Georgia’s Solyndra Part Two

Now Georgia Lord, the mayor of the city of Goodyear who does not even know the unemployment rate in her own city, is giving out advice to you on US Tariff policy.

First Georgia and the rest of the seven dwarfs on Goodyear city council wasted nearly one percent of one year of your tax dollars on a corporate “picking winners” scheme that has gone badly awry by agreeing to half a million dollars in tax breaks to a Chinese solar panel manufacturer who has just cut half its Goodyear labor force. (see previous article, Georgia’s Solyndra?). Now Georgia wants to explain to all of you that you should write your congressperson, I guess, and oppose unfair trade practice tariffs which are about to be imposed on Chinese solar panel companies?

A true patriot that Georgia, isn’t she? Can you imagine? I don’t make this stuff up. Here we have Georgia Lord, the mayor who does not even know the unemployment rate in her own town, giving out advice on national tariff policy.

Hard to believe, you say? Well, that is why howardsgoodyearblog always gives you all the facts so you can decide for yourself.

Here is Georgia’s latest offering in VIVA magazine. no tariffs for chinese0001 Georgia says, “our ability to grow is being threatened”. Why? Because the US Government knows that China is cheating on selling solar panels in the US at below cost prices stealing market from US companies and tariffs are going to be imposed. Georgia is worried that her Solyndra, aka, Suntech is going away. That might embarrass Georgia.

So Georgia is doling out advice to her subjects about supporting China, saying we need to, “beat back these heavy tariffs”. She says Suntech is “about to hire 100 more in Goodyear”.

HA! They just fired half their employees, Georgia. Nothing like having a well informed mayor, eh? Sort of like the prison debacle. Oh, I forgot, she didn’t know anything about that either.

I think voters should remove from public office anyone as incompetent, self absorbed, and morally bankrupt as Georgia Lord.

By the way, the trade commission who looked into the case voted 6 – 0 to impose the tariffs on the Chinese.

But of course Georgia knows better.


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  1. Georgia is just fighting for her campaign contributors, past and future. Sadly, she’d be out of her depth in a wading pool.

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