact info for Ovo so I can include it?

      • There are a number of pest control operations in the Phoenix area that could manage a larger OvoControl program for the community. For starters, I suggest that you contact Denny Moore at Four Peaks Pest Control (480-907-6534). If the community is serious about resolving the pigeon problem we can send a representative for an evaluation and technical support..

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