Undisputed Facts

Our Mayor.

In Goodyear, taxes go up while services go down. The current city council increases spending and mismanages residents’ tax money. They publish council person “photo galleries” on their web site and hire $80,000 assistants for the mayor and $60,000 politically connected assistants for city council. Mayor Assistant. Council Assistant. The mayor thinks the unemployment rate is 5% when it is actually closer to 9%.  5% mayor.  This mismanagement puts essential services like police and fire and public works at risk for all residents. City Employees at risk.

At the same time, the current city council misleads residents telling them that Goodyear has been “living within our means” and passing “balanced” budgets each year.  What they say.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The following are undisputed financial facts about the city of Goodyear, most of which have been confirmed in writing by city officials and are available on this blog;
1. From 2008, until the most recent budget, Goodyear spent $35 million dollars MORE from its General Fund than it took in.  $35 mil confirmed.
2. For the past few years, Goodyear has skimmed over $3 million dollars per year of excess charges for utility services (water, waste water, sanitation) into the General Fund in order to avoid cost cutting in general operations. $3 mil confirmed
3. In 2012 alone, Goodyear added over $600,000 dollars per year in new hires, all but one of those in non-essential areas. List of New Hires.
4. Goodyear has more debt per capita than the bankrupt city of Stockton California and Goodyear has approached the state of Arizona’s constitutional limit on debt for a city.  According to Goodyear’s own finance department, the city has lost its bonding ability for perhaps, “the next five years”.  Debt Limit.  GY vs Stockton.
5. Since they could not issue bonds for debt, the city recently borrowed $10 million dollars from a bank and paid $12 million dollars for a building from a local developer that was appraised by the city’s own appraiser as being worth only $9 million dollars.  Building facts.  Building Lies from GY.
6. Goodyear raised residents’ primary property tax rate 17.7% in the most recent tax year. Tax Increase.

There is a city council election in March of 2013 when four of the seven city council and mayor seats will be in play. But candidates have to register by December 13.  So far, only the incumbents and their surrogates have filed.  Campaign Underway.

Here is how to run for Goodyear City Council. Run.


10 Responses

  1. Pathetic governance. Should be fired on this alone.

    • This answers our questions about Goodyear. Won’t be investing or purchasing a home in Goodyear. Period.

  2. How does a government employee that neither produces or sells a product merit a raise? What are they doing that is of merit? Are they processing traffic tickets faster than their peers or something?

  3. I was surprised that you did not have a comment regarding the pay package given to our new City Mgr. This guy comes close to being a part time employee w/4 weeks vacation, executive leave time, 160 hours of sick time with no limit on the number of hours that may be accrued, paid holidays, $400 a month car allowance. Plus a salary that computes to approx. $3.00 for every Goodyear resident. Holey Moley

  4. Big government in “conservative” Arizona — #1 employer .

    Maricopa County employees (11,375) to get raises


    “Maricopa County set aside $15 million to allow most employees to receive merit-based raises in December ….”


    Meanwhile people have lost their homes, jobs, education and health care slashed and new prison building on the rise with ADC Direction Ryan signing contracts with CCA private prison corporation for 2,000 more prison beds that Arizona does NOT need!

    All done behind closed doors on August 31st, Friday after 5:00 on the long holiday week-end when no one was around and in between the RNC / DNC conventions when the media was covering this. 500 Super Max private prison beds are in the works. Those controlling the government in the desert towns also work in the prisons. Half of the population will be “controlling” the other half. Is this America?

    This seals Arizona’s “business model” and officially turns it into a “prison” state. Arizona will be the official prison state for the nation as other states will dump their inmates in — along with all the liabilities.

    Thank your legislators and Governor, who sold out to the prison lobbyists (Chuck Coughlin / Senseman / High Ground lobbyists / CCA) advising the Governor, washing their hands of their responsibilities and dumping it on you. This IS the public’s problem. What are you all doing about it? Wake up folks.

    America’s longest war — the failed War on Drugs since Nixon sealed our fate, with Reagan creating the many government agencies that perpetuated it. A government machine that is destroying our nation and Arizona.

    Get informed. See what your elected officials have done to you and America. Both parties are responsible for the destruction. Get off the golf course and out of your recliners and go see the documentary “The House I Live In” by Edward Jarecki. The answers lie here as to where we are headed. If you care about your children and grandchildren you need to get involved. Time to stop the selfishness and greed — we are eating our young.

    Mayor Lord and her staff, just how are you helping the people of Goodyear when you are burying them financially?

  5. Will vote every incumbent out of office along with every judge who has “rubber-stamped” 200,000 felony cases (in one term in office) under disgraced, disbarred former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and his chief “charging” prosecutor, disbarred former DCA Lisa Aubuchon and sanctioned former DCA Rachel Alexander. You all will be paying for decades for the damage they have caused, while the private prison profiteers jump for joy — the ultimate carpetbaggers.

    Stop the hundreds of millions of wasted $$’s in lawsuits (see joesgottago.com). The MCAO joined at the hip with the MCSO needs a major house-cleaning. A county sheriff does NOT need a Penthouse suite of offices in the downtown luxury high-rise Wells Fargo Bank building (that funds the prisons). Tell the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors who allowed the chaos to slash the PR / Media budgets for the county sheriff and county attorney! Tell the MCBOS and your legislators to enact term limits for the county sheriff and the county attorney. Time to end the “reign” of abuse of power and professional misconduct, incompetence and endless lawsuits because of it.

    We will vote for Paul PENZONE for Maricopa County Sheriff and independent KIELSKY, Scottsdale for Maricopa County Attorney. No Democrat was fielded for the most powerful position in the state, the Maricopa County Attorney. Wake up folks, this election is your only chance to get rid of these parasites.

  6. You all will be paying for decades for the damage they have caused, while the private prison profiteers jump for joy — the ultimate carpetbaggers….. and made the lawyers in Arizona obscenely rich. Why would they want to change poorly written laws when they profit from them. Stop the gravy train!

  7. Lawsuits will approach one BILLION $$$’s. See .. joesgottago.com

    Those held in county jail are detainees / pre-trial / unsentenced inmates. They could be anyone you know getting a DUI or picked up without your ID and papers in order. That goes for Canadian and European tourists / visitors. Unnecessary jail deaths upon intake, wrongful deaths, sheriff deputies shooting to “shoot first, ask later” mentality, and more.

    MCSO / MCAO since 2005 — Over 430 un-investigated sex crimes cases of children and women, including an un-investigated murder. Most victims were in the West Valley, while the over 430 predators have been running loose.

    Goodyear is in Maricopa County where ALL should be paying attention to what the local paper, West Valley, is not covering.

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