Goodyear Candidate Endorsements 2013

You should be receiving your ballots for Goodyear city council and mayor this week.

Please be sure to vote.

I suggest you vote for Brannon Hampton for city council.

I suggest you don’t vote for any of the other city council candidates.  Instead, WRITE IN two other names.
I explain why below.

For mayor, do the same thing. WRITE IN anyone’s name besides GEOrgia Lord’s.

Here is why.

  1. None of them except Brannon Hampton would answer any questions I sent them (even my current elected public officials Wally “the dog ate my homework” Campbell, GEOrgia Lord, and Joe Pizzilo) but they did answer some softball questions from the Arizona Republic.  Here are their answers to the Arizona Republic; Candidates Answer Questions
    Even those answers are telling. Spend, Spend, Spend.
    Wally says, “council is optimistic that continually rising revenues will result in additional monies in the 2014 budget”. Can you believe that? Not, let’s have less government, or let’s lower taxes, or let’s figure out ways to bring companies to Goodyear without bribing them.
    Sharolyn Hohman says, “the city will need to spend money on infrastructure, equipment, and human collateral”. You can see where her priorities are. Haven’t we spent enough already? Don’t city employees already make much more than the average Goodyear taxpayer? (yes they do) and have better benefits to boot?
    Joe Pizzillo, after naming a whole litany of items from roads to parks, says, “I would expect budget requests for these items”.
    Carl Weber (former GY police volunteer) says, “our city must offer a competitive employment package, particularly to our public safety team”. Giving raises of 60% plus to former colleagues of the new police chief weren’t enough, eh, Carl?
  2. Two of the others will get elected, and so will GEOrgia, but at least you can say you voted but did not contribute to the city’s further demise. You also get to send a message to them.
  3. And who knows, maybe some private citizen besides me will decide it is worth spending some of their own time trying to take back local government from city employees, union pacs, developers, and egomaniac incompetents bent on doing, doing, doing, and run for council next time on a platform of LIMITED GOVERNMENT.

4 Responses

  1. Howard, the reason I did not respond to your questions was that you were making your usual argument about how much you hate the current council and their misdeeds of spending in your selection of questions. In November/December there were three candidates for three positions on the council. This would mean that everyone including the Mayor would be running unopposed. I threw in my hat and all of my own money to give the voters a choice. I knew that you would sit back and toss your snowballs no matter what answers I gave to you. My recommendation is for you to put your money on the table, step forward and be counted on the next go around. Until then let the voters have choices today.
    Karl Weber

    • There were no “arguments” or statements in my emails to you, Karl. And there was nothing about “hating” city council either. You’re just imagining that as a result of your own prejudices, I guess, if someone does not agree with you make up some stuff to accuse them of and call names. That is what liberals do when they do not have any good arguments of their own.
      Go back and re-read the questions, Karl. They were all QUESTIONS.
      All you had to do was ANSWER THEM.

      There is no “agreeing” or “disagreeing” with QUESTIONS, Karl, that is why they are called “questions” and have “question marks” at the end of each one.
      I’m sorry you’ve wasted your own money and probably won’t get elected. But that might be what happens when candidates (except Barack Obama) refuse to truthfully answer questions from average citizens. Whether they write blogs or not.

      You can still answer the questions if you want, Karl. This time, just put up or shut up, Karl.

  2. I believe every one on City Council needs to be replaced with qualified individuals who are budget and finance smart, believe in small government, low taxes, non-union supporters, pro business savvy principled citizens. Let’s start with the four that are up for replacement now and next election replace the other three.

    For all who don’t know Police and Fire employees can not endorse any candidate. But the UNIONS can and they do from every from almost every surrounding city in Arizona. Why does anyone support a candidate, because they want something special in return. Last election the Police and Fire Unions supported every union supporting candidate..

    Also a big contributor to the Lord election for Mayor was Cox and i forgot the exact name but a home builders association. Really, what did they hope to get for their dollars?.

    The candidates are supposed to make public their contributors. Everyone should look on the city’s web site or ask as a matter of public record for a list of the candidates contributors.

    Writing in the names of qualified individuals instead of voting for the candidates on the ballot is the right of a voter. Here is just a few names of some very qualified individuals who would do a great job for our city: Wendy Freeman, Howard Brodbeck, Gary Gibbs, Roger Matlin, Jim Cavanaugh, Sean Rassas,

    A few people vote for who they are friends with or a name they are know with little thought given to qualifications. For every job with in the government to get hired a person has to past certain testing. Starting with their application information being verified for accuracy ie; past work references, education and a credit report. The extent of the verification depends on the job they are applying for. I am sure a bookkeeping job requires a bookkeeping test of some sort. I believe to some of the highest management positions in government ie; City Council, Mayor, Representatives, Senators or even President of the United States little vetting is done. No job qualification testing is ever given how sad. No wonder unqualified, well known members of all the clubs, attend all the chicken dinners, kisses all the babies and hand shakers get elected.

    Le’s start working on the next election for so quality individuals for Council.

  3. Hey Howard, I voted for you for Mayor, Roger Matlin for City Council and Jody Arias for City Council.

    Hopefully Jody will not be found guilty so she can serve.

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