Obama and Your Water Bill New Post by the Lone Ranger

by Clayton Moore  aka, The Lone Ranger

ON THE NATIONAL SCENE, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of activity by our President to obfuscate his own blunder. He is wandering the Country in his private jet (at $100,000.00 an hour at the taxpayers’ expense) frightening everyone into believing that life as we know it in the United States will forever change if the sequestration takes effect. He may be correct that life as we know it in the United States is changing, but it has nothing to do with the sequestration.

He is telling everyone that national security will be compromised, hundreds of thousands of people will lose their job, and we’ll have dirty water, dirty air and poisoned meat. Criminals will be running free in the street; children will be uneducated and go hungry.

So how would that be different than what is happening now? But let’s get serious. What Obama is not telling us is that the sequestration is his idea. He helped author it and he signed it into law. It was his answer to bribing the Congress into raising the debt ceiling almost a year ago and to show his commitment to deficit reduction in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. That was just another campaign lie.

Now that his idea is about to explode in his face, he wants to find someone to blame and direct attention for the chaos away from himself. He has no commitment at all to deficit reduction. Indeed, he wants to increase spending and grow government and entitlement even more!
Another item he will not discuss is that he can fix his own dilemma himself in about an hour. He created his own predicament with the stroke of his pen and he can correct it with a stroke of his pen.

President Obama is certainly aware of the power of his executive pen. He has used it more in the past four years than all of his predecessors combined in the preceding 219 years. What he is not telling the people he is so subtly trying to scare is that he has the executive power to transfer funds. But why won’t he do it? He won’t do it because he is looking for a fight, not a solution.

So how does that fit into the local scene?
Some time ago Howard’s Goodyear Blog told us that the City admitted to “…funneled in excess of $3 million dollars in each of the past several years from various utilities (water, wastewater, sanitation) in order to continue to fund the excessive spending in the General Fund” (Goodyear Admits… Funneling… September 28, 2012).

See how easy it is Mr. Obama? Perhaps a visit to the Goodyear City Council chamber would ease the pain of the impending sequester. See how they did it. But how could that happen? Where did the “extra” money come from to skim?

The utilities are supposed to be “enterprise funds”. That means they collect enough funds (taxes from their service bills) to pay for themselves and not take funding from the general fund to operate. So you pay for the amount of service you use. Like a Use Tax. Sound fair? Perhaps, if it was done correctly. But rather the enterprise funds have been transformed into slush funds. Rather than raise property taxes or sales taxes that everyone sees and watches, somehow the rates for the utilities continue to climb to build far reaching excess. Then when the time comes, and no one is watching, behind closed doors and smoke filled rooms, funds are transferred from the enterprise fund to the general fund (play sinister music). Eureka, a pile of money to give raises to City employees and buy yourself a public sector union or two! Never mind that you lost your job in the private sector.

But where did the money come from? Here is some food for thought. I took a perfunctory look at the water/sewer bill for my home since I moved into it. Below represents the average of my monthly bill from the City of Goodyear and how it has so quietly and gently increased. Remember, this is water. It falls from the sky free of charge. Just as a matter of comparison, my use of water has not changed. I did not have any more children to increase washing or bathing, I did not build a pool nor have I added any irrigation to my property.

2004    $66.60

2005    $64.51

2006    $92.16

2007    $99.00

2008    $110.22

2009    $129.78

2010    $138.32

2011    $132.14

2012    $154.73

Keep in mind that all but two of the people that made the decisions to make this happen have been on the Goodyear City Council for the past six of the nine years shown here.


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  1. Why am I getting phone calls from the Police & Fire asking for my support of Wally Campbell. She is known here and can run on her own merits.

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