Debate the Debate

What did you think about the debate last night?
Who won?
Are you enjoying watching MSNBC today? I am!!

Say whatever you like as long as it is civil.
Use of anonymous names is ok, but you MUST provide real email address.
If you get out of line with nasty ness and name calling I will remove your comments and in order to comment further, I will require you send me your name, address and phone number so that I can confirm your identity.


8 Responses

  1. What more needs to be said?
    Watching Ed Schultz on MSNBC this am. The man looks like he’s going to have a stroke.

  2. Last night’s debate proves the old addage; “you can’t teach smart”.
    Mitt Romney is smart. Nobody legally makes hundreds of millions of dollars founding and running a major investment firm without being pretty smart.

  3. Ed Schultz just said that Obama “laid back” because he was afraid of being labled, “an angry black man” by the right.
    Reaching, Ed.

  4. MSNBC; Was this Obama’s plan? Is he pulling a rope a dope strategy wiith the plan to ‘get’ Romney in the following debates as well as having Biden be the attack dog.

  5. Obama acted like he was trying to tell us that he doesn’t want the job anymore. You know if MSNBC is openly giving Romney credit that he wiped the floor with Obama’s Red Flag.

  6. “Obama Came Off Worse Last Night Against Mitt Romney than He Did in His Debate Against Clint Eastwood”

  7. After the Big Bird comment all I could do was wonder which one was Bert and which one was Ernie,because Oscar was the moderator.I think they were both terrible. Please tell me how your plans are going to work please someone!

  8. Last night Obama received the verbal spanking he so well deserved and I just made my first donation to the RNC in a very long time.

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