Guest Blogger; Government Gone Wild by Norman Andrews

by Norman Andrews
Editor’s Note;  It’s not just Goodyear who has been overspending, adding employees, raising salaries….
Please see/propagate the link to the 3 Minute 40 second video (Four
paragraphs below). The gist of the following short video is: The recent
huge growth in the number of public sector employees expected to vote for
big government. According to the video:
Since the beginning of the recession in early 2008, while private sector
employees have either lost a job or are feeling insecure about their jobs
and their ability to retire with adequate income, big government has been
growing like a ravenous tumor, and is now Enormous Government.
Thirty-two percent of voters have a financial interest in big government
either directly through their own employment by the government, or through
a relative being employed by the government. When the percentage
increases from 32% to 50% it is likely to be “game over” for freedom
in the U.S..
My take: BOTH PARTIES ARE AT FAULT. Both parties need to CHANGE!!!
The GRASSROOTS needs to decide: what are and are NOT the proper functions
of government. This debate WAS NOT appropriately heard in the media-controlled
primary debates. Secondly, classes on the U.S. Constitution are in needed–and
there are good online courses available.
Thank you!
Norman Andrews,
Pebblecreek’s Constitutional Republican
(Please pay attention!!!–This may be our Last Chance for Liberty!)

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