An Election, The Mall is Coming. An Election, The Mall is Coming. An Election….

Don’t you just love election time in GY?  Just like the sun rising in the east, you can bet there will be articles in the local media, fed by GY city government about how the mall will soon be here.

Another GY election, more mall stories by the local media. This is getting to be a tired old piece of shoe leather, just like some of the politicians who think you are all too stupid to see through what they do prior to each GY election.
But it’s getting worse now.
John Yantis’ recent article ( is full of errors and misstatements that any responsible journalist should check or by this time know by heart. Not only that, AZ Rep and other west valley media outlets should know by now that they are being used by the city to promote incumbent candidates by writing these articles.  The city is good at this, though. For this latest propaganda they had new interim council person Jennifer Barber coo at Macerich, “you are very, very, wanted in this community”.

These are businessmen, Jenny. If you had any business experience of your own you would know that your statement means absolutely nothing to them.  What Jenny B. should have said was that she would do everything she could to give them a haircut by finding a replacement for them if they did not show EVIDENCE that they had solid plans to build.  But that won’t happen.  Why?  Because GEOrgia and the rest are all bought and paid for by Macerich/Westcor and other developers. Here are some of GEOrgia’s contributions records to show it.
But I digress.  Back to the local media. When will they start to write skeptically, ask some tough questions, and stop being used to shill for the city?

“Macerich has invested $80 million”.
That is just baloney. Macerich might be looking at a potential $80 million dollar investment but show me how and where they have invested anything close to that? Maybe they have included the $40 to $70 million the CITY has invested in the stretch of dirt with curbs that our taxes have paid for, assuming that ONE DAY their total payments to the city years from now (if they ever complete the project) will amount to that, or maybe they include their investment in the current
“shopping center” that is operating at a profit for them there as they keep 50% of all city sales taxes they collect. But of course Yantis does not even ask them how they come to that amount, he just reports that they have invested $$ in the MALL so GEOrgia can go around quoting it until the election is over and beyond.

“Macerich has paid $74 million in assesments”.
This is either a flat out lie or a misprint. Maybe a decimal point is out of place and he “meant” $7.4 million. I wonder on which front page they’ll print the retraction, if ever. In the sentence prior, Yantis states that they only started paying about $3 million per year in assessments in 2009. How did it get to $74 million in 4 years?

“The mall will be ready in 2016”.
After reporting “the mall will be ready in 2014” before the last election and then reporting, “we didn’t plan on a mall anyway” from Fischback prior to the election before that, one would think that any rational reporter would question statements like this from the same entity.

But NOOOOOOOOOO. Not John Yantis and the AZ Rep’s fine editorial staff.

If you want to know about the mall, here is a link to an article from HGB in April 2011, which truthfully explains what is going on with the mall and provides all the contracts and details so you can decide for yourself.  Forget John Yantis and the AZ Republic on this story. Maybe John has realized how much better city employees get paid than private sector companies like the struggling AZ Rep and he figures if he lap dogs long enough for GEOrgia and GY they’ll figure out a way to hire him and he’ll be all set for the rest of his life instead of having to earn a living the hard way in the public sector.


2 Responses

  1. I am getting sick of this Georgia Lord and her gang of retirees on the city council. We members of the city are getting the short end of the deal. Our water bill is outrageous and our city services SUCK. Just like the fire department. Why do we need a fulltime FD when Volunteers would be more then enough when we have very few fires. Just go to Frys and day of the week and there is our FD so why not go to a volunteer force. This is just one example of the waste these are doing

  2. Thanks for all you’ve done Howard… the current government in Goodyear is an equivalent of the hells angels hiding behind a toys for tots campaign. Eagerly awaiting the results of the election!

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