Pebble Creek Pigeon Solution Proposal

Pigeon contraception (endorsed by the Humane Society) could be implemented in Pebble Creek and take care of our entire pigeon problem in under two years, according to the manufacturer, Ovocontrol, for the same cost of “pigeon proofing” a dozen PC homes or about $6,000. Here is a copy of Ovocontrol’s proposal to me; Ovocontrol Proposal for Pebble Creek

It requires someone (like PC HOA) to take on the project who has the ability to;

  1. Refill feeders
  2. Place feeders on two or more flat roofs (two or more of the golf/rec buildings)
  3. Represent the interests of an entire neighborhood rather than homeowners dealing with it one at a time

WHY DID THIS TAKE howardsgoodyearblog  SO LONG?
Ovocontrol has a big problem.  Apparently, this stuff works SO WELL that they have trouble getting local “pigeon proofers” who are best qualified in an area to design and implement a program to offer their stuff.

In fact, I tried to get two proposals before I wrote this blog but after numerous phone calls to “pigeon proofers” who Ovocontrol suggested, I could only get ONE (Wings and Stings) to call me back and he promised a proposal nearly two weeks ago but has not yet offered one even though I continue to leave messages for them.

Simple math.  It costs $400 to $500 plus roof repair costs to have a PC home “pigeon proofed”.  If there are 2,000 candidates in PC alone, that is a $1.0 million dollar market for pigeon proofing just ONE neighborhood.

Compare that to $6,000 to get rid of the problem.

And what if the problem is at least partly due to the pigeons roosting south of I-10 and 303 loop interchange in the abandoned race track?  I have had several people tell me that this is where they are coming from and I tried to confirm that by driving to it and observing the pigeons but the property is fenced in at too far a distance for me to see how many birds might be there.

Ovocontrol says a few feeders placed over there either by the property owner or the city of Goodyear would take care of them as well.

ve done my job, and I don’t have a pigeon problem at my house because I got rid of them myself by pigeon proofing my home myself.

But for the rest of you… here are t
he email addresses of the PC HOA and responsible PC HOA Director for you to email them and send them a copy of a link to this article so they can contact Erick at Ovocontrol (he already called them after he read my first article and they said it was a homeowner problem and they weren’t that interested).

And to get the race track cleaned up, email the same to Goodyear mayor Georgia Lord and the rest of your public servants on Goodyear city council. One would think that at least Georgia and Wally would want to solve this problem, they live here. Here are their email addresses.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the suggestion Howard. it seems expensive however for a single homeowner. Perhaps I don’t understand the program. I do think it is a good idea for the Pebblecreek HOA to check out for the whole community and perhaps pass a long the cost in our HOA Bill.

    • Pete, we finally agree on something. My point exactly. As a group we can solve the problem for a few thousand bucks. Individually, it will cost homeowners a million plus.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Great idea Howard. In my section of PebbleCreek most have of us have spent many hundreds of dollars and there are still pigeons everywhere.

  3. When you download the spreadsheet and enter what might be a more realistic number of pigeons … 20,000 (or 5 per home for 4,000 homes) would not seem out of line, the number for year 1 is $403,359 and for year 2 is $216,684 for a 2 year total of $620K. There appears to be a bug in the calculation of the number of feeders required at $190 each so I’m not even sure feeder costs are included.

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