Letter to Robson re; Pigeons

From: hdb275
Date: Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 11:43 AM
Subject: Pigeon Problem
To: jlkiek@cox.net, johnspooler@yahoo.com, george.atwell@robson.com, theresa.evans@robson.com

I would like to respectfully suggest and encourage the PC HOA to look into solving our pigeon problem here in PC before it gets even more out of hand.
Here is a link to a solution; https://howardsgoodyearblog.com/2012/10/16/pebble-creek-pigeon-solution-proposal/

For a few thousand dollars over two years, it appears that the pigeon issue could be resolved.  Compare that to hundreds of dollars being spent every week by each homeowner “pigeon proofing” their homes.  I hope the HOA feels that this would be homeowner money well spent.  If it were mosquitoes or rodents, there would be no question but that the HOA would do something about it.

As for it’s cause out here?  Many say it is the abandoned race track stand that is where they are breeding and coming from. If that is the case, then I believe the city of Goodyear has a responsibility to either force the owner of that property to deal with it, or, in the interest of public health, the city should deal with it.

Five different Robson’s contributed to Georgia Lord’s recent campaign for mayor for a total of over $2,000.  One of them should be able to call her up and tell her to do something about this before it continues to sully the name of their development as a result of stories on the TV news.

Robson Steven 3/1/11  $   410.00
Robson Linda 3/1/11  $   410.00
Robson Kimberly 3/1/11  $   410.00
Robson Mark 3/1/11  $   410.00
Robson Edward 3/1/11  $   410.00

Howard Brodbeck
PC Homeowner


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