Connect the Dots, Vote for Wally.

Four Goodyear city council members are off to Washington again to attend National League of Cities meetings.  League of Cities; Campbell, Lauritano, Osborne, Stipp. 

Last year they went to get their feet wet, this time they are going back on the taxpayer’s dime to serve on committees. More busy work with your tax dollars for the same people who have nearly spent your city into oblivion, now they want to do even more. If you will recall, I predicted all of this when they went last year and spent $9,000 of your money.  DC Junket.

Just Like Barack
These are big government progressive liberals bent on spending your money just like Barack Obama and his crew.  Don’t believe me?  Just connect the dots.  I’ll use Wally Campbell as my example since Wally is running for office in two months.

GY Council Person Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell ( Dog Ate My Homework  ) is off to serve on a Washington DC League of Cities Committee.

Wally is off to League of Cities in DC again.

Wally is off to League of Cities in DC again.

The new president of the League of Cities is Marie Lopez Rogers, mayor of Avondale, AZ and good pal of Wally and her GY council co-horts who went to support Marie’s election to president at last year’s DC event.

Lopez Rogers Accepts Pres of NLC

Lopez Rogers Accepts Pres of NLC

And who is Marie’s best friend these days? Here is Marie with Barack at a White House meeting on the recent fiscal cliff. Do you think she was arguing for spending cuts?

Lopez Rogers Second From Right to Barack

Lopez Rogers Second From Right to Barack

Need more evidence?  The League of AZ Cities is just a big lobbying organization.

Do they lobby for you?  Heck no, they lobby for their members, elected officials of cities and towns.

What do they lobby for?  They lobby to help keep their members elected.  Just like their recent opposition to AZ HB2826 which forces local AZ elections from all manner of weird dates (which keeps voter turnout low and AZLCT members in office) to even years in November. (this will start in 2014 for Goodyear).

The AZ League of Cities (along with GEOrgia Lord) even lobbied Gov Jan Brewer not to sign HB2826 while they had their own poll showing that AZ voters strongly supported the measure. GEOrgia Opposes HB2826.

Do As I Say
Don’t think all these “do as I say” progressives are all connected with their special projects to tell you what to do and how to spend your money?  Here is Lopez Rogers with Michelle when they met together to discuss healthy eating.  Healthy eating Marie?

Lopez Rogers Promotes Healthy Eating With Michelle

Lopez Rogers Promotes Healthy Eating With Michelle

Be Sure to Vote
So vote in March, Goodyear. And be sure you vote for Wally Campbell for Goodyear City Council if you want a Barack Obama surrogate working for you.


6 Responses

  1. Howard, We take exception to your “just like Obama”. These officials represent the “Arizona way” – politics before the people — the 4 decades of one-party control in Arizona — by the GOP — who are their role models. Hand out for Federal $$$’s, bloated salaries and pensions by the top tier “public servants” who drive state policy for themselves and their cronies, the “lobbyists”.

    Lets focus on Arizona’s GOP that has made our Congressmen McCain, Trent Franks, John Kyle, multimillionaires that have turned Arizona into a police state and mass industrial prison complex for the state and the “nation”. Write about that.

    Behind closed doors, on August 31, 2012, Friday after 5:00 on the Labor Day holiday week-end, between the RNC and DNC conventions (saturating the media) — with as usual (SOP) with no public dialog — the signing of over 2,000 private corporation prison beds “new” prisons that Arizona does NOT need. ADC Ryan, prison director, the governor / chuck coughlin signed and awarded to CCA (google: chuck coughlin the governor’s public policy maker / high ground lobbyists / Senseman / ALEC). This is far more critical Arizona, the people and its future, than these few people celebrating in Washington, wasting another chunk of taxpayers’ $$$’s.

    What about the boondoggle overpass at McDowell and the 303 — highway to “nowhere”? The boondoggle tunnel on Litchfield Rd. for what?

    • You’re making my point, truth.
      But you can’t see it properly because you have politicized it.
      Did I mention GOP, Republican, or Democrat in my blog?
      I said liberal, progressive, money spenders.
      You are stuck in your labels, truth. Wake up. They are all the same.
      But while you are at it, last time I looked we had 9 US representatives to congress from AZ and 5 of them were Democrats.

      And if you don’t stop with your one issue prison stuff, I’ll have to moderate you.

      • Right, silence my voice. Arizona has been and still is a one-party state so focus on the good and bad of what they’ve done. You brought up a politicized comment. Are these officials you’re bringing up Democrats?

        • I have no idea what party they are in. I don’t care. I judge them on their actions not their labels as seems to be important to you.

          • Former Republican turned Independent. Sounds like you don’t want to hear ‘independent” voices. Focus on Arizona and its critical issues and corrupt officials, NOT Obama. Arizona’s corrupt officials given a “pass” or a slap on the wrist — i.e. Fiesta Bowl for starters. Time for the legislators to stop receiving ALL gifts. What are you doing about that?

          • Well stated, Howard.

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