There Goes the Neighborhood! Sexual Predator Moves to Pebble Creek

Should we give 33 year old Bradley Scott Abrahams “another chance”?  Here are the facts, you decide.

LLoyd and Lori Abrahams are listed as the property holders of 16111 W. Cambridge Ave in Pebble Creek.  This is the address that the Goodyear Police Department identifies as the residence of Level II sex offender Bradley Scott Abrahams, formerly of DuPage County, Il.

According to the Goodyear Police information, Abrahams;

  1. Engaged in sexual intercourse several times with a 13 year old girl who was a student at a cheerleading school that he co-owned.
  2. He was originally charged with sexual abuse of the 13 year old girl and another minor female. Charges involving the second girl were dropped in exchange for his plea agreement.
  3. At his sentencing, two additional girls testified to Abrahams having sexual intercourse with them. One was another student at his cheerleading school and the other he met on line.

In 2010, a $50,000 civil suit was filed against Abrahams by the family of a girl who claimed that his sexual advances on minor girls went back as far as 1996. In that lawsuit it claimed that he;

  1. had an inappropriate relationship with an underage girl while working at an undisclosed cheer/dance summer camp in 1996. The camp director sent Abrahams home.
  2. solicited, while an assistant coach in 2002, a Naperville Central High School student cheerleader to meet him at a hotel to go swimming and repeatedly called the girl. He was fired.
  3. impregnated a 16-year-old cheerleader, to whom he was later ordered to pay child support, in 2002.
  4. invited a 17-year-old female recruit to come to his house to play “strip Monopoly” and with bath toys in May 2003.
  5. groped a 17-year-old female recruit after inviting her to his Naperville apartment to watch a cheerleading video in summer 2003. Abrahams later was acquitted of misdemeanor battery at trial.

To those who say this monster deserves yet, “ANOTHER CHANCE” ?

Are you from Oregon? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING???

Bradley Abrahams’ Illinois Sex Offender Information.  Here.

Goodyear Police information on Abrahams. Here.

Civil law suit information link to lawsuit claims


11 Responses

  1. Crystal Cruz of Channel 3 TV is looking for interested PC Residents who would agree to be inteviewed regarding this story. You can reach Crystal at;

    • What is a level 2 offender? No article should be written on this subject without the public knowing what the classifications are and a description of each. People’s lives are at risk on the sex offender registry which was has turned into a “child abuse / sex crime” industry rivaling the failed War on Drugs.

      • It should be everyone’s civic duty to see this film, where we are, what we have become as a culture and where we’re headed.

        “The House I Live In” Official Trailer #1 (2012) Sundance Award-winning Documentary by Edward Jarecki.

  2. Thank you! Some folks may not realize that it takes quite a few offenses in order to be convicted, due to plea bargains, etc. Look, for example, at the Jerry Sandusky scandal that rocked Penn State.

    I would imagine there are other skeletons still in Mr. Abraham’s closet.

    This man has had plenty of second chances, and although his parents may be blameless and trying to keep him from living in a less-desirable neighborhood, he may also be manipulating them. Sociopaths are typically very good at getting what they want.

    • This young man is NOT Jerry Sandusky, who was in the “system”, that “protected” him — one that turned a blind-eye to him, so they could perpetuate their multi-billion $$ industry.

      Do you have a medical license to be describing who a “sociopath” is?

      The parents — your neighbors — are innocent family who have been living a nightmare that will never end. Who will show mercy upon them trying to survive this witch-hunt?

      If you think this is not about you, think again. In Arizona, changing a baby’s diaper is technically “child molest”. Poorly written laws created during a moral panic by legislators who are uninformed on the subject has put ALL at risk for destruction. Urinate in public and one can land on the sex offender registry.

  3. “There goes the neighborhood, sexual predator moves to Pebble Creek”… just a reminder, as the witch-hunt is getting underway … the reality: Goodyear is a “prison town” with over 4,000 inmates adjacent to Pebble Creek. There went the neighborhood! With 2,000 more private prison beds on their way, contract signed with CCA, as Chuck Coughlin, High Ground lobbyist drives public policy for the governor.

    And who are the real predators in the community and the state? One should be more concerned about who these individuals are and what they are doing to communities and the state, than an individual who has served his time and will be under his parents watch, along with the entire community.

  4. Very objective report Howard.

    • Dictionary: “Objective” — “expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations ”

      The following inflammatory titles leading and ending the article are NOT objective:

      “There Goes the Neighborhood! Sexual Predator Moves to Pebble Creek”
      Posted on January 2, 2013 by Howard’s Goodyear

      To those who say this monster deserves yet, “ANOTHER CHANCE” ?
      Are you from Oregon? WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING???


      It appears police around the Valley recently have been targeting those on the Sex Offender Registry, where one elderly woman whose lived in her home for 20 years was picketed by neighbors and forced to put her home on the market with son in jail; another young man, unarmed was shot in the head and killed by a MCSO officer — for not having updated his name in the registry? Who profits from this? The private prison profiteers and all involved. Note: in Arizona, one “technical” violation of probation puts the individual straight to jail/prison. Taxpayers, you are paying for all this and cannot afford it. How about going after the corrupt officials who are “taking” YOUR money and violating the laws? They are creating real damage that is felt daily in Arizona.

  5. Seems to me that Pebble Creek is the perfect place for a pedophile attracted to young girls. He’ll be like a cat in a round room.

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