Lower Property Taxes = Better Schools = Higher Property Values

Don’t believe me?

I think we can at least all agree that BETTER schools mean HIGHER property values can’t we?

But how can LOWER property taxes equal BETTER schools?

Think about this. Look at your most recent property tax bill which you received from the Maricopa County Tax Assessor’s office. Go ahead, I’ll wait until you get it out of the file you put it in. If you can’t find it, look at the one I showed you as an example in this previous blog. 17.7% Primary Property Tax Increase.

There are OVER TWENTY DIFFERENT property taxes on your tax bill. All the property taxes listed on your tax bill COMPETE with school taxes. But there are only TWO taxes which when efficiently spent DIRECTLY make your property values go up.

  1. School Taxes (better schools drive home values)
  2. Public Safety Taxes (safer neighborhoods drive home values)

If the city of Goodyear would simply stop spending so much money on nonsense like over priced buildings, fancy web sites, giving money to corporations who would come here anyway, paying high salaries to overpaid economic development wonks who have never had a for profit job in their lives, and LOWER your property tax, then they would not compete for your dollars for schools and public safety.  Instead, the city of Goodyear has:

  1. Spent more than $35 million more than it has taken in since 2008.
  2. Raised your primary property tax rate by 17.7% this past year.
  3. Skimmed over $3 million dollars per year from utility over charges into the General Fund
  4. Spent nearly $600,000 just this year on new non-essential hires.

Think about it Goodyear. Goodyear spends more money on INTEREST PAYMENTS each year than they do on police and fire combined and yet they went out and borrowed $10 million dollars from a bank to buy an overpriced building that they were paying “bonus rent” to the landlord.

Check out what the average school teacher makes in Goodyear vs what the average Goodyear city employee makes. NO COMPARISON.

I’d want the money spent where it benefits me the most. Schools and Public Safety. By reducing property taxes, Goodyear would make it easier for local schools to get the funding they need. Better schools mean higher property values, payback for taxpayer dollars.


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